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Anxiety dizziness?

Hi All;

I am new to this forum and figure to give it a try. I am 22 years old and currently been feeling terrible.

It started about 2 weeks ago that I started feeling dizzy, lightheaded, weak, nauseated, and feeling of fainting.

Little bit about me I have had anxiety since I was 12 and it was medical related. Since then it has grown into social and still medical related. I do take antidepressants. I have also been working as of now but it is temp work. Meaning I don't get benefits from the place I work which scares me as this is my second temp job and I am almost at the age of getting off my parents insurance and being uninsured.

About a month into the place I work, one of the mangers told us we were going to be let go (I work in a group) out of our contract which made me feel a range of emotions to anger from sadness. A week after I started having abnormal bowel movements. After 3 weeks of my weird bathroom times I decided to go to the doc. After speaking with him he diagnosed me with IBS.

Because of that I didn't eat breakfast and lunch for three weeks after my IBS diagnose. I was too afaird to eat and have to urgently go in public. In addition I don't eat well and I am making a change of that. I used to eat a lot of candy & drink a lot of soda but that changed. I do drink a pop or two a day but that's the only bad thing I consume. Now two ago when at work I felt extremely ill. I went to the ER and told him I felt faint. I told him my concern that I might have diabetes as I eat poorly. When he took my blood (fasting) it was at 102. He said he was not concerned about it. I also had a blood test for a routine check up and they called back and they stated that everything was fine expect my vitamin b was low. As of writing this now I still feel dizzy and worry that it might be diabetic related and not anxiety even though the my physician and ER doc where not concerned. When I feel like I am going to faint I feel dizzy, lightheaded, sometimes weak and nauseated.

I do suffer from aniexty as I was too afaird to leave my house for a year until I sought out a phycologist. Unfortunately due to my budget as well as my parents wishes I can't see any pshycologists anymore because they think they are only interested in their money.

I do not know what it is whether it is diabetic or anxiety related or something more serious

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Hi Corn. I feel the same way you do, and I do know that vitamin B deficiency can and do cause these symptoms. Since I been taking it, I do feel a little better, vitamin B complex is what I take, omega3, and a organic multivitamin, I also will be taking vitamin B 12 spray with this soon. I hope this information helps you.


Hi valachia;

Appreciate the response thank u


You are very welcome Corn234.


Same boat. I don't know rather to say my symptoms are from me being pre diabetic is what I was told, or my anxiety or if my blood sugar or blood pressure just elevates through out the day. But I am now almost always feeling lightheaded, dizzy and faint. Also don't know if not drinking enough water can do this.


Hi icanbrrath thank u for responding. I believe water helps as it prevents dehydration and increases blood circulation.

Like u said like me u have no idea what it could be which is frustrating.

The thing is for me I get extremely anxious when the feeling of lightheadness and faint sensation comes over me which makes me think it's anxiety but with the blood test of 102 blood sugar I am worried it might have something to do with that which furthers the aniexty.

The thing with pre-diabetes is there is no definite answer as to whether this can make u Sick like how we are feeling. Especially when dizziness can be caused by a multitude Of things like vitamin b defiency, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.


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