Heart or panic?

I'm so scared, my chest just keeps having this weird kind of tight feeling. I'm trying to tell myself it's just panic attacks, but I just don't know anymore. It feels like my heart is too slow and or is going to stop. I'm more scared because Im a hypochondriac and read some things on heart attacks, months before the attack you can have insomnia and anxiety, I'm just so scared. Another symptom is your jaw hurting, which mine sometimes starts too, I'm scared.


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  • Are you taking any meds ?

  • Nope

  • Hi Daughterofares, once you have read something about the heart, it's pretty hard to delete that thought from your mind. The best think now is to see your doctor and have him clarify it for you. Hopefully that will ease your mind and I would bet the jaw pain will go away. I know you are scared, this is what anxiety does to us.

  • I decided to look up a healthy heart beat per minute. Mines slowest is 77 beats per minute..but I don't know:/ our doctor here is a quack anyways. He literally used Google on my sister

  • You're kidding. A doctor Googled?? 77 beats per minute is perfectly okay. (not too slow, not too fast) the thing is heart rates differ from one moment to another according to what we are doing and our stress level at the time. Medication can also play a part in lower heart rates. But yours is perfect. x

  • Yes, then he also gave her medication with side effects of exactly what she was facing so my mom didn't let her take them. Thank you, I think it's perfect too and that they are just panic attacks, because nothing has happened yet even at my worst times. I've counted all situations Beats. 77 is my normal, 65 is when I'm resting, and 95 is when I'm panicking

  • I can see you've been doing your homework. Yes you are correct. I'm glad your mom was there for your sister. Afterall, doctors are only human and can sometimes make mistakes. Take care x

  • Thank you (:

  • I am the same. Do you work out frequently? I only have time to about 3 or 4 times a week, but it is like a meditation to me. Helps a lot, just doing it and in the fact that I know I am strengthening my heart. Your heart beat and blood pressure can jump all over the place, a simple movement of your arm can raise blood pressure and heart rate, and when you have a panic attack it is is no different. My heart rate has sky rocketed to 130 at my absolute worst panic attack, which I only have that high of a heart rate after a half an hour of jogging. I always remember the test, which is to take your age and subtract it from 220, as long as your heart rate doesn't surpass that, you're perfectly fine. Take care! :)

  • Hi,

    I have had that recently too. I put my feet up to watch the tv and my heart feels like its beating out of my chest. I get up and make a tea or something (my mind goes onto something else) and then it seems to go. It seems to be anxiety related.

    Re your jaw - I bet you are clamping and tightening your mouth - also anxiety.


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