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Feel like I'm loosing my mind


So over the past few months I've felt so moody, emotional, angry, and sad. I've been diagnosed with depression in the past but this time feels different. My temper is so short. I find my self snapping on people so easily. I don't sleep well, even when I do get the chance to get a little extra sleep I still don't feel rested. Things that didn't used to both me do now, and things that have always got on my nerves make me want to explode. I cry all the time now and I rarely cry. I feel bad because I tell myself self I'm going to pull it together and then the next day it's the same. I don't see it untill I've hurt someone or made them mad. I feel like I'm driving people away and don't mean to. I'm a very organized and planned person. Right now I'm far from that. I'm so frustrated. When something makes me upset my head pulses, I feel nauseous, my heart pounds, and hands numb. Am I just becoming an angry person?

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Hi lloleary86 I'm sorry you are going through so many emotions right now but you are not losing your mind. For whatever reason, it seems as it your depression has gone into a sub-category latching onto depression. It could be a PTSD, ADHD etc. It would be best to see a doctor or therapist who can better diagnose what is going on right now. It sounds like a deep depression. With the correct therapy and possibly medication, you will be able to get a handle on your emotions once more. Something has pushed you in this direction and a therapist will be able to work with you in getting to the root of the problem. I wish you well lloleary. We are always here for support and understanding. x

lloleary86 in reply to Agora1

Thank you for taking the time to read and reach out. I imagine the best thing right now is to go ahead and contact my doctor.

Thank you

Agora1 in reply to lloleary86

I hope you do. Don't put yourself through that struggle everyday. It is physically and emotionally wearing. Let us know how you do. Stay Safe and Stay Positive x

lloleary86 in reply to Agora1


Most people with anxiety get depressed about it but I call that secondary depression, depression that comes from anxiety. Cure the anxiety and you cure the depression. Primary depression I know nothing about and is beyond the remit of this forum.

Anxiety can take many forms but it is always anxiety. My kind of anxiety occurs when I have too many difficult problems to solve at the same time. That's when I get short tempered. So I think that your increasing anger, lloleary86, could be because of anxiety disorder though what has triggered it is specific to you. Have there been any extra pressures, disappointments, worry or regrets that might have brought on this present episode? Clearly, if there is something and if you can sort it then you'll feel more relaxed. Easier said than done of course.

I think that the nausea, the pulsating feeling in your head, the pounding heart and numb hands are clearly anxiety symptoms. You must accept them and not fight them, even though they cause you discomfort they are not going to harm you because they are not due to physical illness but to glitches in your nervous system so they are really fake. So accept all the bad feelings, the tendency to anger, for the time being and stop flooding your nervous system with negative thoughts. This will give your nerves a chance to recover from their over sensitivity which will make you more relaxed.

When you feel the anger rising and the red mist descending that is the time to go into relaxation mode. Imagine every muscle in your body relaxing one by one, first in your body, then your arms, then your legs all going limp. Imagine there's a muscle in your brain too, and imagine that muscle relaxing and going limp. And stay in that state of bodily relaxation for as long as you can. You may well find that if you can master this technique that when you address things once more you feel less inclined to snap. But if it persists do go and seeyour doctor and maybe he can give you something to take as and when needed. One way or another you will feel less anger, less negativity, and your short temper will abate.

lloleary86 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you I will definitely try those relaxation techniques. Yes I've had allot of stressful events in my life lately. Probably more than I've ever gone through, and thought I could handle them by myself. Obviously in over my head.

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