Constant Head Pressure 2 Months

I am a healthy 35yr old male however I have been dealing with left side head pressure for the last 7 - 8 weeks. I don't get a real bad headache but its mostly just pressure and its pretty much with me 24/7. I have noticed when I lay down or go to the gym with my headphones on it is not as bad but always there, I seem to feel it more when standing but again its always there even when sitting at my desk at work. I will list a few of my symptoms below in a moment but I did want to mention the last 2 years have been rough after going through a tough separation with my fiancée and only seeing my son a couple days a week instead of daily so my stress and anxiety was really bad for a while however I am dealing with that better now so I have a hard time believing this is stress related. I am a very anxious person, I do tend to think the worst and worry about my health when something doesn't feel right. I do not do well at the doctors, my blood pressure and heart rate go through the roof even just at a check up.

The last few months I have not felt like myself, I have had a bad stomach my whole life but it got worse around November 2015 and I was having chest pains and tightness, shortness of breath especially when trying to fall asleep at night. long story short I saw my doctor multiple times and was diagnosed with GERD and I also had an EKG and Stress Test Echo on my heart which all came out fine thank god. Now a couple months later I was finally feeling a little better, chest issues and stomach still kind of there but no where near as bad and then randomly get hit with this head pressure one Sunday night after just laying on my couch. I went to the doctor after 2 weeks of the head pressure and he tried 2 weeks of muscle relaxers thinking it was my neck, my neck is super tight especially left side where the head pressure is and he told me to stop going to the chiropractor. I was going to the chiropractor for just a couple months before all this happened because my neck and left shoulder always hurt (I work out in the gym and think part of it is from that, I used to lift very heavy but I don't now and lift lighter). The funny thing is a week before this head pressure started my chiropractor did his usual neck crack on both sides and I remember it almost hurting, feeling different then normal and sent pain through my head. I honestly wonder if he did something to me and if this is from my neck however almost 8 weeks and still feel the same? Advil doesn't do much, muscle relaxers didn't work. My doctor did not think brain tumor at my visit based off my symptoms, my blood work was perfect and said my reflexes were good. Sorry for the long post but hoping for some help, my doctor is now referring me to a neurologist but I am trying hard to push it off a little more hoping it gets better, I have enough medical bills and I am trying to tell myself this has to be from my neck or something that will heal eventually. I know brain tumors are pretty rare but of course I am having anxiety over that.


-left side head pressure 24/7.

-some pressure in left eye and ear but not terrible.

-neck issues, especially left side, recently got a massage and the massage therapist said my upper back and neck were extremely tight. Chiropractor said a few weeks ago my C-1 or 2 joint cant remember which one was out of place. I have been doing neck stretches and using a tennis ball.

-some lightheadedness and fatigue, nothing crazy and could be stress since I think about this and worry all day.

no weight loss, no fever, appetite ok for the most part, stomach ache some days but no vomiting.

I do get a little bit of facial tingles in the left side of my cheek and especially my chin, it is not constant and comes and goes. This did start a couple months before this and I went to the dentist because I still have 3 of my wisdom teeth. He did say they could come out and my bottom right one was coming in a little crooked and could be causing some pressure. He did say I could hold off for a bit and it wasnt an emergency and that could be causing some of my chin numbness and tingles. Also I am constantly popping my ears because they feel a little blocked and my nose feels a little congested but this has been going on for a while and is not something new, maybe allergies.

Hopefully some suggestions and feedback will help, I will see neurologist if this doesn't improve but again I am trying to wait just a little longer on that.

I just went to a different chiropractor that my mother swears by for a second opinion before I decide on seeing the Neurologist. He did say my neck was pretty bad and reassured me that many headache / head pressure issues do come from the neck and didn't think at this point it was anything serious especially when I told him I did see my doctor a few weeks ago but of course he said if he doesn't help within a few weeks I might want to see the neuro.

What in the world is causing my 24/7 head pressure? I go to bed with it and wake up with it and it is driving me crazy. Its effecting me at work, my day to day routine, trying to enjoy my kids, everything! I am a single dad of 2 and worry if something was to happen to me my poor kids would be without there daddy. I know I shouldn't think the worst but its hard not to sometimes.


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81 Replies

  • Hi chriskg,   a very well written post explaining both emotional and physical effects leading up to your left sided head pressure.  I personally don't believe in a chiropractor touching my neck.  Too many intricate nerves, blood vessels leading to the brain besides your neck muscles being intensely tight.   I would listen to your doctor and set up an appointment with a neurologist only because this started after the  "neck crack".  It could be possible that a nerve is pressing on something causing the pressure especially since muscle relaxants didn't help.  Eight weeks is long enough to put up with that feeling.  You now need some answers as to what is causing it so that you can function at work and enjoy your little ones.  Your kids will have their daddy, you just need to feel better soon.  Take care chriskg

  • Thank you for the reply especially since I know my post is pretty long. I will strongly consider the neuro if I do not improve within the next 2 weeks, I just want to give this chiropractor a little more time only because he has been doing it for over 40yrs, seems to know what he is talking about and my mother highly suggested him. I tend to think the worst with things and since this is something new and constant it is freaking me out and of course I am thinking tumor even though I know they are rare and my doctor didn't seem to think it was that. The last 2 years have been rough with my stress and health and maybe its all related but again I have a hard time believing stress only is causing this, I am sure it is amplifying it but stress alone would not cause 24/7 head pressure in the same spot. But yes you are right 8 weeks is a long time of feeling the same every day.... Anyone else's feedback to maybe help put my mind at ease would be great.

  • I wish you well chris.....

  • i have exactly the same problem for the same amount of time. pressure in left aide of head not a pain as such but feel a dull pressure . left eye ache , blurred vision. terrified and keep thinking the worst. not a clue what it is but pain is always in the same place 

  • I understand you thinking the worst, trust me I do the same everyday and I am sure worrying about it is not helping anything. Its hard not to think the worst when something new like this happens and doesn't go away but clearly there are many people dealing with similar issues so I try and tell myself no way this is something serious. Honestly I am nervous to go to the Neurologist because of that fear of it being something serious and I would lose my mind but honestly if this doesn't let up soon ill have no choice. 

