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Not doing well

So I have nor been feeling good the last few days worse then normal. I have been having a lot of dizzy and lightheaded spells and some pressure in my ears. I went to the walk in clinic yesterday and was told to get appt with neurologist and ent doctor. To do some further testing.

Well today I got up feeling ok, got ready left the house with my 2 kids to take my oldest to his soccer game. I felt ok drivING there, but started getting some dizzy spells as I was sitting watching his game. When I got up to go to car I felt lightheaded and weak. I got everyone in the car and started for home. As soon as I got on road I instantly felt very weird like I was higher in car then I was and everything just felt very strange and I got very dizzy. Thankfully my parents house was not far so I drove to their house as I new I could never make it home.

I felt a little better after I got out of the car but still had a lot of dizzy and lightheaded feeling. When I say dizzy I don't mean the room spin, I almost feel like I'm on a boat or something.

Anyway I ended up getting very scared called my husband home from work and had him take me to the er.

I was disappointed in that though they didn't really help me. They did a ekg which came back normal and some blood work which also came back normal. They ended up just telling me to call a neurologist on Monday and get aopt which was very disappointing I was really hoping for some answers.

Has anyonever else had this?

I am still feeling really bad I can't even sit up for very long without getting dizzy and lightheaded again.

Please help somebody I am so desperate for answers

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I feel and have felt over the years weird things and feelings like some of those you have mentioned they usually go away for me and later on down the road in my life sometimes a few days or months or years something different will come upon me.not so much anymore .But still sometimes I get terrible feelings that the doctor's can't or couldn't figure out.they usually go away on their own and come back later on .or sometimes one feeling will never come back and it will be some other bad experience instead.I just have to deal with it the best I can.I usually lay down or eat candy and it helps or take a warm shower.whatever I think will help for whatever symptom or symptoms or feelings that may be occurring at the time.I hope this helps.Good luck and God bless.


Gosh do I feel for you. Reading your post was as if I wrote it myself. I can not take the feelings much more. The dizziness is driving me crazy. I too had my son's soccer game and felt the same symptons. Have been to ER, ENT, and family doctor and I can't get to the bottom of it. I guess my next thing will be a neurologist. My regular doctor also mentioned doing a MRI to rule out MS. Apparently dizziness is a sympton. Wishing you all the best xo

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I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling the exact same way. This is something that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

I am so confused and scared I worry that it's something major wrong with me but I also worry that it's something that I'm stuck with the rest of my life.

On a positive notexperience it is 4 in the morning right now for me and I just started my period so hopefully in the next day or two I will get feeling better now. This time of the month is always worse.

Keep in touch with me please so we can let each other now how we are doing and what the doctors say. I know I'm going to call a neurologist first thing tomorrow morning.


Hi there, hope you were able to get some sleep. I slept with a bandana around my head for the head pressure. Crying before bed probably didn't help either. Exactly like you, I worry that I will feel like this for the rest of my life. I worry I wont be able to give my all to my kids. They ask to play or ride bikes and I have to tell them no. It breaks my heart. This forum has helped my see that it is not just me. I have been lucky to meet others like yourself and am so grateful. All we can do is take it one day at a time. I remind myself that there are others going through so much worse, possibly even in hospitals away from their loved ones. I thank God for another day to see my kids and I know we will get through this. Let me know how your day goes. Today is our wedding anniversary! Praying for a good day xo


I have had this on and off for many years, it comes and goes and i think it is anxiety, i am 67 and have had many tests which have come back normal, it often happens if i am going through upset and stress, i suffer with depression but came off Citalopram last year because of skipped heart beats.


I have had this quite often. It's your anxiety. Your subconscious is working at you. Just try to clear your mind relax and breathe it will pass. All my prayers. ~ Brian


Are you sure you dont have an ear infection? Probs with your ear can affect your balance and that x


Yes...I totally understand how you feel because I have gone through the same symptoms for years. ..Every doctor every specialist have told me the same thing...that it's caused by an inner ear disturbance. ...sadly to say tho that no medication makes it better. ..only time.

Sorry I couldn't give you any hope because I have ran out of hope years ago...


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