don't know what to do with my life i'm 18 my dog who is my best friend who i've talk to at times died last year i honestly just feel like everyday i'm just throwing away wasting my time inside my house i just feel so lost and i need someone to show me the way what should i do.


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  • Hello.

    You say you are inside your house, can you not go out?

  • I'm sorry to hear that, losing an animal or just someone you care about sucks a lot. Definitely try to get out, maybe go to like a cooking class, or an art class or something to get your mind off things. Being isolated in a house isn't fun. Maybe try looking for a job, or try doing yoga! I understand how you feel, you're not alone.

  • You need an action plan. You will need to own it .

    The major queries at your age will be about education and employment, but also hobbies and things you enjoy.

  • i could go outside and i have a part time job but it doesn't help and i can't really find any hobby worth doing honestly i just feel like everyday it's the same, (wake up - sleep) and i can't really find any art or cooking class nearby it's far from where i live.

  • I do a bit of art too and I love it. :)

    You live in a small place then?

  • no it's just kinda far don't know how to drive that's my problem

  • Bicycle?

  • don't have one or a car and i usually take the bus to work

  • well I don't know then. But I am sure you will work something out.

    you can chat on here tho if yer stuck at home.

  • yea thx anyways

  • You are welcome.

  • Have you seen a counsellor? Perhaps a counsellor could help you determine some direction and set some short and long term goals. You could adopt another dog or volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • thx i'm going to look into it

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