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Hi All

Well my story has taken a turn the last few days.... Had a major allergic reaction to fluoxetine.... Needed diazepam and strong sedative sleeping pill to relax... Had my first therapy session and I must say my whole outlook is more positive.... Spent whole day in tears working out what my real issues were.... Delayed grief that led to work stress with an employee.... Today I'm going back to my home town to let balloons soar above the sea to let my grief go... I know I'm on my road to recovery and it will hopefully be without the diazepam in a few weeks...


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  • Hi there.. I havent been here on a while but it was so nice to come on and read a lovely, positive post.... I wish you all the luck in the world..

    K ;-)

  • Hello Matt :-)

    How did things go yesterday ?

    You sound so positive in your post I hope it all went well :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi

    I had really good day yesterday but was out at charity event.... Home little sleep n feeling very anxious today... I have only been off the fluoxetine a few days n hoping that the side effects go soon as finding it difficult.... I wasn't like this before the meds n know it's been caused by them.... I have work issues to resolve which I believe is the cause.... Hope tomorrow will be better than today.

  • Hello Matt :-)

    This recovery and finding what is best for you I know can seem like a roller coaster with lot's of twists and turns and up's and downs but believe me it will stop and you will get of :-) It will take a few days maybe a good weeks or so for you to adjust to not taking the medication but will come good again :-)

    Always remember , we work to live , not live to work , so if you think this is at the bottom of the root of the cause of your anxiety make it work for you to live and resolve whatever it is and this will feel like a huge weight of your shoulders :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your day :-) x

  • Thanks I really appreciate your support.... My partner has suggested attending a meeting with my directors, me and my partner to get it off my chest...

  • I think that is a brilliant idea ....go for it :-) x

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