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everyday I'm feeling so terrible feelings of not being able to cope I'm hating where I'm living ciz of nasty neighbours I'm at my wits end I dnt have anyone to speak you've lived here 15yrs never had issues until the guy next Door girlfriend moved in now I feel bullied by them first they threatened me to move my bike from wat was supposed to be a shared Alleyway he cane to my house and he swore at me and said if I didn't move the bike he would effin throw it into my garden.then they had an issue with my drain then my dog now the other day the women cameour to ask y I was putting would against the fence I told her to leave me alone but she kept on she gad her phone in her hand and baby in the other it's like she planned it I reacted and told her ti f off she replied f off to me I was walking into My house but she wasn't leaving then she got on her phone now I'm being accused of anti social behaviour and I'm terrified I m going to loose my home my dog and I have a daughter whos nrly 15 everyday I'm sick with worry my family r useless they r drinkers and I dnt have friends ciz iv bein bitten too many times I'm ab easygoing fun loving person iv been thru hell already I lost my brother thru drink then my dog died I got raped as a 15yr when's life going get better people sometimes r so horrible that's y I love dogs sorry 4going on and thanku

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Take some deep breaths , I can hear the anxiety in your post that you are feeling with all this happening at the moment :-(

So sounds like everything was fine till he moved his GF in ?

Is he a Council tenant to ? because if he is I am sure he would have had to ask if he could move his GF in and if not he could be in trouble , also if she is not on the tenancy agreement then it is also your neighbors responsibility to make sure anyone visiting or staying or moving in with him that he as the tenant should make sure they are not bothering the neighbors and if so she had no rights to come round and have a go at you none at all as she could be seen as using anti social behavior and he is breaking his tenancy agreement by letting her !

So keep all this in mind , you have something to argue back with if the Council get in touch

Also to remove you from your home , the Council would have to give you several warnings plus take Court action , this is something they do not like to do unless it is desperate as it costs them a lot of money to evict someone , I know are anxiety runs away with the worse scenario but there would have to be so much more happen till you got to this stage

Tell the Council and you must get your side of the story over that everything was fine till the GF moved in and the fact you have lived there 15 years and now you feel threatened all the time and as a single parent this is making you ill , tell them you feel bullied and insecure in your own home !

I cannot stress enough to get your points over to the Council , if you say nothing they could get away with it , if you speak out they may find it is them in the wrong , I know it is never easy but sometimes it is a must and you can do it

If you are really , really unhappy where you are you could ask the Council about a move or exchange ?

It sounds very much like this problem is not going to go away , we can change but we can't change others but what we have to do is take the steps needed to make sure others do not drag us down any more than we already are feeling

I really hope this week coming you will find the strength and make it your priority to liaison with the Council and get this whole situation sorted out , remember to keep a log of everything said and when between you and the neighbor

Do you have a good relationship with your Doctor ?

If so it would be worth talking with them to and asking for a back up letter from them to send to the Council explaining that as their patient this situation is making your health so much worse , they can do this for you and it does make the Council sit up and listen more :-)

If you make some positive moves trying to sort it out even though it may not stop your neighbor been like they are it will make you feel better because you know you are doing something about it :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


thank u so much u are very kind and ur message as really helped anytime I can help u I'd be happy to😊 this again bouncex

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Hi just read your post and the reply from bounce everything he/she said is right hope you can find strength to do it I hate bullies you have lived there for long time and council will know your a decent person wish I could take problems off you please be strong I know it's hard ps there are some decent people left 😎

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thku how nice r u 🌹


thank u 😊 to everyone who replied to my post very appreciated indeed👌


So sorry to hear about these awful people Bounce has given you soe very good advice years ago I have problems with a neigbour and it drove me insane when you have this type of problem it does make you feel as though you can't cope basically you are being bullied and this is abuse, follow what Bounce has so wisely wrote and please let us know how you get on but please don't feel intimidated by these people stay calm and dont let them affect you just follow what your housing authority suggests xx

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thku so much pat I so appreciate ur help so kind u r I'm here 😊 4u also,wat did u do in the end I'm goin to try fir a transfer🍀


thank u so much x


In the end that is what we did and I felt so much more relief just think I only have to put up with this for a little while and look to move on that way you won't feel so overwhelmed xx


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