Loosing my life to dizziness

its been going on for nearly a year. I cry on my knees every night praying to god to heal me. I'm scared all the time. I miss being Normal. My life is going by and I'm missing it. I have 2 kids and I'm finding it harder to look after them. I feel bad for them. I've let them down. I have problems with my ear and neck but Drs say I'm fine and wont help.


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  • Aww bless you you haven't let anyone down your still there mummy who's there everyday and cuddles and kisses them that's all they need xxx Mines all my neck sometimes head and ears always feel full I don't suffer with dizziness so much just a horrid feeling that I can't describe

  • thanks for caring xx

  • No need to thank me xx

  • Yes I struggle with the same thoughts because I have two daughters and I get so emotional and sad and depressed because I don't feel like myself anymore. I'm not as upbeat or able to be my usual self for my girls and I feel like my oldest daughter notices it. My heart is so broken because I wanna get back to me for them. They need me. And it's like each time I get over one day of going through my moments something new happens to start me back over. I've noticed like when I drive now for some reason I start to feel pressure between my ears. I still struggle day to day with feeling light headed or slightly dizzy. Sometimes when I drive I lose a little focus I get slightly dizzy. I still have momentsthroughout the day I get nervous out of nowhere. I'm still struggling to get a good night rest. I toss and turn. I can't stay sleep. Its hard to go to sleep because I'm so afraid of having a panic attack or even symptoms like the shortness of breath that wakes me out of my sleep. The sudden rush of adrenaline or numbness I get. All of this drains me mentally and my energy is not the same. And it saddens me all the time. I look at my kids and I get so emotional I cry so much because I just want to be normal again. So I understand completely. I pray and cry pray and cry all the time.

  • can I ask how old you are? Are you a single mum? X

  • 34. Yes single mom

  • I'm 29.

  • Hi - 31 male recent father (3.5 months) single due to anxiety. I know exactly how you feel. Dizziness without a doubt it what ruins me the most. Any slight feeling of off balance, dizzy or anything like that and I turn hot with panic and become extremely anxious and can end up having a full on attack if I don't control it. I sometimes get a random drop feeling (like in a lift) when just standing still on flat ground. Best advice I can give is (assuming it's not a balance problem) is try to ignore it, do not give it any attention.. if this helps then it;s 100% anxiety

  • Been there many times. I agree, ignore it.

  • but I'm dizzy 24/7 x

  • if it's really constant maybe it isn't anxiety

  • Have suffered like this off and on for more years than I care to remember. In the early days a doctor told me that 24/7 dizziness is more likely to be anxiety. MI skipped out of the surgery feeling relieved, only to find that the horrid feeling returned the very next day. I think he was just frustrated and fed up with me.

  • Did u get checked for vertigo sometimes that can cause very bad dizzy spells I went thru it a long time ago also try a motion sickness over the counter all the best

  • Need-hope, I didn't mean to sound flippant in saying just ignore the dizziness. You have to get to that point first where you will be able to. I cried for years about feeling liteheaded and dizzy and off balanced. I would stagger when I walked with the room going up and down, like walking on a trampoline. I also have a bad neck problem which contributes a lot to the way I felt/feel. I do not however have an ear problem but know that in itself can cause what you are feeling. You have to know that you have done all you can before turning to another doctor for consultation or starting therapy, being put on medication etc. Having children makes it all so much more important that you start feeling better soon. I've lost a lot of years patronizing anxiety. Now that I find I've lost my friends, family doesn't understand, I realized I needed to take care of me by myself. That's when I started CBT, talking therapy and relaxation/deep breathing. It help me get back in control of my life. I so wish this for you Need-hope.. Once you get back in control of your life then you can just ignore the symptoms. Actually, working towards not getting them in the first place is the answer. Before anxiety even comes over me, I ready with my techniques that I've learned. It came on for some reason, working through that reason will also help abate the symptoms. My best to you. I care. xx

  • Morning Need-Hope

    I felt compelled to respond to your post one as a mum and I know that feeling of feeling helplessness and wanting to give the best version of yourself but feeling like your back is against the wall due to your symptoms.

    Has your doctor tested your vitamin B12 levels. The range of B12 in tour blood and what is classed as within normal range varies country to country.

    The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are best described by the Pernicious Anemia Society ...


    Pernicious anemia is a condition where you cannot absorb vitamin B12 through the stomach is from your food or oral supplements which leads over time to a deficiency on this essential B vitamin. Whether you have pernicious anemia or not, it is still possible to be deficient in B12 simply due to your diet lacking in it. Depending on your diet it can be difficult to get sufficient B12 from food alone. (https://draxe.com/top-10-vitamin-b12-foods/).

    It is thought that B12 deficiency in the UK is hugely under diagnosed. In which country do you live? Is this something your doctor has tested you for? Do you have any other symptoms other than dizziness?.

    An important point to note with B12 deficiency is that it can lead to enlarged red blood cells. This essentially makes it more difficult for the red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body and can a lead to the patient breathing differently/sighing a lot as if to gasp for breath. This feeling can bring on anxiety, tiredness, stress through not knowing what's wrong and sometimes depression.

    In my case my B12 serum blood test measured at 229mg (the lower end of normal in the UK being 145mg) and so because I was considered in range my doctor did not flag this up. It was only through being my own health detective that I read more and more around my own symptoms and told my doctor I wanted this test.

    Dizziness is not a symptom I suffer with but my mum does terribly and she has been diagnosed as B12 deficiency.

    Above all else please do no feel alone with this. Do you have anyone you can share your experiences with. Are you doing any research yourself in to what the dizziness could relate to?

    Much love Nicola xxx

  • 'I can beat this 2016' - re my last post to 'need hope', I can relate to your post too. If you haven't already please please ask your doctor to test your B12 levels. The effect on your energy levels is huge and the odd sighs/breathing experience I mentioned can manifest itself as a panic attack. It's certainly worth ruling out x

  • No, you have not let them down at all. You are doing all that you can to be that mom your kids can look up to, and then some more. Please give yourself some credit because you deserve it.

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