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Fear and panic is ruining my life!


Hi, I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone has similar symptoms to me? I live in a constant state of fear and anxiety at varying levels, I have been suffering since January and feel it is dogging my every step. It always starts with a nasty thought, usually related to crimes against children, I then worry that I will never get the thought out of my head. It sometimes gets so bad that everything I look at I seem to be able to connect to this subject which then exacerbates my panic. I don't want to be thinking about such a horrible subject but it feels like all I do is think about thinking it!! I feel like a mad person. I have a lovely life and family and feel so bad that I can't enjoy it. Help anyone?

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Hi Cijay, and welcome to the site

Can you/do you feel able to give a bit more information? I mean you say you are a bit obsesssed with crimes against children - are you worried about your children, children in general, or what?

PM me if you'd rather not go into details in public.




Hi Cijay,

They are only thoughts, you are not harming anyone. I've had a fascination with serial killers for years. My OH finds it strange. Just because I have an interest in it doesn't mean I'm going to do it. I think it's as a form of defence. If I realise it happens and think about it, the more ill be able to protect myself against it if I happens to me. If that makes sense.

Some people may be concerned that you have these thoughts, it's always on the news these days. They are as I said only thoughts and you can learn to let them go.

I wish you all the best xxx Cookie xxx

Thanks for replies. To clarify,I'm not particularly worried about something happening To my own kids it's just that when I get the adrenalin/anxiety feelings it's like my mind is racing to latch onto the most horrible things I have ever read in newspapers etc.I then spend all my time going around in my head checking what I am thinking about and worrying that it will stick! Every time I hear a trigger word it starts all over again! It's like self sabotage really. How can I ever enjoy anything when all I think about is my anxiety and the horrid things people do? All this constant pseudo stuff in the news is not helping but I refuse to be someone who avoids real life.

Stupid predictive text, for pseudo read PAEDO!!!

Hi Cijay, I think there seems to be so much in the press recently about all the nastiness in the world it's so hard to avoid it. I understand what you mean when you say, you don't want to avoid real life, as That's what I feel when I read or watch the news etc, as I feel it's important to know about what's going on. I find it stays with me sometimes also but then I just try and counter it with remembering all the good people in the world and the kindness that is alsoout there. My OH, who I feel is quite a tough person, however refuses to watch or read any bad news involving children, or even any documentaries regarding illness or disabilities etc. Seems to work for him! I don't know what the answer is but if you feel it's stopping you enjoying life perhaps a visit to the gp would be worthwhile to explain how you are feeling or explore some relaxation techniques etc.

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