Slept well

Hi just had a really good sleep last night.. Took my meds am and the anxiety didn't last long this am...just have to keep going feel improvement today... Fingers crossed keeping up the breathing exercises will help... My mood is also more positive today ... Starting yoga tonight... Just hard finding things to fill the day. Yesterday is behind me and will keep moving on and I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel knowing that there will be some good and bad days.... Patience when your feeling so low is not easy.


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  • Hello :-)

    Glad today you are on a up today :-)

    Yes patience is needed which I know is very hard with all this but think of the end goal it sounds like it is in reach :-)

    Hope you find the yoga relaxing later !

    Take Care x

  • Hi Mathew, it's lovely to hear your having a better day😀Filling your time can be difficult at times and also motivating yourself when you feel low. Do you have a bike? Perhaps you could have a cycle ride or a walk!! I enjoy walking myself. I find it helps if I'm feeling negative. I have to be constantly finding things to do!! My other half says I've got blue bottle DNA because I flit about all the time😁 I'm lucky I have a large garden so I go and potter round there. Massive credit to you for doing so well.🙏🏻😀

  • Thank you... I have no option but to keep going in the hope that each day gets better... I'm dealing with a lot at home with my daughter... Her boyfriend all but moved in and when we told her it's not acceptable she says she hates my partner and is moving out... I go out walking with my dog twice a day... Managing housework.. Cooking etc... When the anxiety comes I have to sit down until it passes... I just keep saying these side effects will pass in the coming week... Everyone on here is keeping me going as without support I don't think I would see light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Yes it's good to have somewhere to voice how you feel, we all came here looking for help one way or another. Depression and anxiety is a dark lonely place to be and too many people are suffering!! Your daughter is no different to any one else's!! They have there strips when things don't go there way!! And we are just the worst people in the world!! When we say no!! They have to learn the hard way I'm afraid!! Like we all do.she will come round in the end and it's usually the step parent that gets it in the neck too!! I haven't had Prozac, I had sertraline!! Affect your sleep and cause nausea but that wore off eventually and they helped me a lot. It sounds as if your helping yourself as much as you can. You will get better Mathew, just keep taking each day one at a time that's all any of us can do when we feel that way. Life just throws such crap at us sometimes but in the end it makes you value the good times , keep your chin up 👍

  • Hey it's good to hear you're sleeping! Nice to hear the positivity too :)

    Keep on keeping on! x

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