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What's wrong with me?

I can't remember the last time I felt completely awake. Everyday feels like I'm buzzed from alcohol and it's been getting worse to the point where I can't focus on one thing for too long. I try my best to act normal and awake, and I think I'm doing a good job of that since no one notices anything wrong with me. I used to enjoy playing games, knitting, making things and hanging out, but I no longer get excited about these things and I'm not sure if that's just from growing up or I've become numb to the world. I recently moved out of state for the first time, and what should have been an emotional time; I felt nothing. Even as I sit here I feel like nothing has changed. I should be feeling excited and sad to be moving away, but I feel absolutely nothing.

I don't know if this is related, but my sense of smell has been dissipating and I don't enjoy food as much as I used to. My appetite has slightly decreased but nothing serious. I've noticed my fogginess has been getting worse over the last couple weeks, to the point where I'm sitting at my desk and typing this and I barely feel like I'm here. One moment I remember is when I went to the beach with my friends. We get into the water and I stood there looking at the waves, all sound disappeared and my vision was slowly blacking out in my peripherals until the wave hit me and snapped me out of it. I also noticed my memory is not too great anymore. My friends would talk about things we did in the past and I could not remember a lot of the things that we did.

I've never felt intense stress or anxiety so I'm not sure what this is. I deal with stressful situations extremely well, and I actually feel like I thrive in those environments as it gets my adrenaline rushing. I enjoy being outside and playing with animals, and sometimes I feel like this life that I am living (just school, work, school, work) is reason I am this way.

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm depressed. Every couple months I have bouts of sadness and crying, but it goes away. I work extremely hard at studying, and I will be starting graduate school in a couple weeks. My only worry is that this foggy feeling will get worse and affect my performance in school. If there are any tips to getting out of this fog besides making a doctors visit would be great. Any explanation as to why I am feeling this way would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry to hear this, it must be horrible.

I'm only 16 and have noticed since I've finished school my anxiety has gotten worse. I too get brain fog and feel like I have zero emotion. My friends could tell me something serious and I would have no emotion towards it. My memory hasn't been the best either. Anxiety can cause all of this.

I used to look forward to playing video games (since I'm a gamer) and now I find no joy in it. I also find myself not being very hungry and not eating a lot.

I'm not the best at advice. I just try and push myself to do things that anxiety holds me back on. Talking to close friends and family members, it's good to get things off your chest and having someone listen. The more you worry about the foggy feeling, the worse it'll get. Try pacing yourself and thinking about how you feel. You say school work has caused this then maybe take breaks, it's important to let yourself relax.

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all of the symptoms that you have described are of depression- no appetite, no interest in things you used to enjoy, numbness etc. I would 100% recommend going to see a doctor. Depression is often expressed as always being sad, but that is not the case- it comes in many forms. Especially the ones you have described!

My advice to you is go to the doctors, but also to:

-make a mood journal: these help track your moods and allow you to see how you feel. Also maybe record why you feel this way, no matter the cause.

- to look into exercising more (a generic one) but a classic

-to make sure you eat a balanced diet and try to sleep well

-try and do your hobbies because although you do not have an interest, hobbies are an amazing way to keep the mind busy!

Please,please,please go to the doctors, I cannot stress this enough. Symptoms do not go away permanently, and learn from my experience that the sooner you visit the doctors the better! And if they turn you away, be that inner-sassy woman we all inside of us and demand another doctor :)

Let me know how it goes, best of luck x

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Hi. The symptoms you describe can be related to depression, even if you don't consider yourself depressed. The one's you listed: brain fog, numbness, not finding pleasure in the things you used to enjoy, decrease in appetite, memory loss, are all trademarks of depression and anxiety. I say anxiety because you said that you thrive in environments because they get your adrenaline going. I am the same way but I feel that it is both a good and a bad thing, like a double-edged sword. The plus would be that it can get you really motivated and feel productive, but the down side is that too much of it can be really harmful to your body. Hence the brain fog; your brain is trying to recover because it was under a lot of stress. There may also be decreased activity in the temporal lobes which has your memory and learning centers. You say you don't want to visit a doctor, but it is really important to get professional advise, as we are not doctors and cannot medically diagnose anyone on here. Doing some light exercise, socializing, and doing something you love are all very good for your health




If you are still having troubles you might see your doctor to have some blood work just to make sure you don't have anything off.


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