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will i be able to cope?

Hi all, just an update on my poor old dog, this morning she wont eat her breakfast, im considering getting her different food, like chicken but feel the change in diet might make her ill, (with dogs you have to slowly introduce new foods to diet as a dramatic diet change can cause the dog to be ill), she drank a bit of milk, she didnt want afraid she's giving up. I dont know if i can cope with what the vet might say to me next week. im so scared. Ive got tears in my eyes thinking about it. I dont think i could cope when it comes to it, i know deep down its time, but im scared and i know il ave a terrible panic attack, she needs me, she gets separation anxiety when im not there and i have to be there for her when the time comes, she regards me as her one and only i think, ive had her since she was a baby and she's 11 now.

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I suppose if its tail is still waggin, but sometimes we can prolong our pets pain just because WE don,t want to face the inevitable....this would be a selfish act....You will cope, if you like dogs and feel you will always have one....go and buy a little pup and you will soon learn to love againxxxx thinking bout you xx


Hi Linny

I used to be a veterinary nurse for 17yrs. It will come to the point when you know when the time is for your dog. You wouldnt be able to see her suffer and would know that she isnt happy.

Try not to dwell on the negative at the moment. She may not want to eat for the moment. If she is hungry she will eat. Keep tempting her with little bits. Water is the most important thing than solids.

When your feeling down, just think what a good life you have given her. She has had everything that a dog could ask for. Believe me when the time does come, the inner strength will come through. I have seen grown men cry over there pets.

See how she goes first.

Love Lou xxx


Linny it's really tough and coping with your anxiety too......wait and see what the vet says, it may not be time yet.

When the time does come tell yourself you are strong enough to be there for her, you can do it. You will be helping her across the rainbow bridge .....that's where pets go when they pass over and there all her aches and pains that come with being older will be gone.

Of course you will feel so sad ......that is totally normal and to be expected, you will probably cry bucket loads and that is normal too but you will be strong enough to cope.

I'm totally dreading the same thing with my cat who is 13 now ........I know not everyone is a cat person but he's been my little pal who is with me all day every day since I got him from Cat Protection.

Meanwhile just give your dog little bits of anything she will eat and keep her comfortable. Ring the vets sooner if you are concerned and just see what they suggest.

Best Wishes PL


Lou think we posted at the same time .........great advice, helpful to me too. PL


If i can help you at the same time. i am more than happy to help.



Linny. My wife and I offer you our heartfelt sympathy through this bad time. We know what it is like and what I read on here has brought tears to my eyes. No, you have not upset me but it just reminds me of what we went through wit our two Boxer dogs toward the end of their lives. Animals give and do not expect to receive. A warm room, grub and lots of Love and they are happy. I am sure you have given you dog all this and more. If you go to the vets next week imagine us all holding your hand. I am sure you will cope, we always seem to, although the anticipation can be horrendous. Prayers and blessings to you. Love. jonathan.


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your pup :( My dog is my world and I can only imagine how you must feel if your dog is a little older. The one thing I would say which I am sure you would do anyway is never leave your dog should you have to go through the horrible step. As long as you are there now or at that point, she will be happy :) I hope she gets better.



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