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Help! Please :(


Hi all new to anxiety forum. I have anxiety disorder and recovering from anorexia.

I am looking for some advice /support/anything! as I've no one to ask.

I'm having a really tough time with anxiety right now and while I've a really good therapist etc for the anorexia (one feeds off the other)- I am in bits at the moment.

Basically I feel I'm missing heartbeats. The last couple of days it's like every 12th beat or so is missing. I get really fast palpitations when high anxiety but also low heart rate too. I had an ecg done 2 weeks ago and it was perfect apparently.but this irregular thing is making me feel weak (or is it the anxiety). I've also had like a cold coming on for days but I'm not actually getting it. I'm just in a state. I lost a childhood friend 10days ago and my grandmother in law yesterday.

I feel I can't go out and am terrified of something being wrong. Please help of you can. I'm in such a state. If I could cry I would.

Thank u :(

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Anyone ? :(

Sorry I see you already had an ecg done. I have the same problem with palpatations, fast, and slow heart rate. Every time I go to the doc they say I'm fine though so I do my best to believe what the doc said. Are you on any medication, do you exercise?

Thanks so much for the reply. I don't do much exercise as I'm recovering from anorexia and not allowed to. Would exercise make a difference?

They say exercise helps with anxiety and yes it will help make your heart healthier.

Yes exercise can help all sorts of conditions, it's very clever how it works. Give it a go of you are able.

I went for a walk today to help ease my anxiety but it made it worse. I got a little over a mile in though. Hopefully with time I'll be able to exercise without worry. I used to play basketball almost every day while having asthma and being a smoker, doing anything with generalized anxiety disorder has me scared shitless.

Oh I know. Anxiety disorder turns everything into a battle. Sorry ur walk didn't work as planned. But tomorrow is a new day.

I feel like my heart skips a beat every so too. It beats really hard and fast sometimes out of nowhere. I'll be sitting down watching tv and it will happen. I think you should have an ekg done to see if there's something really wrong with your heart. I know it's hard to deal with but be strong you'll get through this.

Palpitations / skipped beats are not dangerous and if they were it would have showed on your tests , so except them for what they!!they are your heart just doing its job maybe just getting excited every now and then but 'so what' ;-) ;-) yes I have heard walking is good for the skipped beats (I'm not sure why) but walking is good for heart/body and mind so yes a nice walk would do you good :-)

Will2015abc in reply to Whizz4

Thanks whizz. Just having a VERY tough time at the moment. Anxiety is sky rocketing the last week or so and a friend died and then a relative in the space of a week. I've a health phobia and have a cold at the moment so that's not helping either. :( thanks so much tho. Keep the advice coming :/ I cud do with some positivity right now.

Thank u all for your kind replies. Unfortunately i seem to have a horrible cold now and totally miserable with it on top of everything else:(. Feeling very sorry for myself!

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