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Health anxiety surrounding heart


I’m really worried about my heart for the past 7 months it’s been beating fast over small movement and Also been getting on and off heart palpitations I had an ecg and they said it looked fine I’m really convinced and I’m only 17 also get arm pain on and off just really scared , mum and my dad have told me you would have had a heart attack by know and they are fed up and don’t really get me - also I’m very overweight and gained they weight really quick and I’m really inactive just need some reassurance thanks

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It's true what ya parents say you wud av had heart attack by now.... Anxiety is the devil try to relax do breathing exercise relax think positive n do something to take ya mind of ya heart.. X when you say palpations what you mean is it skipping beats then thud.... I hear my heart beat in my ears all the time.

Lwatson67 in reply to Hidden

Yes beating I’m ear and sometimes a thud

Hope you are feeling better!

I have the same feelings, and have had them for going on a year, on and off. I have to tell myself the same thing your parents are telling you almost on a daily basis. If it were my heart, something major surely would have happened by now. I too am overweight, have dealt with high blood pressure since my child was born, 7 years ago, and stopped smoking cold turkey last February. (Do yourself a favor and never start that!)

It might be beneficial to you to take a walk everyday. It doesn't have to be long, or fast, just quiet time to clear your head.

It could help with anxiety issues, as well as weight issues :-)

I’m gonna start some fitness so hopefully it can help thanks 😊

Your parents are right. Look at previous posts on here and online and you will see your symptoms are very common with anxiety.

Also ask yourself why would anyone your age have problems? The vast majority of heart attack victims are middle aged and over, and people have often smoked or have led an unhealthy lifestyle for decades beforehand. When we age our bodies become less efficient, but at your age you are in prime health, so please don't waste it always thinking you are ill.

Counselling could be a good option to sort out your health anxiety. x

Lwatson67 in reply to hypercat54

Thanks for the positive message ❤️

hypercat54 in reply to Lwatson67

You are welcome ❤ x

Lwatson67 I have been on this same boat for a while now and there is nothing wrong with you! Try meditation and other methods to calm down. Hope you feel better sooner ...

Lwatson67 in reply to Tapon020

Thanks 😊

That was my trigger for my health anxiety 30 years ago. I didn’t believe any Dr that said your fine.

I started having them at about 18 years old.

Trust the Drs that are telling you your fine. Here’s why , very simple.

1. Your age , the odds of you have a heart problem that you weren’t born with is basically zero.

2. You’ve been checked out by the Drs and the have ran blood test and other test.

So with your age and the Drs verifying your ok feel confident your 100% ok and it’s anxiety causing the symptoms, by the way are the most common symptoms with anxiety. Also the what IF’s that run though your head keep you thinking the worst.

Relax your ok and will be just fine. I would recommend getting help from a psychiatrist to help you cope.

Lwatson67 in reply to Ironj

I’m seeing a psychiatrist Atm just gotta relax and fight through it thanks for the reassurance

You said you gained weight really fast. Was it unusual? Have you been checked for cushings disease? A few things should be ruled out before your symptoms are dismissed because of your age.

I’ve had the same exact thing. Except, i’m the opposite and am extremely underweight. I’ve had the skipping beats for 8 years!!! I havent died yet and was actually diagnosed with PACS AND PVCS which are premature beats almost all of us get we’re just super in tune with our bodies because of anxiety. The arm pain? Forget about it. I’ve had pain in my left arm since forever. Sometimes I wake up with it and still panic i’m having a heart attack or stroke. At this point, you wouldve thought I had this under control but anxiety still gets the best of me hence why i’m here. Hope you feel better! I know parents can be kind of NOT the help you need in the moment but they’re usually always right. Trust your gut.

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