  • Hi Chriskg, I just had to reply to your message cause I have the EXACT to a T symptoms as u but sadly mine has been going on for 8 months straight constant head pressure not just the one side though my whole head! :( I have the worst neck pain it's always right and like a nerve or bone pain in my neck so last year I decided to finally try a chiropractor and she adjusted my whole back shoulder and neck she too told me my neck was not in place at all and said I needed to come 3 times a week then once a week then lastly I was just doing once a month all year I always told her just like you said that after she adjusted my neck it didn't feel ok it hurt and almost like a burning feeling and a couple of times I left with a headache that turned into a bad one so I kept thinking she adjusted my neck wrong and now there is a nerve pinched or nerve issue in my neck I swear that's why we have the head pressure and I am so mad cause like you I went to all these dr appts getting blood work, CT scan, ENT cause I also now have congestion in my nose and my ear always has to be popped cause it feels full!  That to has been happening for 8 months this all must go together! I have these random ice pick feelings in my head too like it's cold inside there and in my face like an ice pick! That's a nerve thing let me know if that starts happening to u too cause I didn't get that right away. I went to a neurologist he told me to never go to the chiropractor again he can do more damage than good to my neck and he said "he can really mess something up" so I haven't gone to the chiropractor for 8 months now either and I was a regular there. I so regret going and getting adjusted I felt better before that and I hope I don't need to have surgery or something cause of that chiro I will be so mad! I also thought I had a brain tumor so I feel your anxiety about it I think about things daily so it makes me feel worse. I couldn't have said it better myself all my symptoms are just like yours I kept thinking 




    Csf leak 

    Pinched nerve

    I am freaking out its been way too long with this head pressure I feel like my head is going to explode and blow up everywhere. I just want to keep in touch with you so we can fill each other in on what's wrong and what our dr's say cause we may be able to help each other figure things out 

  • So frustrating, I wish I never went to a chiropractor. I have no proof he did this to me but its kind of weird that this started a week after a bad neck adjustment that hurt and didn't feel like it normally does. Now I am going to a new chiropractor that my family loves just to try and fix this, he is not as aggressive as my previous one and has not even cracked my neck yet. Again I cant be certain this is from my neck but it just seems weird. If its not my neck and doesn't improve soon I am really going to start panicking, I need to stop thinking the worst but its hard when you feel bad everyday....Mine sounds a little different then yours, mine is pretty much back left side and sometimes left side above my ear, constant pressure but doesn't feel like its going to explode. Good luck and let me know if you figure anything out and ill do the same.

  • Ya I also regret going as well I think we both had a very aggressive chiropractor before. Sounds like they did it too hard and ya I felt fine going until that last few adjustments I told her hurt me....and she kept saying suck it up kinda response and didn't believe me and I have no proof either except I have never ever had this kind of head pressure besides after getting adjusted by the wrong chiropractor :( but mine is only different than yours because it's my whole head that has pressure yours is just the left side so mine is the same besides I have both ears doing that, now I have the congestion I never had before (daily) and my whole head with the pressure instead of just the left so I prob had both sides of the neck adjustment do me wrong :/ did you ask your new chiropractor if they think that can happen from the old chiropractor u had?

  • I did mention the previous chiropractor and asked if a bad neck adjustment could cause this and I was a little surprised by his response and not exactly what I wanted to hear but he did say it is possible but would be surprised if it was from that but then reiterated that most constant headaches and head pressure is caused by the neck? I have only been twice to this new one and I am going this afternoon for a 3rd visit, he seems to know what he is talking about and definitely not as aggressive as my previous. We will see if he gets me feeling better soon and if not ill have to consider seeing a neurologist which I am praying it doesn't come to that! I keep telling myself it has to be my neck but some days I start to doubt it considering how bad I feel sometimes.

  • I know how that feels I have been thinking everyday what this is and I already went to a neurologist and I have a next appt wth him in June and if my symptoms haven't improved I have to get an MRI but I am terrified of the outcome I don't want to either :( well anyways he told me to take coQ10 everyday until my June appt he says it doesn't amazing things to the head and all cells in the body helps everything :) maybe u should consider taking it too! I can't wait to see if it helps 

  • I have heard of that but pretty sure its kind of expensive, I have seen it cheaper at places like wal mart but not sure of the quality. I am willing to try anything at this point especially if your neuro suggested it so maybe ill pick some up this week and try it for a month, thanks

  • No it's actually not expensive I get the one at cvs company name is Vita fusion and it's a gummy cause I hate pills but it's for adults and they taste amazing and it's a whole bottle for $13-$17 not bad at all I have seen the pills costing. $40 that's why i get the one I get it's been helping he said to do it a full 2 months before u give up on it but it's very good for u anyways let me know if you find it!

  • Hi just had to reply to this post I'm suffering the exact same symptoms on my right side, I've been to docs around 10 times in 3 months and had bloods ECR blood test everything clear finally getting referred to hospital to neuro hoping to get an mri scan they were saying it was depression , anxiety, my fibromyalgia, sinuses , fluid in the ear but I know myself it's not had asked them to check me for pots syndrome and orthostatic hypotension so there talking about putting me on a high dose of propanol to check the hypotension one I hope it works as they have tried treating me for trigenal neuralgia I've been checked for tempular artritis with gabepentin 300 mg and amitripdaline 25mg one in the morning afternoon and night along with 500 mg of naproxen and it still didn't help , I just hope we can help each other by sharing as much information with each other then hopefully we'll find an answer, ur not alone on this

  • We take for tests for pots syndrome and hyper tension they came back clear but head pressure and pain still there I'm also attending physio she's working on my neck hoping this helps

  • I am still dealing with this as well, I go back to the Neuro next week for a check up but I don't feel he will do much since he seemed pretty convinced at my first appointment this was not a Tumor or anything like that and its probably coming from my neck. Physical therapy has helped a little but not a ton and it doesn't last. They did say if its my neck this could definitely take some time to heal. My neck is bad still so maybe it is, I get some left eye pressure some days as well but vision seems ok, I mentioned this last week to the physical therapist and he said the eye pressure could be neck as well, this could all be connected because of the nerves....Still concerned its more then that and I get nervous sometimes. Fingers crossed and good luck to all of us.

