Need advice

Feeling really bad at the min big time not sure how to describe how I'm feeling suffer anxiety but I feel like I may do something stupid like be violent to some one or something hard to describe tbh and the WORSE THING IS I'M NOT SURE IF I WANT TO DO IT OR NOT does any one should think I need to ring some one now about it or not I don't know what to do and think I'm more anxious any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated


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  • You need to talk to someone. If you don't have anyone, stay online here and talk to us. If you feel like you're going to hurt yourself or someone, call an ambulance and they can get to you quickly and get you meds to calm you down. Your anxiety is frustrating you right now. If you need to let it out, scream into a pillow and do jumping jacks. BREATH slowly if you can't get up to move around. Most important, call emergency if you feel like you want to be violent in anyway.

  • I am on citropram and I don't think I wnat to do anything I'm just not sure I have my husband n kids and that's what's getting me most is thinking I might but not sure I will hubby said it's my anxiety and he said he's knows I won't do anything like that but I really can't explain even to my self how I feel

  • Hi heather27, those feelings go beyond anxiety. Whenever you or someone else is put in harm's way, it is time to call someone and get help. Please keep us updated.

  • I will do thanks even if I'm not sure do I need to ring some one

  • YES, for your safety as well as others. x

  • What about ringing the samartians will that help u think

  • I'm not from England but "yes" I've heard others say that is the thing to do.

  • Think I will just for a piece of mind

  • Let us know what they say for you to do..

  • Just spoke to a lady and she said as my husband knows the signs and that for anxiety attacks n panic attacks he was right she said it will most likely is an anxiety attack and that she said I don't sound like I want to do anything or that I will do anything I've to try relax my self and distract myself so do the slow breathing and listen to the meditation audio again and ring back if I want to she said she don't think I will do anything to others or my self

  • heather27, and I pray you do stay safe. As someone who was in the medical field, we don't take chances. If anything changes, if those feelings get worse please reach out to your husband and have him call for help. It wouldn't hurt to call your doctor or therapist on Monday. Maybe your case history needs to be reviewed. I wish you well heather. x

  • Thank you so much and I finished my therapist last week but will speak to my gp

  • Are you ok I been messaging you

  • On this status or direct messages

  • Agitation is normal with anxiety or depression. Your violent thoughts is your mind trying to distact you from what's really bothering you. As long as the thoughts go when the anxiety lessens it's totally normal. Now if your contemplating hurting yourself or someone that's a different issue. But violent and weird thoughts that come and go under stress are normal.

  • Not sure it's thoughts it's like a feeling I may or may I'm not sure really but not liking it

  • Hi LDS32 ~You are so right about this ~last night I had been looking after my grandkids until round 11ish ~well when I drove home the roads were quite slippy ~honestly the language I was coming out with to myself was disgraceful ~but it was a distraction because I was really frightened ~once I got home safely and calmed myself down ( it took a while tho) I was fine ~I don't like driving in the dark at the best of times ~but with the added driving conditions it was a nightmare (even though the journey from my son's home is usually only 15 mins or so)

    Thank you for your post 🌼

  • I agree with Agora1's comment , if you even have a thought of hurting yourself or anyone , please call for help, they will help you rationalize before it goes too far. Your family needs you. Even though they make us angry , they live you snd I'm sure you love them , just take a time out snd breathe, but yes get a professional too.

  • I have just been signed of from my therapist and I spoke to some one at samartians tonight I wouldnt want to go that far I hate violence and been at the end of it for years in a pre relationship

  • Hope your doing better , are you ? Maybe go out and go s little therapy shopping g just to get out a little but bring someone Along

  • I am feeling a little better now thank you for asking and I don't do shopping for me o just get kids n hubby lol been out most of day Xmas shopping and had lunch with hubby and kids must be a bad anxiety day with out realising

  • Hi Heather,just wishing you good,warm thoughts from America. I AM worried about you..How are you feeling right now? Where are your kids and husband?

    Please do call the ER,if you continue to have those bad thoughts. It cant hurt to call them. They will probably make you feel better, right away.Better to be safe,if your unsure about your feelings.



    Heres a big hug. Please keep posting us.

  • Thank you sky :) kids are in bed hubby is watching tv with me I feel a little better now I spoke to some one tonight and it was a thought as in such like a sentence stuck in my head that I couldn't shift it's staring to go I think as it's not as strong thank u for your kind words

  • Good,I an happy for you. I hope you arent watching anything depressing. What time is it in England right now? Uts 5:00 pm.

    ENGLAND AND PARIS ARE THE ONLY OTHER COUNTRIES I HAVE BEEN TO. I turned 40 walking over London Bridge! I also visited the Beatles Museum.

    I am in a very stuck frame of mind right now. I keep thinking,if I were in England again,my agorophia would go away. I feel like I am frozen in time. I dont want to go outside. I just want to stay in bed today.

    What is your go to thing to do when you get anxious? Take a bath? Cuddle with your Husband?

    I wish I could have a cup of tea with you right




    You are a very strong and powerful woman. I see that by the way you took care of yourself today!

    Sweet Dreams.

    Sleep Tight...


  • It is 1.30 am in England thank you for your kind words I my therapist taught me the slow breathing to so when anxious usually works n I have an app for meditation audio to listen to is good thanks again n not watching anything depressing I won't watch owt like that watching miranda dvd

  • Heather,I would like to chat again tomorrow.I will be up another 7 hours, if you want to reach out again.:)

    So,England is 8 hours ahead of me. I am i California.

    I must find some meditation apps. I enjoy guided imagry.

    Good nite and sleep tight,


  • Yeah that's fine direct me when u want

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