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Ok so I just had a meltdown in M&S

It's never happened being out before, but I just had to lock myself in the toilets until I could get myself together!!

I had bit of spare time between dropping baby to crèche & picking big girl up, so went to marksies..wish I hadn't now! Came over all panicky, sweating, spaced out and legs shaking. I thought I needed an ambulance as I was losing it but really knew I didn't so just dragged myself to the loos.

Does this mean I'm getting worse if it's happening to me while I'm out? I was fine ish before i left!

Panicking now that it's going to happen all the time. I talked to my brain, ha! And said not today thanks, think it worked.

To make matters worse now I'm off to work & I just want to get under the duvet.


Hoping your all having a better day xx

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Hi LooLoo, gosh you poor thing... Have you tried Mindfulness breathing? I swear by it.. When you feel it coming... Find somewhere quite, sit with your back straight,use your tummy muscles to empty the air from your lungs and then let them fill slowly, as your doing this take note on how your feeling.. If your tense anywhere... Release it...let all your negative thoughts come and go... Do this until you feel calm. Better still in this month issue of woman and home, there is a couple of pages all about Mindfulness... Worth a read:) Hope it works Hun

Hugs x


Hi yummimummy thanks for your reply. Sorry I'm late getting back to you, I didn't get in from work until late. I survived work so that's something. I'll definitely give yhe mindfulness breathing a try thank you. Anything is worth a try.

Hope you are well xx


It sounds like you talked yourself out of it well though and there is no shame in just taking some time to gather yourself together. The toilets are a good place, no one to see or judge and just wait it out... I have really nice smelling toilets at work and when i need a moment i go in there (well the lovely lobby bit not the actual toilets) and take some deep breaths and regroup. I find sometimes work helps as sometimes the distraction just takes your mind off things, try and talk to people and distract yourself and without knowing it you will be ok again... hope your work goes ok and ur duvet will be waiting for you! x


Hi silver-snow thanks for your reply, I didn't really have a choice to get myself out of it as I had to pick my little girl up, a good thing I suppose as I'd still be there now ha. Work went well and I was fine, it helps because I'm so busy I don't have time to think.

I'm glad you have a nice place at work when you need to escape. Always helps.

Hope you are well xx


Oh LooLoo

You did the right thing , took yourself someone quite & got composed again , which can take some doing , especially when you are in some where like M&S , good for you

Make sure you have always eaten if you can , running around after 2 young ones , working , dealing with your anxiety , its a lot , this could have been just that you are over tired , a lot on your plate & a little wobble , causing a panic

No it doesnt mean it will happen again & I am sorry this happened this time , please & I no you will feel the fear , but try not to let it play on your mind , its hard not to , but if you feed the fear , it will just cause more anxiety & even make us afraid & wanting to do things , which happened to me & I wouldnt want you going down that road

If you can , try & have half an hour & make sure you eat before you have to go to work

Also , with your busy schedule & I no its not easy , make sure you get an hour or two , to put your feet up & have some quite time each day

I am sure everything will be ok , will be thinking about you





Hi whywhy sorry it's a late reply. I am eating better than I was. I don't know where it came from, I didn't have baby with me so perhaps I didn't have a distraction. I do think I'm juggling everything but I then think so does every other working mum. Why me/us?

I seem to be getting more frightened of things (silly things). I realise then I'm being silly.

Husband is off today so I'm trying to relax a bit more before work tonight.

Hope you are feeling better today lovely xx


I no what you are saying , but one thing & I used to do it all the time & now I have or try to stop doing it , is compare myself to what others do & remember I am me & we are all different & as long as I do what I no I can personally for me , if its my best , it doesnt matter if its not as much as someone else

So dont run yourself ragged ,thinking you have to keep up with anyone , other than what's right for you personally , if you no what I am saying

Oh get your feet up today then & let hubby spoil you a bit , you deserve it :)



Thanks whywhy your a diamond. He's done all of the cleaning & nw we are sat down with a cuppa and a muffin..whilst the baby naps. Lovely xx


You were lucky to have found some pleasant smelling public loos, if I took refuge in any of the public loos in my district, I wouldn`t have to worry about panicking, because I`d be gassed unconcious!


Hi LooLoo,

I think you've done really well, knowing what to do to calm yourself down. Most people fear different things. You know you'll associate M & S with your panic attack, but try and go back if you can, maybe on your own would be better, and go through the same routine that you did that day. If the panic starts, stop, look at whatever product is in front of you and concentrate on the text on the product and do some relaxing breathing. In your mind you know this will not harm you because you come over as quite with it.

We have to learn to relax into our body when these thoughts occur (me included) and not run.


Thanks henige, I will have to go back. I'm not sure when, but I will. I tried so hard to concentrate on the things in front of me that day but I was flapping, because it hadn't happened out before. I'm gonna prepare myself but not overly for if it happens again x


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