  • Hey reading your post just now is almost like me!!!! Can you please tell me if you are still

    Experiencing this and if anything helps!

  • Is the pressure in your sinuses?

  • No all over my head forehead and I feel some on top of my nose... neurologist are calling this a migraine

  • Has your head pressure gone away?

  • No !!! I suppose this is a 2

    Month migraine first time in my life at age 34?

  • Ok but usually top of nose is sinuses and it can be caused by muscle strain in the neck. But if the expert says migraine then they must be right. ☺

  • Yes I too have the exact symptoms, 24/7 I'm at my wits end, want to feel normal, let's keep each other on any progresses. 

    Praying for an answer🙏🏻

  • Once again online the last couple days thinking I have a tumor and freaking myself out so I need to stop! Constant pressure still same area in my head and nothing is helping. Of course I have read some scary stuff however A couple positive things I have read is brain tumors are rare, they are typically worse when laying down and when working out, typically more in the front of the head, worse in morning and can improve a little throughout the day. Also at this point there should be throwing up and other symptoms when the only other symptom I really have is a little pressure in left eye. None of that is really me, my head pressure is constant but not worse when laying down or working out and it's more in the back left side and sometimes above my ear. Also when I wear a hat or I'm at the gym with headphones on its still there but doesn't feel as bad? I'm really scared but trying to stay calm, a little longer and I'll probably call the neuro referral I got but I was really hoping this would let up so I don't have to go through all that.

  • Hi chriskg,  I'm sorry you are still suffering with the constant pressure.  I too hope it goes away for your sake or that you get some answers soon.  My best of luck to you. 

  • This is something I've been going through for a few months now. I've gotten a CT and an MRI and was all clear. I think the head pressure is muscular or maybe sinus, and it sounds like you're feeling similar to me. I would try not to worry about a Tumor, they are very rare, and head pressure on the other hand is very common for people with health anxiety. Take it from me, as someone who worried a lot about a tumor, try and relax as early as you can because the more you worry the worse it gets in the long run. If you're still worried see a Neuro and maybe he can give you an Mri, but really it sounds normal.  Also let me know if the chiropractor helps you, as that is a route I haven't gone down yet 

  • Also to add. If you had a brain tumor you would have neurological symptoms. I think seizures are one of the most common first symptom for brain tumors. head pressure on the other hand is probably not from your brain so I think you're good

  • Thank u for the 2 positive messages. I also think I would have more symptoms then what I am having if it was a tumor and when I saw my doctor 6 weeks ago he pretty much agreed but also said if it doesn't stop then I might need to make sure with a neuro. It's so hard not to think the worst when something new like this happens that u have never felt before and won't stop, it's seriously with me 24/7. some days I just don't feel good or like my normal self and it's scary. Fingers crossed its muscular and heals, I keep telling myself my first chiropractor who was real aggressive with his neck cracks did this and it will heal but who knows?

  • It doesn't hurt to see the Neuro if it'll make you feel better. He will probably just order an Mri and do a physical, maybe prescribe you amitriptline or some meds. But the best thing you can do is try to not worry about it and live your life. When I was 6 weeks in, I was scared to death and I think it made everything much worse and stalled my recovery a lot. The faster you can put it in the background the faster you will recover. And if you don't get better maybe check out an ent too cause I know some people have sinus problems with the pressure

  • Chiropractor isn't helping at all so I called my Neuro referral today and got an appointment for next Monday. I am freaked out to go but I need to just keep telling myself I am probably fine and hopefully the Neuro will think the same and that will give me peace of mind. I will say my neck is pretty bad and when I press on certain spots on my left side it is super tender and sore, again not sure if this is causing the constant head pressure but if the Neuro appointment goes well then I will have to start thinking maybe its my neck again because as of right now I am clueless, I thought for sure it was my neck but now I am going on 9 weeks with no improvements which is pretty scary, at least I am not worse but I am definitely not any better yet!

  • chriskg, I am so glad  you have an appointment with the neuro next Monday.  Pressing on certain spots on the left side of your neck that are super tender and sore sound like "trigger points" could possibly be a nerve like reaction to the adjustment.  I truly wish  you well.  I would try very hard to not put negative thoughts about the appointment.  Hopefully you will get the relief and answers you need.  Wish you well.

  • Hi Chris

    I thought I would let u know what has happened since I last talked to u about my head pressure I decided to ask for x-rays of my neck cause like I said I think my chiropractor I went to before was too aggressive with my neck adjustments and did damage that caused all my issues and BAM! My results came back they tell me your neck is suppose to be a c-shape cervical spine and I now have "straight neck" and a muscle spasm in my neck also and my dr said I could DEF have gotten this from my chiro adjustments being too harsh and from bad posture (which I know I get from the way I sleep and my couch has plushy cushions and it pushes my neck forward a lot! Anyways so I looked up all the symptoms and it actually can make u have head pressure, sinus issues, head aches and everything I have! So I was prescribed to stay on my co Q 10 cause I love it (did u get them yet?) and I have one day a week massage deep tissue on my neck and shoulders to relieve the muscle spasm and help relax my neck area and also have to start physical therapy on June 9th which I cannot wait to do to see if it helps me! They can actually put the natural curve back into my neck let me know how your doing please

  • Thanks for the update. I am still exactly the same and I am so frustrated!! I am trying not to freak since I did see a Neurologist and he didn't even feel the need to order a CT Scan or MRI at this point. I am using the coQ10, PT isn't helping, I just don't get it? I just keep telling myself this is my neck, it has to be and maybe its just going to take some time but again constant head pressure, same area of my head and its scary but like others have said the Neuro would have ordered a scan if there were red flags although I don't know how constant head pressure 24/7 for 3 months isn't a red flag?....Keep me updated

  • Have you thought about asking your dr for a neck x-Ray you may have what I have and it makes sense!!

