I'm 49 living in fear constantly always worrying I have horrible neighbours making My life hell they've got something to say to me first about my drains then my dog then the shared alleyway which they threatened to move my bike from there or else I'm scared so I moved in but I feel so alone I've written to the council but I'm worried that things are going to get nasty when they find out I live alone with just my child I hate it here don't know how or what to do


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  • Sorry to hear about this, it must be horrible.

    Throughout life you'll find someone who is just plain awful. Seems like they are like this. (Not trying to be too mean).

    It's good that you wrote to the council. I would just wait for a response. If they did get nasty after that, then clearly they are not worth it.

  • thanku for ur kind words much appreciated 😊

  • thku Reba i wrote to the council and wat i got back was letter complaining abt me saying I'm the trouble maker i have to someone on Monday abt anti social behaviour abt me the letter i wrote seems to have bin ignored I'm so worried my neighbours are so nasty I'm worried I'm gona end up homeless and i have a14yr old daughter and adog whi I'm worried will hav2go bk to dogtrust i dnt have anyone to speak to dnt no wats going to happen and I'm very scared there's no justice my neighbours are liars

  • I don't think you'll be kicked out, I wouldn't worry yourself about that.

    Do you have any family near by? Someone who could possibly help you? It would be helpful.

  • thaku 4ur support ur very kind I dnt have reliable surportive family 👪 it's just me and my child but I want to say thanks 2 everyone surporting me on here I really appreciate it 😊 and if there's anything I can help I will

  • Hello Pam

    I answered your last post but you never replied so not sure if any suggestions were any use

    You should not have to live in fear and again I would suggest you contact the Council Tenants Support Team that is what they are there for they should arrange an appointment with you

    If you have written in to the Council and they have not replied then you need to phone them and say you want to make a complaint against the Council as they have ignored you and ask them to give you details of their complaints procedure

    Always keep a copy of any letters you write in as well as keeping notes of any days you phoned in , what time and who you spoke to and what was said

    There are things you can do , you will have to speak up though which is never easy but hopefully they will be able to help you and it has to get better than what it is now :-)

    Good Luck and let us know how you get on :-)

    Take Care x

  • thank u so much for ur replie I really appreciate it and I will take ur advice nice speaking to hope we speak soon 😊

  • Let us know Pam how you get on and we will do out best to support you :-) x

  • thku so much and dito😊

  • thku☺

  • thank ubouncex

  • thku sooo much bounce and everyone who replied to me💜

  • ur very caring☺

  • Buy the book "self help for my nerves" by Doctor Clair Weekes

    I hope it will help you --please read it when required ,it will help your situation.

  • thanku I've written the name of the book and I'm going try and get it thku very much🐶

  • Great book pamb67, it was the first book I had gotten years ago and the best and easiest to read by far. An oldie but a goodie... Amazon carries it. x

  • thku

  • thku💚

  • So good to see someone recommend Clair Weekes I have her book from the 1970s its got my scribblings all over it It was my "bible" and helped me more than anything I remember she used to be on a tv programme back then she was just such a lovely human being I don't need her words now but I'll never get rid of that book I can't recommend her books more they are the way to get well and get hope xx

  • Hi Cat33, I did know she had a tv program at one time but I use to go to weekly group meetings that used her book and teachings. That's where I got my first book and like you kept it like a "bible". Interesting we both thought the same. Hope you are doing okay today. x

  • It should have said that I did not know Dr. Weekes had a tv program.

    I bet it was fascinating. She sounded like a great doctor.

  • She was the loveliest lady - Australian She didn't have her own programme it was a lunchtime programme called Pebble Mill at One (BBC 1) A bit like The One Show and she used to be a guest I have spent £100s I should think over the years on books but there is no one like her Its lovely to find someone who had heard of her Ive always remembered to this day her words Keep off that bed in the daytime I never forgot that and it definitely makes sense We should promote her work on here for everyone!! I know her books are still available on Amazon I wonder if there are clips of her on that show on You tube I will look

    Yes I'm fine thanks I'm 90% well now but I was very seriously ill with anxiety years ago so I'm living proof you can and will get well Take care


  • Good to hear. Stay well xx

  • And you night night

  • I dnt no if I replied to u or if there message was 4me but if so thku il try and get the book coz I'm so on edge ☺

  • I had same issue

    I read if you asked God

    As you perceive him/her/it

    ( ie Highest Good etc)

    To Praise and Bless your adverseries ie horrible neighbours etc

    Then situation would alter

    Didn't think it would make any difference at all

    Whenever i thought of the obnoxious pair

    I said 'May God Praise and Bless them'

    After two weeks of doing this

    Situation was completely resolved and we had a good communication

    I'd never thought possible.

    Worth a try

    Even if you aren't spiritual/believer

    Doesn't matter.

    All good wishes

  • thku jennyholly very kind😊💜

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