First session of new cbt therapy x

Hi all, well today I had my first session with my new cbt therapist. I felt very nervous waiting for the lady to arrive but not as nervous as I thought i would be, maybe this is because I was allowed to undergo this therapy in my home. It was very different for me this time as this therapist was willing to go into my past and try to bring to light the problems that may of caused my anxiety. All the time we where talking I was aware of the little clock ticking away to show when our hour was up. It sort of made me think that my life was ticking away as i sat moaning about anxiety. So i may die of whatever my new fear is one day, but i cannot say what day, but i can waste my life waiting for it. We found a settling point for this session after my floods of tears at my rotten run of bad luck these last few years. And she set me homework which is to make a list of all I like about myself, funny thing is I'm struggling to find one at the moment. BUt i'm finding i'm thinking more of this at the moment than anxiety which can only be a good thing x I,ll keep you all informed xx Donver


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  • Donver

    I am so pleased you have had you first session & I to would have found the clock ticking of putting

    I no I need to go into my past as for me personally a lot of answers are there & a lot needs dealing with

    I can imagine , I wouldnt be able to find one thing about myself I liked , I would have to ask everyone else to tell me if there was anything that was likable about me , yet i can see everyone elses good points , think this maybe to do with us been so used to not liking ourselves due to the anxiety

    Please keep letting us no how this goes :)




  • Had to say whywhy,

    I can tell you have great skills of replying to people on here, I always find your replies heart felt and truthful. Thank you

  • Oh thank you gardner

    I do struggle accepting compliments , but that is really kind & I had to acknowledge you for it :)


  • The clock is very off putting i found it very strange, it was as if it was the only sound in the house lol. After a while you find yourself staring at it to, not wanting the time to go because you feel getting things off your chest. I am certain that my anxiety to lies in my past I have found my way of coping has always been to pretend things are,nt happening, but this can only works for so long and then the whole lot comes crashing down on you. I always see the good in others and wish at times i could be more like them, but then thinking it through maybe I already am. I have since my blog found one good thing about me which is i love to cook and i think im pretty good at it lol x its a start x ty for your reply whywhy x

  • I think I might have had to mention the clock if it were me , would make me feel rushed , i mean I no they are on a time limit , but would have thought , they could be discreet about it

    Oh get that on your list then , cooking , its surprising how talking can bring things to light , I am sure there are lots more as well :)


  • Hi donver,

    Glad your CBT went well. Like you say better to be thinking about your homework than anxiety a big plus.

    Finding things we like about ourselves is always hard. But I feel you are a strong person, you come on here and post your blog and help us by relpying to our posts and giving support to us all. A big thank you from me.

    Gardenertwo x

  • ty gardenertwo x im happy it went well to was very emotional and sometimes them tears flow before you can stop them. But i suppose its the best way, when i offload onto the therapist its like someone has pulled a plug in my brain lol if this makes sense. Im trying very hard to find things i like about myself, if i was given negative homework and asked to fill a sheet with ten things i hate about me id be done now and awaiting my next session :) Thank you for your kind words I try to be as strong as i can be, but even the strongest people fall at times and need the help to get back up. I like to try and help those who have helped me, its times like this you find where your truest friends will come from and for a bunch of people i have and may never meet I have had more support and words of encouragement than ever before in life x thank you all xx

  • Well done................ xxx

  • ty anne xx

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