  • I will keep that in mind, I regret ever going to the chiropractor so much! I have no proof he did this but if this isn't anything serious which at this point nobody seems to think it is even though I feel terrible some days I will have to assume this is from the chiro.

  • How has everything been? I am still getting bad headaches and tension headaches everyday and the pressure is so bad they finally scheduled an MRI I am so scared to do it for the results but I need to! Have u been making progress?

  • Hi chriskg, I remember talking with you when you first posted about this problem. I am against chiropractic measures. I'm glad you did see the neurologist but since he didn't take it to the next step of ordering a CT or MRI, maybe you need to see a rheumatologist or pain specialist. The neck area is so intricate. It must be horrible to go on this long without any relief. I truly hope you find an answer. My best to you.

  • Just a quick update, I went to the Neurologist yesterday and he does not think its a tumor thank god! However I was surprised he did not order a CT scan or MRI at this point? He did some in office neurological tests, gave me a 6 day course of Methylprednisolone(which hasn't done anything yet but I just started this morning) and wants me to do some physical therapy for my neck. This great news so I am trying to put my mind at ease but I still have a hard time believing this is not something more serious considering this has been 10 weeks of constant head pressure 24/7 in the same area of my head. I will have to trust the neurologist at this point since this is his specialty and just pray I improve soon. He wants to see me again in 3 weeks.

  • My neurologist didn't order an MRI for me until 4 months. I think since we don't have any neurological problems it is unlikely anything is wrong in our brains (my MRI was normal). Let me know how PT and the drugs work, hopefully they help

  • Thanks, yeah I need to just tell myself this is what he does and if he was worried he would have sent me for an MRI same day. I just still think this whole thing is weird and its so hard not to think the worst when you feel like crap every day, just doesn't make sense but I am just going to hope for some improvement these next couple weeks.

  • Hi chriskg, thanks for the update in seeing the neurologist. Believe me he would have sent you for an MRI immediately if he thought it was dire. I think you will see some improvement being on the prednisone. Don't give up hope on that. It may be something like an inflamed pinched nerve producing that pressure. (just as people with sciatic nerve in their lower back and down their leg experience) Neurologists are amazing in treating what you are experiencing. I'm so glad you were able to get an appointment. Physical therapy will also enhance the healing process as well. I wish you my best. Keep us updated.

  • So I wanted to let u know I just made it through my MRI yesterday and I will know in a few hours if it's normal or if there is something going on in there I am so nervous! I will let u know when I find out

  • Hi Amy, any update? How did the MRI go? I am still dealing with the same stuff and I am so stressed. The newest is some weakness and tingling in both lower arms and hands for the last couple weeks so of course this is freaking me out, I have read with a tumor it is usually one arm or one side of the body and not both but who knows. This still could all be neck related, I have read nerve issues in the neck can effect all kinds of things and make you feel way off but again some days I just cant help but think this is something more serious. I have a follow up appointment with my neuro end of August.

  • Hi Chriskg I still ask have all the pressure light headedness and neck pain bad and headaches tension and migraines also I have the tingling and numb feet and hands sometimes up the arms a bit either side. But my MRI results came back as a completely normal brain scan so I am now thinking it is all neck related that lady really messed up my neck I am guessing. But Chris I can't stress this enough go get the MRI it made me feel so much relief to hear I had no tumor or anything wrong or serious in there at all I needed to hear that! Eased my mind so much I stopped all the horrible anxiety about "what it was" doesn't mean my symptoms went away but I feel 10 times better knowing my brain is fine phew. I hope you go and do that too you will feel so much better and u can then just stop worrying Believe me I was the most worried person and I made all the symptoms worse thinking the worst! Swore I was dying

  • Glad your MRI went well, I might end up doing the same even if its just for peace of mind. I feel so bad somedays I start to think the worst and I know that amplifies things so I need to stop thinking that way and stay off Google! Some days I convince myself its my neck and other days I feel like there is something in my head in the same general area, almost like I can feel it and it freaks me out! I'm going to try and wait this out a little longer, my insurance is not the best so I am sure an MRI will be very expensive for me but we will see. Keep me updated if you find anything that helps.

  • Oh believe me I will keep U posted please do the same for me! and I still feel exactly the same all the same I just don't have the added anxiety that I will die or that there is a tumor or ms in my brain so it makes me not focus a lot on the scary part now I am just getting depressed that it will never go away and I will forever feel like crap it restricts my life and I don't like it at all :(

  • Update, unfortunately the meds didn't help, I thought they were a little on the 3rd day but Sunday was my last day and I am still the same. I am doing physical therapy once a week, stretching, taking it easy in the gym and just praying for the best at this point. I still have the constant head pressure in the same area 24/7, I am not any worse but I am not better either. I am so frustrated however I am trying not to panic since my Neurologist was not concerned at this point after evaluating me, like people have said if he was worried at all he would have ordered a scan the same day but I just find it weird I am going on 3 months with this. Yesterday at PT she did say my neck was very tight and also agreed that it was a good sign that the Neurologist thinks its my neck and also agreed I should have more serious symptoms if it was something serious like a tumor. She wants me to take it easy in the gym because when I lift the weights it is putting stress on my neck and not letting it heal. I am going to scale back to 4 days a week instead of 5, do more cardio and lower the weights. I just want to feel normal again!

