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Taking over my life!

Hello all,

I have never posted on a forum like this before. However I'm reaching the end of my tether and not sure what to do. I guess I'm hoping for some reasurring words to let me know I'm not alone and others are going through what I am. I know there's no magic pill to fix this, however any insight into coping methods that have worked for yourselves would be great.

So, a bit of back ground. I'm 29yo male.

Please bare with me as I write. I have so much to get of my chest.

Main symptoms are constant feeling of being detached from my life. Like a constant hangover, unable to 'be in the moment'. I constantly worry that I have a life threatening illness and worry I won't be around for my wife and to see my children grow up. I struggle to maintain concentration and to relax. Constantly on edge and withdrawn information thoughts of what's wrong with me.

I have phantom symptoms that come and go. For instance the most recent one I've had for a few weeks. A pain in my pectoral muscle/armpit and a feeling of pressure and ringing in my right ear.

I was prescribed citalopram a few years back for anxiety. I was on them for about 2 years. I came off them very slowly about 1 year ago. And was free of them around six months ago. After that for about 3months I felt good. Not great but the best I have for a long time. About three months ago my symproms came flooding back. The only thing I can put this down to is stress. We recently found out we are expecting our second child which I guess subconsciously I'm worrying about that.

Anyway any response would be great.


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hi Philip, you have described well how you feel. I'm sorry that you have this condition, but I am glad that you have found this friendly, supportive forum.

I hope it helps to know that there are many others on here who have shared your experiences and there is hope.

Citalopram can stay in your system for a while after you have stopped taking it, maybe that's why you feel as you do now.

I would suggest you discuss it with your gp.




Thanks for your response. By the time I came of citalopram completely I was only having 5mg every three days so very small amount. I didn't really notice citalopram helping much to be honest. As I still felt off when I was taking it. Do you or anyone else find citalopram helps much? I have a go appointment today. So hopefully get some help then.

It's so frustrating as I'm in the peek of my physical health. I've literally never been fitter. I eat an exceptionally clean high protein diet. I don't drink. I go to the gym 5 times week, I also run around 8miles per week and walk a good 20miles. I am 5ft11 and weight 79kg with a body fat of 11% so I'm in really good shape physically. It's just mentally ... I'm falling apart.


Hey philip, You have, and you will find a lot of people around here who can relate to whatever you are saying. And trust me, you'll get more than just ASSURING WORDs here. I wish I could openly quote "YOU HAVE REACHED THE RIGHT PLACE" to you, however I don't wanna be labelled as a crank or a promoter of this wesbite, but the truth is, I have never felt any better after visiting this website.

Your story is so like mine, that I could literally copy paste your post into a new one, and post it as mine. (I am just not married)

And you are definately not the only one in this situation, there are so many like you, there have been so many. I feel sorry for the people who face this, Because I know how it feels to be this way. I can so relate to the phrases where you say "detached form the body" and "constant hangover". I know exactly what you mean and feel.

Just don't stress it out, one day you'll find a way to live with it, (which I am sure you will), till that day, just feel prievelaged amongst the normal human beings, because if it hadn't been the anxiety, we would never be able to share the things, or percieve our life the way we are now.

Sorry for being to heavy or subjective, I just can't be precise these days, My anixety feeds my sporadic thoughts.

Hope this helps

Hope you get better.


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Hi Phillip, I have suffered from anxiety and stress for over 10yrs, do you check your blood pressure, if it is quite high you may have Hypertension which I was diagnosed with, I have been on medication for years now, but beware of PERINDOPRIL which can make you feel worse. I now take PERINDOPRIL 8mg and 1 strong Garlic tablet a day to keep my Blood Pressure down. If you don't have high blood pressure see your doctor who should prescribe suitable medication. I have suffered all the symptoms you describe so you are not on your own, sometimes now the least thing can make me feel anxious, but you have to face it and let it pass.

Hope this helps

Alan P


Thanks for all thr replies. I'm just back from seeing my gp. He's given me some venlafaxine so take and to go back and see him in three weeks to discuss long term solutions.

I find trips to the docs incredibly frustrating regarding this. I always seem to tell him the same thing and get the same response. Come back in a few weeks and see if your better.


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