Hi does any one else suffer with really bad dizziness?? It's like you get really light headed and dizzy and you feel like your being pulled downwards. I believed at first it was inner ear problem but tests have confirmed its not! I suffer with lots of anxiety symptoms but over the last couple of months I have lerned to lay with them and except them so felt a lot better a while ago. It's just the dizziness I can't handle, it makes me so weak and sick feeling and it effects everything in my life. Im having a down day today and just wanna know if it's a new anxiety symptom for me deal with??


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  • So sorry your feeling dizzy unfortunately it is a symptom of anxiety are you tired are you resting? Maybe u should try an relax

  • Hi the weird thing is I have lernt to relax a lot better this lately but have had this dizziness for over two months now! My othe anxiety symptoms have slowly disappeared but this one must be hanging on! May be as soon as I accept it as a symptom of anxiety I can lern to ley with IT aswell

    Thanks for your reply

  • No problem that's anxiety it's sooo many symptoms it's true that when we get over one another can appear I just hate that part

  • It's by far the worst symptom for me! Isnt it good that we seem to get more reassurance on here than we do with our own GP

  • I was dizzy for one year non stop. I had a MRI and they found nothing and one day, I decided I had enough and got angry and told myself "it just my stupid anxiety" the day after it was gone. It comes once in a while but I fight it and it goes away.

  • Thank you for your positive reply, I am feeling better today knowing that other anxiety sufferers get dizzy too.

  • I am exactly the same. My balance can be really bad which prevents me doing day to day tasks. I have accepted other symptoms and they have gone but this one of hardest to accept/ignore. It also makes me tense up my body which in turn feeds the anxiety. Viscious circle. I'm not afraid of it anymore and try to carry on with normal life, so maybe it will eventually go, I did read of someone else who said it was the last symptom to leave them. I went to a chiropractor last week, my body (neck, shoulders and pelvis) are out of alignment, which won't help, but he did say,also, I need to ground/centre myself. I have been giving so much of myself to others and there is nothing left for me. I have been caring for family members for a number of years. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi thank you for your reply, I myself get very tense and find meditation helps with that. Have you tried meditation? My CBT councillor says it's important for self care, and when that's not met things just spiral out of control. Maybe it's my body's way of telling me to slow down and start caring for myself instead of everyone else.

    Easier said than done when u feel lots of people depend on you!

    Hope everything goes well for you x

  • I did go along to a session for mindful meditation. The session was too long, there was a talk then practice. I have tried at home - always seems to be something going on and I don't settle to it easily. That said, I teach Taichi - not easy when you're balance is off! I was advised by chiropractor to spend a short time each day to practise at home - time for me. I have 2 parents in their nineties and my daughter and grandchildren live with me. So it's not easy! x

  • Heyy im aleisha im 21

    sorry to hear ur feeling this way :( my self suffering bad anxiety lightheaded and sick and I all ways have to lay down been happening for last 3 weeks and its driving me crazy I have to kids under the age of 3 so its hard to get up for them cause all ways thinking some thing going to happenI had an mri done come up all clear so not to sure what it is im still trying to get more test done I just want to feel normal agian

    sorry to feel like they way you are I turely hope u get betta :) :)

  • Hi it's the same as me I have 3 young children and a full time job so when my dizziness starts I find it really hard to do normal things. I've had tests and they all seem to come back clear. I guess ive got to stop worrying about it and except it as another anxiety symptom. I hope u start to feel better soon aswel x

  • I used to have spells that scared me. Once I stopped worrying about them, they went away.

  • Thank you for replying. Now I know other people have been experiencing dizziness I can stop worrying. X

  • This is all so pertinent. I have dizziness problems too...I've had them off and on for years. Doctors never found anything and it was so scary for me. Now I try to just live around it. I acknowledge that I have it then do my best to go about my day. I didn't realize that so many others have the same thing.

  • That's what ive been trying to do. Accept that I have this and it's part of mme for now! to have it for years must be quite scary.. I have had it for around 5 months now so should be used to it by now but when it get dizzy it still really scares me. Did u get quite weak with it aswell?

  • Thinking back on it, yes I do feel weak with it. When I feel like that I seem to need more water ... One dr suggested that the problem might have something to do with how my eyes process light. I do know that I don't feel as dizzy when I am out of bright light and sun. But I still get very anxious ... I hate feeling scared. And I hate feeling and being weak. So I do my best to fight back ... Try to get control of the fear.

  • Yes I suffer with very debilitating dizziness. It comes out of nowhere and can make me feel off balance and weird in the head.

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