  • I know how frustrating it is. I'm going on 6 months and it really sucks. Try not to worry about the tumor thing, if you keep having symptoms your neurologist will eventually give you an MRI, but its probably not necessary until you have some sort of real neurological symptoms such as numbness or seizure or whatever. As I said before, I had the same symptoms and got an MRI with nothing on it. I guess my best advice to you is to stay busy and try to ignore it, but don't push yourself too hard. For me, if I exercise too much things get worse so I try to just keep it light. Hopefully things will start getting better soon

  • Thanks, sucks you are suffering but also glad I am not alone in this. I just hope whatever this is heals so I can feel normal again and stop worrying. And yes you are right I need to stop thinking tumor, he would have done an MRI right away if he thought that but again some days I feel so crappy and with the pressure never stopping and being in the same area its hard not to think that, I need to stop because worrying will make it worse and seeing the Neuro should of put my mind at ease a little but considering nothing is helping still how can you not worry?

  • Nah I completely understand. I still worry a lot even after having all these tests. I wish I got them sooner so I wouldn't have stressed out so much, I think I may have made my symptoms worse from anxiety, which is why if I was in your position I would do my best to try and stay calm And maybe it will resolve on its own. For me, I might be past the point of resolving on my own and might have to take some meds, I dunno, so don't get to where I am haha.

    I do think it's all muscular though, I was told I was super tight as well. It could also be sinus related so maybe get that checked, I did and mine were clear however. Keep us updated! And I'll let you know if I somehow find answers too

  • Update...Saw Neuro for a second time about 2 weeks ago. Evaluated me and still seems to think its neck or nerve issues. Of course I brought up a tumor again and he assured me he does not think so and said he could do a scan but doesn't feel its necessary, exact words were "I doubt it will show anything". Since my insurance isn't the best and based off the way he is acting I said fine we can wait on that. I am so frustrated, still dealing with the same issues some days better then others but the head pressure is always there in the same general area. Now the newest thing I am dealing with is some arm/hand tingling, its been doing this since Tuesday, its both arms, top lower part of my arms (basically top forearm area from elbows to hand) and into the hands mostly pinky and feel it in the thumb sometimes. I thought it was from my forearm workout at the gym Tuesday since I don't do them often and this started on the same day but its now 5 days later and hasn't improved. Should I be freaking or again could this whole mess just be nerve and neck related? Is it good or bad that its both arms and hands and not just one side? Might run it by doc this week but really don't feel like going back right now! Also I do sit at a desk all day at work and have been trying to work on my posture. This past week it does seem to be worse at work with the tingling but when I was off for the weekend it was still there just maybe not quite as bad. Right now using my mouse I am feeling it more in my right lower arm and wrist area. I don't know but this is just a nightmare and im sick of everything. Life is good right now other then this, kids are good, work is good and I recently meet an amazing girl who makes me so happy, I just need my health back please!

    Also forgot to mention he did prescribe me Amitriptyline 25mg to try but I decided to stop after about a week, not crazy about taking an anti depressant although he said at this low dose its used for headaches and nerve issues. I was having some side effects, really tired, crazy dreams, and I also read it can cause muscle weakness and tingles so once I read that I stopped the same day this tingling started but I am starting to doubt it was from the meds since I was only on them a week and have been off since Tuesday?

  • Hi chriskg, I'm sorry you are still having a problem but am glad you are still seeing the neurologist. I too feel it's coming from the neck and possibly a nerve. I was wondering if your doctor has talked about having an Electromyogram and nerve conduction study done. Years ago I was in a car accident where my head bounced side ways against the passenger window, repeatedly. The whiplash I received has given me a lot of pain over the years. Even though it's coming from my neck, the numbness and tinglying are felt down the forearm and into the hands. The pinky finger and the thumb give me electrical shock type feelings at times. It's amazing how the neck can bring out so many of these symptoms because of the nerves that are in the back of the neck. I again wish you well in your pursuit to find an answer and some more relief. I am glad that things are looking brighter in your personal life. Stay strong, be happy and look forward to the future. :)

  • Thank you for the reply, at this point I will have to just assume this is all nerve related and not something like a tumor or anything to serious considering I have seen a neurologist twice now and based off my physical evaluation he still doesn't see the need for an MRI. Some days I just have such a hard time believing this isn't something more serious since nothing has been helping and I have been dealing with this for at least 5 months now. I will just pray my body heals and I can feel normal again soon! Like many others have said this is what he specializes in and he would have seen something during my evaluation twice now and sent me right away for a scan if he saw any red flags but again with how crappy I feel most days this whole things is just very strange.

  • chriskg, you are right in trusting the judgment of your neurologist. Afterall, he would be the first to notice any red flags warranting further testing. Since he doesn't, it may just need to run it's course. Inflammation of a nerve is painful and I am sorry you are having to deal with this for so long. Hopefully it will start subsiding soon. Wish you well....

  • Quick update, had my 8 week follow up with my Neuro, again told him my concerns and he is still not thinking a tumor. He evaluated me again, reflexes, touch the nose, follow his finger, checked my eyes, etc. I told him how crappy I feel but he still confident this is not a tumor, he did say 6 months of this with no improvement though is not good but at this point with a tumor I should be much worse, falling over, visual issues, throwing up, worse in the morning after laying flat, many other symptoms and the headache should be worse. I still have the head pressure, neck issues, little bit of numbness or tingles sometimes in both lower arms and hands especially thumb area and a little light headed sometimes......He did say I can do a cat scan for peace of mind but he still doesn't think it would show anything and if he did think that he would have already sent me, told me to call insurance and see what it would cost in case I want to do it so well see....I will have to just continue trusting in his judgment and hope time will heal whatever I have going on....lastly he wants me back on the meds and to give it more of a chance, I don't like the idea of taking an anti depressant but he said at this dose its not used for that, just wants me on 10mgs a day and it takes a few weeks. I might try it but haven't picked up my prescription just yet.

  • I wish you well chriskg.... Sorry this continues.

  • Hi Chriskg I suffer from the same exact thing but it's my whole Jean I was wondering if u have any new updates?

  • Hi, sorry nothing new on my end, still dealing with this nightmare!! I have been to my neuro 3 times now and still thinks its from my neck. I might have to get a CT Scan at some point just for peace of mind if anything since he still claims he doesn't think it will show anything but some days I honestly wonder how this can just be my neck and why is it still not improving? I will update if this ever improves or I find anything that helps.

