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Advise please (diazepam )

Good Evening . Anyone here take diazepam on a long term bases for there panic disorder . I suffer with extreme panic attacks i'm on steraline and currently on my second cbt i was doing well but hit rock bottom 2 weeks ago . I had a really bad panic and took a diazepam this evening i had a couple left over from a previous time . Can my doctor just give me so many to last say 10 a month just for me to take when it's really bad or is it now i've had them in 2 separate occasions i'm not allowed any more . Your help would be much appreciated 📝

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Its entirely up to your doctor to decide, ask for some but emphasise you know the dangers of taking diazepam daily long term (addiction and decreasing effectiveness) and only want some to take as needed when required ie occasionally.


Thank you so much for the advise i will be asking my doctor when i see him this week 😀


The thing is to convince him or her you are a 'responsible' user of diazepam. My doctor allows me 28 5mg tablets each 6 months, I always break them in half. Diazepam was first isolated from the root of a plant that grows in India, Mahatma Ghandi used to start the day with a porridge made from the root. This saintly man was in fact high as a kite most of the time.

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Can i get some for my porridge lol 🤦🏼‍♀️. On a serious note last time he gave me diazepam i didn't take them as prescribed i only took them when i was in an absolute state so i wouldn't abuse them . it's just i have none left now and nights like last night i had an uncontrollable panic attack i took the last one as through the motion i was incredibly stiff , extremely tired and just couldn't control my panic so took the last 5mg i had 😞


Certainly beats cornflakes or shreddies! Have you considered reading Claire Weekes' book 'Self help for your nerves' (UK edition) and 'Hope and help for your nerves' (US edition). It was written 50 years ago but it's Acceptance method of recovery from anxiety disorder continues to be a firm favourite. If you look at the Amazon readercreviews you'll see over 90% rated it either Very Good or Excellent. That's out of 900 U.K. + U.S. reviews. It changed my life and thousands of others over the years and I never tire of recommending it. Worth thinking about, what's to lose.


Thank you will invest in the book i'm in uk . I did ask my doctor about diazepam but he refused point blank . At the moment i'm currently experiencing uncontrollable panic attacks he gave me propranolol i have taken before but they make me feel so sick . I feel at a lose at the moment i'm struggling to fight back even though i do try hard . Thank you for your help i definitely invest in book 🙂


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