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Having a panic attack... I think!

O god...

Currently sat at work, could feel something bubbling away in me since I woke up this morning.. Ive managed to have nearly 2 weeks now without a panic attack!

However.. dear god.. today.. I suddenly felt very sick, very hot, went bright red and literally feel like im about to die or faint...

I am so so dizzy, I can't see properly.. My legs are shaking, my arms are shaking...

For some reason this feels a bit different.. I am convinced I am about to faint... (sorry ladies but I am on my period and its wayyy heavier than normal to) this has scared me and I feel awful.. Its taken me 30mins to write the above I feel that bad :(

I am so hot and every time I move my head it makes me feel worse.. I am stuck at work and really don't know what to do.. I am trying to do my breathing exercises but can't do more than 1 deep breathe without feeling worse...

I am to scared to move incase I faint... I ran out the loo as I was worried I would faint in there and no one would find me :(

Please help I haven't felt this bad before.. it just keeps coming in waves :(

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Hi Fed up, can you go outside for a walk? Or can you go home? I think your hormones are playing silly buggers with you. Have you managed to eat today! It also might be your blood sugars doing a song and dance with you to.

Also is there anyone at work you can talk to?

Please please try not to fight it, I sometimes tell the panic to come and do your worst, it seems to work and decreases it.

Carry on trying to breathe deep breaths

I hope you feel a bit better soon

Let us know how you go xxxx


Went outside, did a good 3 mins of breathing exercises and started to actually feel a bit better...

I spoke to a colleague who knows I suffer with anxiety and she started going on about fainting blah blah which really didn't help!

I think the problem is I get frustrated! Im like why have you happened! Why have you come out the blue! I have been good for over a week and you ruin it! My therapist said its not good and my colleague said don't worry it happens and I need to see it like that I think!

The thing is my employers don't really know that I suffer with it.. They know I have dizziness but I haven't told them its anxiety...

I would love to run home and get in bed and not move but at the end of the day I need try and get on with it and not let it ruin my life of my job... It really affected me at my old job... Im trying to be a bit stronger this time and not let it win...

I get so so scared when it happens :( I literally feel like im going to collapse.. I don't really know what to do :(


I really do know what you mean about collapsing, your legs turning to jelly and too scared to stand up in case you faint. I get that to usually in public places. I do know that most of these feeling are coming from hyperventilation and that we need to do tummy breaths instead of shallow breathing it is easier said than done!

It is very unlikely you will faint, I have that fear which I've had for the last 20yrs and up to yet I have never fainted.

I'm glad to hear you are starting to calm down, I hope it carries on xxx


Hey fed up

I hope your feeling better, when my problems started I was completely honest with my employers and they have been great, had some tough times at work and they let me go for walks or go into the kitchen to lie down and get my breath back. Maybe it would be best to let someone know, they have to be nice about it anyway as it would be discriminatory not too.



Hi Ashley, the problem is I was honest with my last employers and I ended up having a formal meeting about my absence and all sorts! They wouldn't let me have time off for CBT sessions and I basically nearly lost my job over it! It was really not very good atall!

I do want to tell them and be honest but after my experiences I am really worried to... I can go for a walk etc and get some air which isn't an issue.. but I don't want to tell them the full extent :(


Hi fedup

I think the answer to why you are feeling so bad is your hormones , they dont help with this anxiety !

Keep your sugar levels up , when hormones are all over the place you need to be eating little & often or you get these low sugar level drops that feel like a panic attack but even worse !

Hope you feel a bit better now :-)





Hi WhyWhy... Funny you say that, when I do get my panics they seem to happen like before I eat so around 11.30 and around 6.30... really weird! My other half did say that he read something somewhere that low blood sugar can trigger panic so maybe that's what it is..

I think I might keep a diary to see if there is a link... How rubbish aye :( x


O I forgot to say that I had packet of crisps and a frusili bar and within about 45mins started to feel a bit better so maybe it is linked! x


I used to get it an awful lot , I went through a couple of years suffering like you explained , hands you to shake so much & the passing out feeling

Sometimes I would have to eat several chocolate bars before I felt my self coming back to normal I really think it is linked

I would make sure you have snacks on you at this time & even before its break time keep snacking

I used to but these glucose sweets things something called Dextrox thats not the right word but they were something like that , they say they keep your energy up , Boots & even supermarkets have them & I would take them every where & be always popping them in my mouth , they did help :-)



I have had my blood sugars checked and also used my dads prick your finger test and it's been fine, so that's why I worry that it's not actually that... I will keep a diary and see if there's a link! X


No I dont mean you will have anything wrong with you blood sugar in general , its just when we are hormonal they can keep dipping one minute & ok the next , mine were always ok , was the hormones that were doing it



I see :) thanks... My doctor took me off the pill which hasn't really made any difference... My mum gets weird migraine panic things a bit like me with similar symtoms and she said once she had a baby it seemed to sort her hormones out and felt fine ever since!! Bloodie hormones!! I am not planning on having a baby either to get rid of these feelings either :p x


I get blood sugar problems around my monthly cycle. I get really clumsy, hot, sweaty, cannot sit down, shaky etc. I've had my blood sugars tested and they are fine so I'm not diabetic. Just get low blood sugar so I need to eat little and often. Xx



Reading your reply I was going to say , well maybe the patter of tiny feet might solve the problem then :-D

But you soon made it clear thats not an option :-/

I no the females on our side of the family have all seemed to have the same problems with hormones so in all seriousness could be you are taking after your Mum & even though not now , but one day when you have a mini fedup you might find yours settle down


Meanwhile though try not to worry it will be hormone related just make sure you snack a lot round this time :-)



hello fedup36

I started being ill last year which set off having anxiety. I was diagnosed as being hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) so i now have to eat something every 3 hours to keep sugar level even. the symptoms of low blood sugar are shaky or trembling, dizzy, disorientated, feeling I'm going to faint and I'm worse when i have PMT so maybe you have low blood sugar like whywhy has suggested. I always have a banana or nut bar with me. if it happens again try eating something sweet small slowly. hope this will help x


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