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Having a panic attack

Overwhelming fear like I'm gonna die, I have some discomfort in my chest and slight dizzy sensation. It's repeating its self over and over and I keep saying I'm gna fight it but I feel like I've let myself down again buy believing I was in danger and reacting very badly. No matter how many time you have it over and over each time you feel like this is it for me. Terrible thing to go through for anyone.

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Try not to be angry at yourself. I hope you feel much calmer again now.

If it helps, look at what you were doing before the symptoms occurred and see if there is a link (eg, ate something, maybe had indigestion). Saying that, sometimes I over react to things when I've not been getting enough sleep - it's harder to keep a calm mind so it might be what the case is here. Glad you're still with us. Best wishes.


Hi thanks for you reply. I only had 4 hours sleep last nigh, I felt fine this morning don't know what happen or triggered it but I feel like every little symptoms cause the attacks like a flash of light in my eye from know where.


Ah, that's not a lot of sleep. :( I find that my body starts complaining about the lack of sleep after 3pm.. there could be a link... In case it helps, be sure to drink plenty of water - dehydration is just as bad I think.

Take care.


Hi Ahmed

Sorry to hear your having a bad time and your right no one should have to endure this. Firstly sleep is important to have the energy to cope with the day. The more you fight this the worse your anxiety becomes its like a vicious circle which you need to try and control. I know its hard but instead of fighting just try and ride with it. Sit down and do some breathing execises this will help bring the stress level down and relieve the dizzy sensations.

I know what you are feeling like we all do here, and everyone is on your side and understanding what your going through.

Take care and all the best


Love Seyi xxx


Just wanted to back up what Buta said - drinking water steadily throughout the day really really helps. Why don't you try it instead of tea/coffee/pop or whatever for a few days and see what happens?


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