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panic attack? or medical?


I was in the library on my laptop when suddenly I experienced an episode where I couldn't feel myself at all. I had this sense that I was fading into total loss of control. My vision became weird the best way to describe it would be it looked extra bright and blurred. Definitely not normal. My heart had been pounding hard before this happened so while this occurred it became worse. I literally thought I was about to die. So hard to describe. I flew out of there fearing I was going to drop dead. I have experienced similar before, however I can't tell if this is the same thing, to me it is only similar. I'm struggling. I don't know what to do. At the time I am writing this it has been about 2 hours since it happened and I am experiencing what I am calling " after shocks" where similar sensations ( or that thing where I feel I CAN'T feel myself ) are happening at a lower intensity. I am very scared. Has anyone had Panic Attacks that are what I have described here? I am terrified. Thank you for reading this.

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It does rather sound like a major panic attack to me - and I've had few myself over the years!

Of course I'm not a doctor just commenting.

hlacovara in reply to Bramwell

Thank you, it was awful

cat3 in reply to hlacovara

Sounds like a classic panic attack caused by hyperventilation. Vigorous walking (I know it sounds counter-intuitive) always sorted mine walking causes proper, deep breathing ; something stress-heads like us rarely do !

Constant, shallow breathing prevents the conversion of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the lungs, causing excess adrenalin and some weird, scary symptoms.

hlacovara in reply to cat3

thanks I didn't hyperventilate until after the most extreme part if the attack terrible

Sounds very much like how my panic attacks go - however, it's always important to check with a doctor because lots of other conditions can both cause and imitate panic attacks.

Worth clearing it up with them, but if you need immediate reassurance for the time being; I would say your description sounds very much like mine. Given that you're still here with us and no harm has come to you apart from the shock and scare, I'd say you could be fairly confident it is a panic attack.

But as I say - check with your doc! :)

Best wishes and feel better soon! I know how tough it is x

thank you very much!

When mine first started I felt something similar... Like derealization... Like euphoria... My heart was racing and I felt as if I was going to pass my anxiety consists of head pressure constantly, dizziness and feeling faint...its a horrible thing to deal with

hlacovara in reply to bellame15

I agree...just awful... the worst of it lasted about 5 seconds but felt like 15 min of sheer terror I could not feel anything, almost like I wasn't there. Terrified

Ella2015 in reply to bellame15

I Feel Constant Pressure in my head too. On top of A loud Ringing sound. I am not sure if the ringing is in my ears, or my head. Ugh. It's awful....... It's driving me Crazy!!

PeachTiger in reply to bellame15

It really is but I find its somehow comforting to know we are not alone. Reading health boards about anxiety help me more than almost anything else.

hlacovara in reply to PeachTiger

I agree

My panic attacks were always caused by certain things like driving, people being too close to my face, concentrating on things like board games or, yes, looking at a computer screen. Do you drink caffeinated drinks while working on your computer? I cut that out and most importantly nicotine.

yea I cut out the caffeine..thanks


I'd the same thing about 2 years ago difference I had my child with me and everything went blurred couldn't even X my child.every thing was running through my head had to sit down heart was pounding drink lots of water eventually. My vision came bk I.was snow white. Walking home went doctors said panic attack and migraine with an aura hope this helps

hlacovara in reply to Hidden

sounds terrifying! Very upsetting

Sounds like one of the worst effects of panic: derealization. That feeling of being outside of yourself is terrible.

Hope you find some peace and dont experience another one any time soon.

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