  • So I had a nerve block in my neck about 6 days ago and no relief, my doctor still thinks its my neck but now what since the nerve block didn't work? He told me to give it 2 weeks and check in but now starting to panic again since nothing is helping.....quick question and I am sure this is unrelated but I have had left shoulder issues for many years from working out and off and on lower back and sciatic nerve issues and the last week or so I have had pain in my left thing, right above my butt and left side of my groin. My lower back is very tender and I have been laying on one of those foam rollers for a few minutes each night the last few days trying to stretch it out. My back has been bad on and off and I doubt this has anything to do with my headaches and constant head pressure but any chance its related or could still be a nerve thing? My neuro still thinks this is nerves and neck related and I specifically brought up my tumor concerns again last week when I saw him and he still says he doesn't think its that but will let me do a CT Scan if it will help ease my mind, I told him my co pay on a CT Scan is $300 so I only want to do it if he 100% thinks its necessary. He said he would have made me do it months ago when he first saw me if he was worried but again this has gone on so long and nothing helps so what am I supposed to think. My only other symptoms are weakness or a weird feeling in both of my arms (lower part of arms and into thumb and pointer finger sometimes), the arm stuff is not all days just some and not one side of my body its both. Also left eye pressure some days but no blurry / double vision or black spots just a slight pressure. I feel out of it some days and my stomach is bad but I have had a bad stomach my whole life, constantly thinking about this and so worried and stressed out. I have finally meet the love of my life and we are planning on moving in together early next year and my 2 kids are amazing, I am so worried I have something serious going on and my days are numbered.....any feedback or suggestions?

  • Hey Chris. I know how you feel. I'm still dealing with my stuff too. I know it's really hard to relax about a tumor, but the chance that you have one is really low if you don't have neurological symptoms like weird vision and numbness and seizures and stuff.

    If you think you can't get over it then I say get a CT to ease your mind, or even ask for an MRI since it has less radiation and potentially can see more. I did this but honestly it didn't really make me feel too much better, it just shifted my focus onto what else it could be.

    Has anything helped your symptoms? Like exercise or ibuprofen? You say muscle relaxers didn't do anything? have you ever taken a benzo before? Sometimes they offer mild relief for me, though you don't want to rely on them cause they're addictive. Not sure if it's helpful cause it's a muscle relaxer or because of the sedation effect

    My doctors think my problem is related to stress, I know a lot of people on this board share our problem so I guess it's possible but it's hard to believe.

    Also the weird feelings in your arm I think are from your tight muscles pinching nerves, that happens to me too

    Are you sleeping ok?

  • Thanks for the reply, yes my sleep is fine, I don't wake up from a bad headache or anything like that but the second I wake up all my symptoms are there, I don't have your typical brain tumor headaches where you are worse in the morning and nauseous I just feel the same all day and night. Mostly just constant head pressure in the same general area with my other symptoms coming and going but head pressure is always there....Your right about the brain tumor stuff and my neuro says the same, he said I would be falling over, throwing up, double vision, seizures, something else major would be going on by now since I have been dealing with the headaches for like 8-9 months now. The eye pressure worries me sometimes but again my vision seems ok its just pressure. Everything is always left side!! Stress makes this worse but no way that is the only cause, I am just praying this is all nerve related and will heal one of these days but now I am thinking if the nerve block did nothing in my neck then is it that? I know tumors are rare and from what I have read other things should be happening by now but I have also read some stories where the symptoms were pretty suttle, I need to stay of Google I know :) Just hard not to think that way when nothing helps.

    *One other thing that is crazy to me, all of my health issues started after about 2years of being super stressed out after a break up from my sons mother, we were together for 7yrs and it was really hard on me plus we went back and forth for a while and it really messed with my head. I was pretty bad for a while and just really down all the time, bad anxiety when I would see her to pick up or drop my son etc....I am now moved on, dated a few girls but now very happy and found a wonderful beautiful woman. Life is good other then my health stuff, I know stress can amplify things but no way this is all stress, not this long.

  • I feel the same way about the stress stuff. It just happened so suddenly for me, it just sucks it feels like all my doctors won't look for anything else until I take Meds or something.

    you ever read about occipital neuralgia? That sounds a little similiar to what you have. Pressure on the back of your head on the left side?

  • Yes mostly back left side of the head a little more towards the top but yes mostly left side. Sometimes front in-between the eyes but mostly back and top left...ill Google it but I do remember the Neuro saying that on my first visit.....I just want to feel normal again so bad!!

  • Haha I totally understand. How we took normal for granted! Also occipital neuralgia is more or less just nerve pain but maybe it can help you think it's not a tumor if it matches up a bit.

    Anyway wish you luck and keep checking in, good to hear from you.

  • How are you doing? Your story is really similiar to mine except my constant left sided head pressure started from a month of intense anxiety/stress thinking I had a brain tumor. I then got a CT and was fine but a week later this horrible left side head pressure by my temple began and stayed with me for 6 weeks. I went to a chiropractor who did a neck adjustment which relieved the head pressure but then I experienced nerve pain and numbness all over my body. The head pressure stayed away for 3 months until returning recently in the same spot on top of the nerve pain I'm still having. I've had all the MRIs, EMG/Nerve, and bloodwork possibly. At this point I know the head pressure came with stress and possibly the chiropractor relieving the tension helped but the rest of me was so tense my nerves became severely irritated. I've started 10MG of Amphitrline to see if that helps.

  • Amphitrline did nothing for me, I am still dealing with this and its a nightmare, only somewhat good news is I have not got worse but I am still the same, constant head pressure left side, neck tightness worse left side, left eye pressure, feeling off, neuro has assured me he still doesn't think its a tumor even though he still hasn't ordered a CT scan and I just saw him again last week. He did his physical exam again and said everything was ok and at this point since I have been dealing with this so long I should be way worse at this point but again who knows and one of these days I might just do the CT scan anyways just to be sure. Keep us updated if you find anything that helps and I will do the same.

