Hey guys been really struggling today was feeling ok this morning, but as the day as gone on I've felt worse. Been trying to entertain my niece don't think I've done a good job my head and heart just isn't in it. She gone to stay at a friends now so I'm in my own for a bit with just my thoughts for company.

Really did think I had turned a bit of a corner this week, but the last few days I've taken massive steps back. Think it's since I heard from my ex on Tuesday. I've been trying to laugh and joke and be silly especially on here and it's helped a little, but it's only been a few minutes of laughter then I'm back to over thinking and analysing everything. I just feel so alone.

I really do appropriate the people on here who have helped me be silly and made me laugh. I was hoping I could put up a positive blog this week, but that's obviously not the case.

As much as blogging on here helps me. I also feel like I'm just repeating the same things over and over again. I know I've said this before, but it's just how I feel. I should be grateful I've got my health and a good group of friends and family around me, but I just can't seem to pull myself out of this slump and its so frustrating.

Hope everyone is having a better day than me. Just hope I can motivate myself to go out tomorrow.


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  • I think its cos you've got time on your hands Will..........:-(

    Hope youre a bit better tomorrow when youre busier??


  • Yeah your probably right.

    So do I need to cheer up for this weekend

  • Just gota try keep busy............. I know thats really hard though.... God I sound like a warn out record!!


    YOu doing owt tonight??


  • Nah not doing anything tonight.

    How you doing?

  • Well I bought myself a cd today so that cheered me up.... but you know what Im really sick of.... the constant battle to not think about/miss the ex..... its so draining.... dont you think??

    I just want the old keza back that enjoys life and is positive.... knows what Im doing/going.....

    Im too old for this shit.....


  • What CD did you buy?

    I totally agree not matter what I'm doing my mind always seems to go back to that. It's very draining physically and mentally.

    I want the old Billy back. I just want to be able to be relaxed and happy again< but it's hard when your still in love with someone you can't have.

    How's your plans going for your weekend?

  • Paloma Faith...... its really good.... been out a while though....... the lyrics on a few tracks are very apt for me at the moment too!!

    Its cheered me up though!

    Well we havent actually made plans for what were doing once I get there, but we'll be doing something....Im off now anyway so got plenty of time, not going till saturday aft......

    Is your night out just drinking night out??


  • Yeah \I know that CD.

    I'm sure what ever you do you'll enjoy it.

    Saturday going to see Iron man 3 with a few friends might have a meal also. Sunday it's just drinks with some friends and family.

  • Try and have fun ;-) xx

  • I've been listening to The Scripts first album. A good song called walkaway. Isnt weird how apt songs can be for the mood you are in. x

  • Ive got that album..... love it.....x

  • Danny is just gorgeous. If he turned up at my door i would then consider another relationship:-) x

  • ;-) xx

  • Now stop that your never too old.....

    You need a distraction.....perhaps the weekend will bring a distraction for you I hope so....oh and if you go for a meal anytime soon ...make sure you order 2 desserts I'm going to :)

  • I just lol...... I was just gona message you and see if youre still packing!!

    You must be ready now???


  • Hahaha my car overfloweth LOL, just been to fill her up with petrol, the boot is full, I've put even more in there.....I need to stop now !!!!! Help !!!! Hahaha...put my Bottle of Bacardi in, I won't drink a lot but have a couple, make them tall with some lemon and ice,and not so much alcohol, really don't want the blues, so will watch what I drink..can't believe I still feel ok....I'm going to have a game of darts shortly at the local....I love playing darts hahahaah...sorry you feel down at the moment.....distraction will come and all will be well, I just can't tell you when......but not as long as you patient my dear friend.....xxxxxxxx

  • Im so chuffed for you to be enjoying yourself.... Have fun xx

  • I do have a slight fear because I know it can come back and bite me, but for now I am going to run with it.......

    I'm off tomorrow sometime, will message before I leave......

    Take care have a lovely weekend well please try to xxxxxxxx

  • I will ta xxx

  • Hi Will

    Not brill myself today, but sending you warm hugs, hun. It WILL get easier, I promise! And keep blogging, doesn't matter how many times you repeat yourself on here, we're not counting! Well, I can't, as bad at maths as I am at singing! ;)



  • Thanks Rose. Really can't wait for it to start to get easier.

    What's got you down today?

    Thanks for the hug


  • Oh, just a bad attack of Life, Will, I'll get over it! Hope the rest of your hol is better! :)

    Thank for the hugs


  • Hi Will

    Aw it's awful isn't it,, it is definitely one step forward two steps bAck in the early stages I recall that...and yes it's kinda worse when your not preoccupied and you know you are off now for a few days, and thoughts wander back to the's a natural reaction....

    And no matter what people say it don't help....just try keep yourself occupied as much as you can matey, get a good movie on the go if you can..if you've got any mad mates give them a call even if its just for a chat...if you don't feel like doin anything don''s all about YOU for now,

    Hopin things get easier soon


  • Agreed! If nothing else, plan things to do incase you have a pause - see family, draw a picture, go out and take photographs etc.

    You can get there Willrich! :) Best wishes!

  • Oh young will, don't be sorry for anything, life's too short trust me, try eating some peanut butter with yer finger, it cheers me up :-)

    Thinking of you xxx

  • Hahahahaahaha peanut butter with you finger lmao xxxx

  • LOL

  • Well its either that or tuna mayo and get fishy fingers lol.

    How was your roasties?

  • Delish, thank you for enquiring young will.

    I will however have to re teach her in the art of perfecting crackling lol it was nice to eat a proper meal :-) xxx

  • Glad you enjoyed it. There's nothing better than a proper bit of crackling :-)

  • Hey Will

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad day:-(. Like sleepless says at times its more steps backwards than forwards. Take one step at a time. Luckily we have this site to rant on. xx

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