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Heart rate AFTER panic attacks


So my question is, is the heart rate faster after panic attacks? For example, i hit 180s today, after my attack and i calmed down my heart rate has been 130 standing now. Im not having a attack at all at this moment, kinda like wtf lol.

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I'm sorry to hear you had another panic attack today. It must wear you out totally. I would think that you would go below 130 after the fact but of course you are standing. Does anything work for you when sitting or lying down that would reduce the heart rate? If you concentrated on slowing down your heart rate by deep breathing, would that work for you? Even for moments at a time. It's like you are reving up your engine, always in fast idle. Take care, we are here if you heed a listening ear.

Armyguy in reply to Agora1

Yea did deep breathing lying down i came down to 85. Stood up 125.... This was at 8 pm after 4 hours of laying down. Its the little things like this that dont make any sense to me and especially from coming from a medical background my self. I looked at my own ekg in the ambulance, sinus tach perfect length just fast heart rate. Diastolic goes up as well but havent figurer out why, systolic stays at 120, its like my body is out of wack. Could be pots but i dont think it is for the fact im not seeing the 160s and stuff but only for brief moments while lying down. I want a echo and heart cath done.

Armyguy in reply to Armyguy

Want to add that heart blocks can act like this in certain cases, why i want a cath done. Diastolic shouldnt go up from standing, systolic only goes up. CAD can cause symptoms like this as well, im too young for that tho.

Im standing here in the er waiting room sweating, heart rate 128 just chillin

Agora1 in reply to Armyguy

You're in the ER??

Agora1 in reply to Armyguy

Let me know how it goes..

stoneym in reply to Armyguy

When I had POTS, I read that from sitting to standing the Heart beat goes up 30 - just like yours has! - mine would go from say 80 - 110, because your blood pressure has dropped and the heart must work harder to get blood up to the brain. Without looking up again I'm not sure, but I think it's from weak adrenals. But your BP didn't drop, as your diastolic went up as well, maybe not POTS

I found if I sat down again, H B would slowly drop say down to say 100, and if I stood up again quite soon, it again went up 30 to 130. If I did it a third time it would get stuck at say 150. This was quite scary. But it always went up just 30 points each stand-up.

I've still got lots of other symptoms, but the POTS seems to have disappeared, at least for now, with constant pampering, resting, relaxing, etc..

Sarah Myhill had a page on POTS - have a read... see if there are any clues there.

Bet you everything is perfect at. E.R. Thats what happens to me. By the time they get to me, I'm totally relaxed. What better place could you be? Guess I feel safe. How you make out?

Armyguy in reply to rubyred777

I was discharged with the heart rate of 120 lol. Today it was 126 standing. I just want a echo and heart cath and be done with it. If its clear its clear, ill accept its anxiety and be on my way but something is telling me that something isnt right. I thought pots too but my BP goes up on standing. I been bed ridden for a year off and on and im sick of it. I was in the navy and switched to the army, lived over seas, did deployments, didnt think about health issues, this started febuary of last year out of the blue.

Agora1 in reply to Armyguy

Hi Armyguy, so they kept you overnight? As of yet, it sounds like you haven't had an echo (I'm surprised) As for the heart cath, what is their reasoning not to give you one. Because it's invasive?? I know your background amazes me that you were able to do so much without having these health issues. They just seemed to appear after you got out. Between PTSD and your losses in life, do the doctors feel that warrants your physical issues? If so, how do they want to address it? It's just baffling that after a year the good doctors have not come up with a plan in giving you back your life. You don't deserve this.

rubyred777 in reply to Armyguy

Whats that you say, you've been bed ridden? Your that ill? Just thought it bothered you off and on. 😀

Armyguy in reply to rubyred777

Yea called SVT electrical issue of the heart, heart rate hit 223 and i had to be cardioverted without sedation, not fun getting shocked while awake. Feels like someone hitting you as hard as they can in the chest with a baseball bat. Going for my ablation so i should be ok after that. They finally caught it. My electrophisiologist said SVT is normally misdiagnosed as anxiety, he has a few paitents who went 20 years with being told it was all anxiety and he did the ablation and anxiety vanished. Nightmare but im on my way to correcting it. If not and i die, well i guess i die and it was my time, i wont know if it happens anyways. Take it easy.

Mellas5 in reply to Armyguy

Have they ever suggest beta blockers? I was having rapid and irregular heart beats of over 165. I have had a stress test and echo and my heart is good. It's all related to my anxiety, panic and GAD. I did NOT like the face that I am taking meds that have to help my heart but now that I have been on them they have really helped. It's even helped with my bp. I have come to realize and accept that this is temporary until I can get my anxiety under control along with lexapro and xanax until my lexapro starts working better. I just went from 5mg to 10mg last night so we will see. With the blockers my heart rate has been now from 68-78 even while anxious. And I have not had any sever panic attacks. The anxiety is still there but not as strong.

Hope everything goes well for you because it's scary feeling your heart ready to just explode or just ready to jump out of your chest. Not to mention the feeling is not just in you chest but throat and stomach.

Praying for you. 😊

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