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Hi my name is lewis, and I'm 15, about 2 month ago I had this big argument with my parents about school and my exams and then after the argument I calmed down and decided to go to sleep, after that I was jolted awake by a thudding heart and heavy breathing and scared of dieing, by dad used to be a lifeguard so he knows about medic stuff, told me that I was having a panic attack and he helped me calm down, ever since then I have been scared of going sleep in case I die, and I'm getting proper emotional about things, like the other night out of the blue I cried to her about i dno what I do when she was gone, just typing this makes me upset, I shouldn't be like this at 15, if I cut my arm, it would be like a stab wound from a poisonous samrai blade, that gives you a life threatening disease, it's stupid, but it only happens before bed, just telling you some background info about my self, I smoked for a year or so and quit in November, don't judge, but I got into the wrong group of people and took weed and mdma a couple of times, but thats all long gone now, I used to do a lot of sports in the summer because of the gold weather's and because ice bougjt a psr not gone out, someone please help me, looking back on my life, I am ashamed to tell you all this, please no hateful replys, someone just help into giving me some advice and confirm what I have said is anxiety and not heart problems l, please I've never wanted anything more then to get rid of this, please help...thanks

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No worries! We won't judge you here. We all have the same problems and come here to talk them out. Feel free to do so. You definitely have anxiety, especially if it happens do to a certain event like in your case going to bed. You seem like an honest hearted person though i can't read hearts. I am glad you recognized that you needed to stop smoking! Good job! You know what wrong crowds are and you are striving to stay away from them. Please continue to do so. They do not have your best interest at heart. Make sure you stay up on doctors appointments though. I know it can be very scary to have the attacks. Very scary!! I started having them around 16. I here to bring as much comfort as possible so feel free to check in and type what you feel! Much love!


Hi Lewisbrown

You sound like you do have anxiety and are probably an emotional person.

Anxiety heightens all our feelings and senses.

I would recommend you speak to your doctor who can put your mind at rest about any health issues. You need someone to help you cope with this and also your doctor may be able to refer you to someone.

I'm in the UK and you can self refer to talking therapies.

I go to talking therapies myself and it does help to talk to someone.

Keep in touch and let us all know how you get on.


Hi Lewis. Anxiety is so bewildering. I had first panic attack at 18. Thought there was something wrong with my heart. I had just finished school, about to start a new job but had I a bout of measles which hit me hard. My body had been under too much stress and could take no more. I also had emotional issues with my father. I'm 62, now, and want to assure you you are not going to die - people told me the same thing back then and it was true. I had many years without anxiety but I haven't managed the way I deal with stress in recent years. As someone has commented, you are most likely a sensitive person. It will settle in time now that you understand what's happening. Try to live your life, as normal. Accept what your body/mind is telling you, pay attention to what is stressing you and change it. Don't live your life to suit others. Do not fear the fear. Best wishes.


It's anxiety my friend it's not your heart. No worries. Clear your mind and focus on a calming scene like the forest rain or the ocean. Do not fear. It will pass. I have had this off and on for many years. Peace


Hi Lewis,

No ones going to judge you on here - we are all going though similar things. Sometimes for various reasons - sometimes for no reason at all.

What I'd recommend is to make sure you are properly tired before bed so you need sleep and don't just lay awake worrying. Read a book/magazine/revision. Not Xbox/ Playstation game - they are stimulants - not relaxants. Also you can get some great free relaxation apps for phones. Try "Sleep Well" app. Get comfy, put on some headphones or put your phone on your pillow and just relax. Most people never hear the end of the app - they are asleep!

I think when you are 15 your hormones are going wild and you are more susceptible to emotional responses. Don't worry about it.

As for getting in with the wrong crowd - you recognised you were in with the wrong crowd and got out - battle won!



Thanks everyone for the comments, helps alot knowing I'm not the only one and that it will pass, last night I spoke to my dad about it all and he said he was the same when he was younger and that "a man's weakness is there own thoughts" and that made me think, so before I started panicing before bed I thought about that and sort of laughed to my self about how it's just in my head and if I could see my self panicing it would be funny, and next minute I was asleep so you, I hope this isn't permanent and that I can fight it off, thanks again for all the support I will take everything said into consideration and keep you updated on how this goes...


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