  • Still dealing with this nightmare, has anyone found anything to help? I am currently still dealing with head pressure same general area but has not gotten worse just the same, sometimes goes to front of head but mostly back upper left side. Still have the neck issues, pain in neck and shoulder when working out even though I go light weight now, and past couple weeks I have been getting the left eye pressure and left cheek numbness/tingling into the chin sometimes but this is on and off and not constant. Regarding the eye my vision seems ok its just pressure, mostly everything is left side. Balance and reflexes are still good, neuro has checked all that multiple times and my eyes and still doesn't seem overly concerned and claims he still thinks its all coming from my neck even though the couple meds ive tried and the nerve block didn't do anything? My family and fiancée want me to get a second opinion or just finally do a CT Scan, I just have so much going on right now, closing on my first house purchase next Friday and dealing with all of that and moving so I might have to wait until next month to follow up with my neuro. I am so tired of this but I just try and tell myself its been almost a year and if it was something serious like a tumor I would be way worse then I am right now, trust me I am not good but I just haven't got much worse just more of the same. Plus after seeing a neurologist multiple times wouldnt he have seen something or a red flag and not just keep dismissing me and saying its my neck? No Xrays or CT Scans yet but that might be next step, so sick of this! The latest thing I have researched is Myofascial Pain Syndrome but who knows.

  • Hi chriskg, I'm sorry the nightmare continues. I know how wearing it can be to have pain go on for a long time. Myofascial Pain Syndrome, I was diagnosed with many years ago on top of Fibromyalgia. Like you, as I've mentioned before, I went through MRIs, ten's unit, 12 hr pain patches on the back of my neck, physical therapy, biofeedback, hypnosis and on and on. Everyday was time spent putting hot towels on my face and neck and hearing and feeling the trapped fluids in my head dissipate. I was taught different modalities to use on my own while lying down such as golf balls placed on either side of the spine at the base of the neck for myofascial release. Using 4 fingers of each hand up the back of the head for the same release. I had been in a serious car accident years before which I think prompted this to happen. I can't remember when it went away on it's own. I was about to try the nerve block with a pain specialist but got cold feet. It's funny how we remember each and every day we suffer but when it goes away it's forgotten.

    I can only tell you to hang in there, a second opinion wouldn't be a bad idea before trying other methods. Oh by the way, I also had eye pressure and still have neck and shoulder tightness.

    Just want to wish you well with the closing of your first home and the move. Life does go on, just wish it would be with less pain for you. Take care.

  • Thank u very much for the reply. I'll do my best to hang in there and keep telling myself it's been a year so if it was a tumor or something life threatening I think something major would of happened by now or my neurologist would be more concerned but u still never know which is scary cause everyone is different and can have different symptoms. I'm a father, Just got engaged and buying my first home so no way something can happen to me!! Definitely have stress in my life and worry a lot but no way this is that it's to consistent and has been going on for to long.

  • And chriskg, nothing will happen to you. You've only just begun your new life. You've got a lot of new memories ahead of you. The fact that you have been under the care of a neurologist should help relieve some of your worry and concerns. Be happy and move forward in life. The rest will take care of itself. Good Luck!

  • Hi chriskg, how are you now? Have you gotten better? I read all your post here bcuz i too have same symptoms worse both eyes pressure nose loss of balance, stomach upset the worst scenario i could think of like yeast infection, ms, csf leak, hydrocephalus, tmj, eustachian tube dysfunction etc...i have not done mri/ ct scan also, my neck is sore and feels heavy. Its been almost 5 months now im suffereing, worrying all the time anxiety, stress and depression is high up level now. Tho it feels a little relief that i am not the only one have this. I also think it could be in my neck pinch nerve probly. Hope to hear from you.

  • Even if i don't reply i do keep an eye on this post and I still check all the comments when I get an email notification....I am exactly the same, not any worse at least but not any better only thing I have been noticing a little more of lately is the facial numbness and tingles mostly left side (which is where my head pressure and neck problems are so I cant help but think its all connected). Tingles or numbness go into the chin sometimes and tops of both lower arms into my thumb and pointer finger. It seems like it happens more after I have been up for a couple hours and it seems like at night maybe not as bad once im home but definitely not like it never happens at night cause it does I just seem worse during the day which is weird. I have been dealing with this for over a year and I am so frustrated and feel like I will never get better. My wife and mother keep begging and telling me to get an MRI or CT Scan just for piece of mind because I still throw around that I think this is a tumor sometimes but everyone is convinced this is all from my neck. I still go to the gym but I don't lift heavy anymore and keep things light but even light stuff I can feel it pulling on my neck sometimes and my left shoulder has been bad for years. My wife is amazing and gives me good massages multiple times a week and always says my left side of my neck is noticeably different then my right side just by feeling it and sometimes she can even see that it looks different or swollen compared to my right side. Maybe one of these days ill suck it up and get a CT scan and go back to my Neuro but I don't want to waste the money or put myself through that for nothing, I hate hosptials and doctors and freak out just going for a visit or a check up. I did see a Neuro multiple times over the course of a few months and he was convinced it was my neck and did not demand I get any kind of scan although its been months since he has seen me and he probably thinks I got better and I have not. I keep telling myself if this was something major like a tumor something big would of happened by now like a seizure or my head pressure would be really bad by now and id be vomiting or not able to walk straight etc but who knows. Keep the replies coming especially if anyone finds anything that can help. I do think this is my neck and my heavy gym days just caught up to me and then the chiropractor tweaked me wrong (I regret so bad ever going to a chiropractor!!) but some days its hard not think its something more serious like a tumor. I pray I feel better someday and I hope you all do too.

