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Health anxiety and diazepam

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Hi everyone, so I've got a big event that I have to go to tomorrow and I am freaking out about it πŸ™„ Went to my Drs yesterday and he's allowed me to have some diazepam along side my citalopram. I'm hoping this is going to allow me some relaxed few hours were I can just enjoy some family time. I'm still feeling more positive than I have for a long time and I know I'm on the right track to recovery which is why I'm in two minds about the diazepam. Sort of feel like if I take it I'm failing I'm also scared of side effects πŸ™„ But I feel like I deserve a break and if my mind isn't quite ready to do that on it's own then for the time being I guess I'll just have to give it a gentle nudge. Big hugs xx

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Have you taken diazepam before and what dose it? I would suggest taking some today going out of your house and see what affect it has on you first if you've not taken it before. It's a tranquilser so on too if your citalopram could make you sleepy and yes also got a bit of muscle relaxant affect too. It can be addictive too. It's a controlled drug. I used to be hooked on it. I now only take it now and again to help me sleep. So be careful with it. Ok now and again if need it to calm you. I would test it today if you can though just incase you get side effects you don't like. Good luck!😊

I've had it before when on sertraline and also mirtazapine. With sertraline it worked wonders with mirtazapine I just slept so yeah I'm way ahead of you lol I've taken one today to see how I get on that was the plan as I am scared of side effects but the dr seems to think that as it's such a low dose at 2mg it shouldn't knock me out just allow me to relax through the day and he said as long as I don't have more than 6 in 24hrs I'll be fine. The most my doctor ever prescribes is 10 tablets at a time so even if I wanted to take them more often I'm not going to be able too. Thank you for your reply :) and for caring :) big hugs xx

That's good then! Very wise to take some today. i think your going to be fine tomorrow then. 😊

Thanks Hun yeah it gave me 3 hours of worry free (ish) time today so tomorrow I will have one before going and take one with me for if it's needed :) big hugs xx

Thanks for the hugs! 😊I'm so glad it went well with the diazepam today. That sounds a good idea to take another tablet with you if needed. Always a good idea to take meds with you I always do! 😊

Yes I'm glad that you are taking such a low dosage. My family GP picked up the script after being discharged from Mental wards. He asked me "Do you want them prescribed weekly or monthly; I realized that it was a trick question I answered 'Weekly and I'll return any unused to the pharmacy" that was agreed by the GP who was pleased to hear my answer.

You've got this! Try not to overthink things and take it one step at a time!

Thanks Hun :) really appreciate it :) xx

Would you be kind enough to tell me what dose of diazepam you take? I have been given a few pills to use as necessary before stressful events, but they are only 2mg and I don't find they do anything!

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I have 2mg also foxglove. I found that alongside the citalopram they gave me a few hours relief. My dr told me that as it's such a small dose I could have up to 6 in 24hrs but I think it goes on what you're already taking as the 2mg tablets I have are what was prescribed to me whilst I was taking mirtazapine but I found that when I was on mirtazapine the diazepam just made me sleep the whole day through. When I was on sertraline I was prescribed 5 mg but only enough to get me through a week :) hope this helps big hugs xx

I was on 20mg for 10 years and 60mg for the other 10 years. Now I'm holding at 20mg.

2mg Tablets are the starting dosage. They're designed at this mg to work but not give the user any feelings which is a side effect. So taking 1off x 2mg will not give you any feeling. I was scripted up to 5 doses X 2mg/daily. That was not sufficient so I returned and he prescribed 5mg tablets and was told to take between 2-4 daily.

2mg is a very low amount; I'd suggest that if they are not working for you to take 2off them that's only 4mg. The next dosage would be a 5mg tablet and I would suggest that that is a suitable dosage for you. You may need to make another appt with your GP and suggest that the Diazepam dosage is too low at the moment (although it doesn't sound like you are in a difficult position) and that you have had to take 2 x 2mg tablets and say that you'd request that you'd be prescribed 5mg tablets between 1-4 x Daily.

Say that you will take and approach the following procedure as follows: Please prescribe 5mg Daily you will take the minimum that's required. Starting with 5mg on symptoms presenting taking 1 at a time. Then ask for this to be continued for a short period of time max 3 months. Say that you will return any unused tablets to the pharmacy that you collect them from. This means that you will have to return some, it doesn't have to be all of them, back to the pharmacy.

Don't take them more than 4 months in a row as you will be addicted, but not full blown withdrawals will be experienced so I'd say 3-4months is the max you should be aiming to get them for. If you require medicating post 3months you must request that a low-dosage of an anti-psychotic (major tranquilizers) to allow for sleep and anxiolytic effect.

Thanks, off the med. for a while now. No harm to anyone who needs them. We're all different best to forget and leave be

Thanks for reply - and the big hugs!.....Much appreciated

I would advise that you do not take Diazepam for more than 2-3months. If you end up on a permanent prescription for them; you should be prepared to have to come off them again. The prescribing of Diazepam is a bad idea as doctors are starting to review people like me on a long term basis. I have been on them over 20 years and want to continue to be prescribed them. It causes a major problem. My current GP will prescribe but I've moved and need to change GP and am more than aware that the new GP will likely not support the scripting. So I am in limbo and afraid to rock the boat.

Yes I understand that if you've found a medication that works then stay with it as no drug will cure everyone due to their differing Physiology. Mirtazepine I'm assuming you're on 15mg which is the optimum sedative effect hence your good sleep encountered recently, along side with Sertraline an SSRI that has better reviews/experiences than the basic Citalopram. It was used by a fellow Bi-polar sufferer was experiencing major depressive cycles and Sertraline worked for him. I would take Benzo's irregularly i.e. not every night but occasionally. Physical and mental withdrawals wouldn't make any difference with this regularity of dosing. I would view the benzo's as a treat or as an occasional bonus, that can help with coping. It allows the mind and body to relax. When taking the Benzo's it's like a break from the symptoms and should be treated as such.

If you take Diazepam 3-4X a week then you will become addicted. But if you only make a vow that you will take them only i.e. 1 X week take the minimal amount i.e. 5mg is suitable depending on their action.

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