Does anyone ever get anxiety or panic attacks and feel like they can't swallow or their throat is closing

Today on my way home from work I all of a sudden couldn't swallow and I got terrified lo and behold they put me into a panic attack and I felt like my throat was closing it still feels weird and I have acid reflux which makes everything worse has anyone else ever felt this before I'm really really really scared


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  • Yes I have, and it make you so scared and nervous. I am trying to learn to relax as much as possible in every situation , by taking deep breaths, and talking to myself.

  • Yes, and i agree it is scary. I valachia-t. Im trying to learn to learn to relax more. I pray alot and i try to do my breathing. Its awful. Sometimes i get this unforeseen lump in my throat. Hard to eat, hard to swallow. I pray you get to feeling better as I pray that we all do. Be blessed :)

  • Yesssss and it caused me to lose 15 lbs in 3 months! Don't let anxiety get the best of you.

  • Yes has happened for sure. The very first time that happened to me was a year ago when i was first going through this anxiety. It happened when i was driving with my kids in the car and all of a sudden i went to swallow and couldnt. I freaked the heck out and i literally turned around in traffic and weny back home because i was still trying to swallow after that anf it seem like i couldn't. And that whole night i had trouble swallowing because i kept thinking about it. Of course i worked myself into a panic attack too but i was already panicing. But my boyfriend helped calm me down the best he could by saying im thinking about it too much and you will be fine and when you naturally need to swallow you will. Which i had fixed me something to drink just to see and yes i was able to swallow when i had something to drink but whenever i was just trying to swallow on my own it was doing the same thing. Not swallowing. I had to swallow back tp back to get one swallow down. But now a year or so later it still happens from time to time and i just tell myself ill swallow soon or ill just get something to drink to reassure me that im able to swallow.

  • It sounds just like me . Iitterally I was driving when it happened

  • Yes, I absolutely do. I call it my tennis ball because it feels like something is stuck in my throat or it is swollen. Sometimes it isn't that severe and it just feels like I have a swollen throat from being sick or something, but I haven't been sick. I realized a long time ago that this is one of my physical anxiety symptoms that come on before I ever even realize that I am anxious. Sorry your there to ;(

  • Yes, that's a normal symptom of high anxiety.

  • I cant eat at all through my Anxiety its been 3 months since i last ate soild foods. Its like my throat want let me swallow and now i have a terrible fear. I can drink fluids and im on 5 Ensures a day which a bulid up drinks. Im on the list to see a Phygolgist but its a year waiting im 5 months in so still got a while. Im very under weight too. I had a terrible panic attack last night they really terrify me they are savage. I feel your pain and understand.

  • This is awful I used to get it a lot then I asked my dr about it and he completely reassured me. It is a normal bodily response to anxiety. Everything to do with the fight or flight response. Once I knew that it wasn't going to harm me it didn't bother me as much, and I think that's the only way to beat any anxiety symptom. Loosing the fear of it. Big hugs xxxx

  • I've experienced this very alarming symptom of food being stuck in my throat so many times that I completely changed my diet to soft foods and soft fruit only. No meat and no bread. Swallowing tablets is also a trigger of this anxiety symptom.

  • Ive been told the same thing bout the fight or fight respone and it makes no difference im still to scared to eat😔. Im the same with my tabets i take for anxiety they are only tiny like micro dot but im a bag of nerves taking them but i know i have to cos otherwise I'll be ill and i dont want that. I have bipolar disorder to but take that in liquid form but they dont do Quitapine in liquid. It makes me question everyday will i ever eat soild food again!. Thank you for your replies it does help.

  • Its called globus sensation, and goes hand in hand with anxiety. This was my first symptom when i was diagnosed with anxiety and it had the same effect, little or no eating and constsntly feeling like i had something in my throat. I still have it now but i know its due to my anxiety and i dont let it scare me as much anymore. Laying down amd relaxing your neck i find helps me.

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