Dizziness everyday

I'm so desperate for answers for what I'm dealing with. About a month ago, I turned around while sleeping and all of a sudden felt super dizzy. I got up and became super dizzy the room was spinning and I was telling my fiancé that I was dizzy. I tried going to the restroom and could barely make it. I could barely move without feeling dizzy and made nauseous. I decided to go to the ER but not before throwing up. I felt a little better by the time I got to the hospital but not 100%. They took some blood test and urine test and nothing came back. They gave me fluids and told me they think I had benign vertigo. So they told me it would go away after a few days. After a month the feelings never went away. I'm woozy and feel detached everyday. I feel like death all the time but find that laying down helps some but some days are worse than others and the worst days laying down doesn't even seem to help. I get chest pressure and heart palpitations with anxiety attacks at times making it worse. My PD told me he believes it's my anxiety and suggested an antidepressant and counseling. I know I'm not crazy and I believe something is wrong but no one knows what. I went to the ER again last week and they scanned my head and lungs and nothing came back. They took more blood and urine and still nothing came back. I don't know what's wrong and it's killing me because I can barely function. I feel like I'm dying everyday and I honestly feel like I may be like this forever. During my last ER visit they prescribed me medicine for vertigo but it doesn't really help and I also tried other medicine for dizzyness and that also doesn't help. I found people on this site that are dealing with similar things and they to said doctors don't know what's going on and shrugged it off as anxiety. Is any one else going through this ? I feel dizzy, loopy, lightheaded, detached from reality like everything's fake or a dream of some sort. I'm really scared and wish I could get back to myself.


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  • I get this feeling on and off but not as bad . I def say it's vertigo from anxiety . Today every time I stand and walk I'm feeling really off balance and feel a bit sick . Hate it with a passion .

  • The doctor has told me that but I've had anxiety for a long time now and I've never had this problem. This all happened about a month ago and I feel so sick I barely get out of bed. I know some may feel that's it's just anxiety but I really feel strongly that's it's not. I know I'm not alone but from the post that I've read with the same symptoms as me a lot of them mentioned that they have been dealing with it for months or even years now and that scares me 😔

  • I have the exact same

  • I get this feeling if my neck is tense. Check with a physiotherapist to see if you have a muscle spasm or a pinched nerve. The anxiety will be worse if you dont know what is going on.

  • Thank you

  • I have something called labyrinthitis, its an inner ear condition which is triggered by a whole range of things including stress and viral illness. It causes vertigo and anxiety along with a whole list of things. Visit labyrinthtis.org.uk to see the details, definitely worth a look. There are also some really useful facebook pages x

  • Thank you

  • Hi...it's your inner ear....I get the exact same thing from time to time.

    You've got tiny granules in the top of your ear, sometimes one will fall down and the brain doesn't know what is happening, you feel you don't know which is up or which is down.

    Try and place your palm on a wall when you walk, or on a flat surface, it will tell your brain which is up, the soles of your feet can also help retrain your brain. The granules will eventually settle on the floor if the ear cavity so don't worry too much.

    You can help get right by doing the excercises to retrain your brain...get a sheet from your GP.....or go online is probably easier and quicker.

    Don't do anything quickly and you might be better using something to support yourself for a while.

    There is something called 'dead fish' you can do.

    Sit on the side of your bed, get your partner to be there, then fall to the left ...then to the right.

    This is unpleasant, but is something they get you to do in hospital clinic......

    It's the nausea that gets me...awful.

    I really do feel for you and hope you feel better soon.

    First exercise I think was to look up slowly, then down.

    Gradually speed up the pace.

    Then look left slowly, then right, and gradually speed up.

    I do hope ive helped a bit.

  • Thank you for this information:)

  • Trust me it's anxiety I've been feeling like that for 2 months I did pass out went to ER checked heart blood work everything was fine I do have depression and anxiety.

  • I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember but these symptoms just started about a month ago. Most of the time I'm not even anxious and the symptoms just come about. I would say certain things make me feel more sick and certain things make me feel less sick which is why I say I don't believe it is anxiety. None the less I would say my anxiety definitely enhances these symptoms.

  • Do you take any medicine for anxiety?

  • I just started taking an antidepressant

  • What kind of antidepressant are you taking sometimes you have side effects from them. Were you taking it before you started feeling like this?

  • No I was not, I was advised to take them after the fact.

  • The crystals in your ears may be messed up especially since you said it happened when you turned. I think the vertigo/dizziness has given you anxiety. Ask for a referral to the neurologist they can help. My friends mum was severely dizzy for months the neurologist said the crystals in her ears are not aligned and he has given her a high dose of vitamin b and some other vitamin which apparently helps and she is getting better.

  • That sounds like what it may very well be. I'm desperate at this point so I will ask my doctor about that. Yeah I do notice when I move my head a certain way or to fast it will trigger my dizziness. I wonder if that's the things in my ears ?

  • Please look up and perform the Epley Maneuver. I've had this too

  • Hello I have Anxiety/Panic disorder and five years ago I had an attack that sounded exactly like what you described.

    After being seen by an Neurologist and Ear Nose and Throat specialist and still getting no joy I found there was a DR called a Neuro-otologist. They specialise specifically in balance disorders and you would have thought a normal Dr would have referred me but nope I had to tell my GP about it and ask for a referral.

    I saw the Neuro-otologist and he did a thing called a claloric test which showed damage to my left ear...that caused the dizziness.

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