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Help please!

I'm 58 and thought I was fit and healthy! Currently trying to get to the bottom of IBS triggers when a heart problem has been found after 24hr holter monitoring. Obviously this has sent my anxiety and symptoms into tailspin. I was reading about vagus nerve affecting heart rythmns, anyone familiar with this concept? I was told I get ectopics plus frequent short pauses so they think an electrical fault but not sure of cause - seeing a Cardiologist tomorrow and stressed to the max, can't eat or sleep and of course my anxiety is over the top which isn't helping my heart which is going crazy on/off. Convinced I'm about to drop down dead at any time and frightened to do anything....

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Hi karenkoala, just wanted to wish you good luck with your cardiologist appointment tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. xx


Hi Karen, that's really lucky that they have found the problem. Try some hypnotherapy for your anxiety. I have them on my phone, anxiety apps. Some of them are really good and lots of them are free!! Give it a try if you can it may help relax you. Good luck with the tests and hopefully your on the road to getting treatment to help with any problems 👍🙏🏻


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