My first step....🐾

So here goes - my first step as a sufferer of nervous anxiety!

I was diagnosed in 2011 but have had issues since I was 12. My doctor has told me I need to speak to someone professionally and I know she's right but I'm to afraid and nervous to take such big steps like that. Silly really. So I thought trying this site out may help me make a start.

By doing this I feel I'm acknowledging the fact that I do need help as the type of fear I feel is actually a fear of the future as appose to a fear of the here and now.

So here's to my first baby step. 🐾


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11 Replies

  • Any size step forward is a great step.

    I recently have been suffering from health anxiety. It was something that came out of the blue but it affected me tremendously. I seemed help immediately because I had no idea how to deal with it. I have to say it was the best thing I could have done.

    Just talking to someone about it calms your fears. And they know it all. There's no judgement and they will guide ou back to where you want to be.

    The only way you'll know is if you try. Living in fear is no life at all especially if you fear the future. The future should excite you because of the positive outcomes or what I like to call the "positive what ifs" 😊

  • You are so right! My anxiety is stopping me from doing so much at the moment and I fear almost everything ahead of me.

    I flew on a double decker plane last month to America (admittedly I had a panic attack on the return flight but I handled it) yet I'm so desperate to learn how to drive but just the thought of booking lessons makes my heart race and my breathing speed as though it's in a street race of its own - what the he'll is all that about?

    What am I so afraid of!!

  • Exactly! Why be afraid? It is natural to be afraid. You see anxiety is pretty much being afraid of not having control. I get the same way when I fly.

    You'll always have moments like that. It good to just learn to handle it now.

    And remember the only thing we can do is live in the moment. We have no control of the future so when you book that lesson and learn to drive it will probably be the best thing you've done thus far!

  • Thanks so much! I've only been on here a couple of hours and I'm feeling better already...keep this up I'll be flying the plane to America!!! ;-)

  • Hi bandicoot1987, I think it's very brave of you in not only taking that first step but acknowledging the fact that you do need help. There was a time years ago when talking with a professional about mental health was looked down upon. Now a days, things are more out in the open about physical and emotional well being. Whatever you fear whether it's the here and now or the future, it still needs to be addressed so that you can rid yourself of the nervous anxiety. It wearing on the mind and body to live everyday with fear. I hope you get the support you need from the forum to go onto the next step and that is setting up an appointment to talk with someone. I think you will be surprised at how relieved you will feel in getting that out. I wish you luck and know that we all care and are here for you. x

  • Thanks so much that's so kind and really helpful - even this really isn't that bad is it. 🌸

  • Yes stay on here for a little while it will make you realise you are not alone or silly for feeling like you do Then Im sure you will feel more confident to seek help Don't forget they deal with this everyday just the same as any other health professional in whatever field Nothing you will say will ever shock them or sound stupid In my experience they are lovely caring people Everything you say is in total confidence once you take that step you will wonder why you didn't do it before

    Please do it you will be so glad you did to open up to someone accept you need help just like you would if you had asthma diabetes or whatever it's half the battle You will get lots of support and tips on here but it's no substitute for one to one counseling

    All the very best let us know how you get on xx

  • What do you fear in the future? I can try to help you out . I have had anxiety for a few years now . I know why I have it tho. And I read the anxiety work book . I also went to a therapist and it was there that I learned something . She told me I can't die from having anxiety she said it's the opposite in fact. Everything speeds up with anxiety not slows down.. and i stopped having panic attacks and I learned to calm myself down . If you have any questions I'm here to help .

  • I have a fear of hospitals, dentists, even the doctors! I can't even phone for an appointment because I'm so petrified. I don't quite know what of.

    I don't fear my health in the future I fear for others around me, ie my mum dad and partner. I've had this fear since I witnessed my dad's first heart attack at the age of 12 and all my life I've been surrounded by I'll health, my dad mainly he has suffered with so much it's been heartbreaking and my mum the last few years. And I had my first panic attack 2 years ago when my partner got taken ill and we found out he has ms. It's just never ending, so being so petrified of Ill health as you can probably imagine I'm just living in my own nightmare.

    My coping mechanism is ignoring it for as long as possible but we all know one day I'm not going to be able to - I need help facing facts. I need the courage to speak to someone about this and I don't seem to be able to find it. :-(

  • Mine began when my best friend who my mother raised , died of a heart defect she was born with that she did not know she had. It was to close to home for me and anxiety took me over . I can say I am afraid to die. Since I have learned my fears I have also learned to realise that it's fear I have for others and how they will be with out me . You should get a therapist you have to deal with your fears ,they don't judge you they will help you. Or find someone in your life you can trust and talk about it and keep talking about it .. It gets better I promise you .

  • Thanks x

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