  • Hi Chriskg, It was good to see you back on the forum but I'm sorry things haven't improved. I sometimes wonder what happens to the people that were once on line. Now I know, they go on living :) I'm kind of surprised that you never got the CT scan, it may give you some answers. I know we all dislike going to the doctor for the fear of the "what if". It sounds like your wife and mom are very supportive in your struggle and that is so important. I'm glad you still follow the forum and remember we are all here for each other's struggles. Take care and I hope as well the next time you write, you will be free of pain. Stay strong.

  • Hi Chriskg. 39 y/o and I've had nearly the same issue(plus other symptoms) for almost 12 months now. Always a worry wart in the past but never crazy, and never thought to carry any more stress than anyone else handles. No health history other than hypothyroid. Overweight. Out of the blue had spinning sensation and warm rush of heat over head. Has been a nonstop sense of head pressure and fogginess, wobbly headed, unfocused, heat waves and anxiety rushes. Internal tremors. Brain vibrations. Most symptoms have calmed down over the course of the 12 months, but the head pressure 24/7, headaches, eyes feel deeply burned like I've stared at sun flares sometimes, anxiety cycles, last. Have seen every specialist under the moon. Two MRIs, two cat scans, tons of labs. Nothing explains this so makes me look crazy. Whatever this is is definitely driving me closer to crazy though. Sick of this. Have never been a sickly person and I can hardly make it through a day sometimes. Every doc has a different diagnosis and a different med to "try". Silent migraines, anxiety disorder, perimenopause, vertigo, iron deficiency, mold toxicity, possible Lyme. I mean it goes on and on and on. Torking me off. And making anxiety worse of course. Trying to explain what came first is impossible- anxiety first? Or symptoms caused the anxiety? Every forum leads to no answers or some crazy rare disease to fear having. It's never ending. Would love to know how you're doing and keep up with any findings!

  • Chris,

    Sorry to read about your discomfort I know how maddening these kinds of things can be. I have been having almost identical symptoms and initially thought "brain tumor" as well, as we normally assume the worst. It has been about three weeks of persisting head "pressure". Unlike a couple of you that I have seen commenting, I have never been to chiropractor.

    I have been able to identify a few things that alleviate the pressure. I eventually came to assume that muscle tightness was the underlying cause of the pressure because of lack of other symptoms associated with tumors. I began stretching/relaxing different muscles in my neck and head. I will try to be thorough so bear with me... Sorry if I overexplain.

    I began stretching the back of my neck because I assumed that's where the tightness was coming from. I also tried to improve my posture to reduce stain to the muscles in the back of the neck. This gave little results and overall I would say did not work. I then stretched the sides of my neck from the upper traps up to behind the ears. I would try to adjust sitting and walking to reduce strain there.. The results were a little better than the back of the neck, but still not great.

    I continued onto stretches that include the scalp, I would palm the top/side of the head and make sure I stretched out the skin while I did whichever stretch. This offered some decent relief for a short time.

    Eventually I got around to the final two approaches that have helped the most, and they are a little surprising. I began stretching the muscles in my jaw by opening my mouth wide enough to feel a good stretch in the muscles in my temples. I noticed immediately that this stretch affected the tightness in my sides of my head. I have since regularly stretched my jaw and throughout the day make sure that my jaw is not clinched tightly shut or that I am not chewing the inside of my cheek (a habit I've had as long as I can remember). This has helped a lot! By far the most improvement.

    Additionally, I stopped sleeping on my stomach as this would force me to have my head turned to one side, and have taken up sleeping on my side where my neck is in a more neutral position.

    I urge you to approach these stretches systematically checking off different muscles. Look up the muscle anatomy in the neck and head and regularly stretch them. What worked for me was the jaw muscles, but that may not work for you so try different ones. AND in addition to stretching them, try to adopt posture/body position that can relax them throughout the day. Also, do not stretch them too aggressively! Injuring/aggravating them may lead to worse discomfort! Apply a firm but comfortable stretch.

    Sorry for the long post and I really hope this can be of some help to you. Message me back with any any questions or clarifications I would be glad to help.

  • Tony0430, very well explained. Over the years I've had multiple sessions with physical therapists who do the same thing you are suggesting. They work in stretching the connective tissue. Heat therapy also is used in the sessions. I was told by PT that the pressure we feel in our head is coming from the lymphatic fluids being trapped due to the tight muscles in our neck and lower part of our head.

    If you take your hands and open the fingers and then lie back on them at the crown of your head, you will actually hear the crackling of the fluids dispersing. You will also feel less pressure. Putting hot towels on the face will also help drain some of that fluid build up.

    Proper posture/body position is very important as well. Continued success and thank you for sharing.

  • Agora1, thank you for the feedback! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of results did you get/are you getting from the PT sessions?

  • Tony0430, I got 100% each time I went. It was done 3x a week for 4 weeks. The doctor would order PT from time to time but I was taught how to take care of the problem at home as well. Occupational Therapy also played a part in it as well. That's because I have Fibromyalgia as well as Anxiety.

    What you are doing is the exact same thing PT does.

  • Oh wow so you're no stranger to pain and discomfort. That's fantastic, it's very helpful to know I'm on the right track. Thank you for sharing

  • Hi are you still having the same issue!! I have been going through the same issue for 3weeks straight.. have every test done.. MRI, Ct scan all are ok.. blood work everything normal.. my question for you is do you have Sleep Apnea??? Cause I do and I'm wondering if maybe it's from the constant air pressure that has caused inflammation or something.

  • I am still dealing with it and haven't been back to the doctors because they keep telling me its muscular and probably coming from my neck and if it was a brain tumor I would of had a seizure by now or be walking funny etc. I am beyond frustrated and kind of just trying to learn to live with it and hope so bad that one of these days a miracle happens and I feel better and that I don't drop dead from an undiagnosed Brain Tumor or something serious! Some days are better then others but I never feel good, its horrible. I still manage to go to the gym 5 days a week, work and be the best father and husband I can be but let me tell you some days is a real struggle and I pray this nightmare ends some day and I feel normal again.

  • I wish that for you as well chriskg. It's been a long time suffering but I see it's not stopping you from living life. I hope the better days grow in number until that miracle happens. Believe :)

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