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I am feeling better than I was, I have to say before I was feeling doomed and my anxiety and depression was wack. I finally told myself not to overthink. If I go to overthink I just do something to keep my mind occupied, think of something else, or watch tv. I've finally got myself out of bed started jogging and walking, I didn't over think it I just did it. Then I did things I usually wouldn't have the energy too. It felt great. Made goals, I will take steps to accomplish them one by one. I'm hoping this helps me, I truly do. For now it is. I plan on maybe joining some clubs and meeting new friends. Over thinking causes so much of my problems. So now I just do it, not over think it. Do what I want to do and don't put it off anymore. I'm ready to start my life again and I'm hoping this is the way to do it.:) I also want to thank the ones that was there for me and gave me advice.

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Great advice Toxicity33. Good Luck with starting your life again. :)

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