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Scared of heart attack


Hey y'all. I'm new to this and I really need some advice. I'm 17 years old and I'm battling anxiety. I keep having chest pains and arm pain and back pain and just all kinds of pain. The main thing that bothers me tho is my chest pain and shortness of breath. I'm steadily scared I'm going to have a heart attack, but my doctor and counselor says it's just anxiety. Should I believe them? I'm just really scared I'm going to have a heart attack and die at a young age. Nobody in my family has had one though, so idk why I'm so scared.

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Ok drink some water and take breaths in thru ur nose and out thru ur mouth! Try to think of something else! Someone gave advice to take a nice hot bath, light some candles and play some relaxing music! Cuddle up with ur favorite fluffy blanket! Are you on any meds for this? Good luck and I'm here if you need me!!!

lo2016 in reply to Debbweb01

I am on anxiety medication. This chest pain has been constant for 2 months now. My parents say if I was going to have a heart attack I would've already had one because my chest pain has lasted so long. Do u believe this is true?

Debbweb01 in reply to lo2016

Yes I do! You will b ok! We sometimes think we won't, but ur parents are right! Try to relax and maybe the pains will subside! I pray and send you big hugs! Godspeed

Don't worry and check pulse beat if 70 to 80 per minute it's normal hearts.

I think it's suffer from anxiety. For me experiences too.

Relax and ignore them.

Best luck & God bless you!

Your parents ate correct. I've found the more I focus on my symptoms the worse they get... find something you enjoy and when you do it you'll realize the pain and shortness of breath aren't there anymore...

Also... get some lavender essential oil... sit with both feet on the ground inhale deeply with the lavender oil under your nose count to 4 hold for 4 and exhale for four... Do that for 5 times it helps to relax and open the chest. You find it difficult to breathe and have chest pain because the muscles in your chest are tight that's all it is you're going to be just fine :-)

Don't worry its not your heart and parents are correct..deep breathes and relaxation is all you need,also try to reduce caffeine and excorsize,that aids in lowering anxiety

MANY PEOPLE FEAR ABOUT HEART ATTACK...some times chest pain happen in human life. do some good exercise. play good game. do early morning exercise. Eat good vegetables and fruits.

Breath through your nose,& out of your mouth at same to to time focus on mountains, breeze, ocean ect... try to relax. =)

Anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms and definetly from what your saying sounds like that's the cause of your chest pain . Some really good advice already put up here . And you mention counselling which is really important to see if you can try sort out cause of anxiety. Keep talking to people ask if you need reassuring and if you have chest pain definetly try some of the things people have put... Music , being busy, spending time with other people anything to take your mind of it . Also a really good website for teenagers has 24 hour counsellors online and lots of helpful advice aimed at your age group . Remember you are not alone in this it is a commen problem and hundreds of people struggle with it . The trick is to find things that relax you and work for you x


You remind me of myself when I was your age. I had the exact same symptoms, I am now 58 so all my anxiety wasn't correct. As it is really important to you and ruling your life at the moment I suggest you see a herbalist. I had anxiety a couple of years ago and my herbalist gave me some herbs to take a few times a day as a tea and it really helped. I also bought some Rescue Remedy. It is just anxiety, your muscles become tense all around your body as you get scared, but your anxiety could focus on anything. There are some good websites around with others that feel the same way. I made a folder up and copied everything that helped me and put it into the folder. That way you know the answer is in the folder, you only have to read your copied articles, know that it is just anxiety and then do some relaxation. You can download some hypnosis MP3s, lots of downloads even on I am scared I am going to have a heart attack. Anti anxiety, there are lots out there. Go for a mindfulness walk in a park or countryside, take note of the birds, the plants, the weather and relax. I would keep off sugar to avoid sugar rushes and take some good B vitamins, B-100 is good, its timed release and helped me a lot, also magnesium citrate is good for calming the system with zinc. Start doing yoga and the teacher will teach you techniques for relaxing. Also realise that hormones have a lot to do with anxiety, low thyroid can cause anxiety, and low thyroid can be caused by stress which is what you are undergoing. I had low thyroid and got all sorts of pains and I found out it was costo chondritis caused by me slouching over the computer, it stretches the tendons attaching ribs to the sternum, its nothing to worry about. I hope this helps, so go get some help, do some research , make a folder, start yoga, download some relaxation MP3's, and even get your thyroid levels checked at the doctor. I am sure that once you start relaxing your pains will disappear and if they do come back its because of muscle tension. Try a bath of epsom salts, relax and enjoy your life..........x

Your scared from anxiety. Don't drink caffeine or have processed sugars.

They cause them.

When your feeling panicked, follow this video. It changed my life! Helps you learn how to control your breathing and slow your heart rate.

YOu are probably having panic attacks. I'm 58 and have chest pains with a family history of early heart atttacks etc but my pains were not life threatening; panic attacks...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of your help!!

Hi I'm sorry that you have to deal with this first of all. I had my first panic attack about a year and a half ago. I am 29 years old and I too was having the same symptoms as you are describing. I literally thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die. This scared me so much so that I put myself in the ER 3 different times. They did an EKG, and all kinds of blood work, a CT scan of my chest etc and nothing came up. I begged my doctor to let me wear one of those halter heart monitors for like 2 days and still nothing. I finally accepted the fact that it was anxiety. I was put on Zoloft (25mg) and Clonazepam (0.5mg) and I was on them for about 6-7 mos (I hated it) and when I decided I wanted another baby, I weaned myself off of both medications without the help of my family doctor (she was a quack). I was fine through my entire pregnancy and delivery but now the anxiety is slowly starting to creep back in. I just take deep breaths and try to relax (easier said than done). But the aches and pains are all normal from what I'm told and what I went through. I hope this somewhat helps you and Good luck!

Don't be scared its anxiety look up the dare response book it will open your eyes on anxiety and not to fear it. They also have the dare community on Facebook that will also help you out I go through the same symptoms and its all anxiety you will be fine.

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