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Monday is here again

Why do we doing it to ourselves. Why do we convince ourselves that things will be different even though we know there is no chance of it happening. I know things are over between me and my ex and I am absolutely devastated, but I keep thinking of scenarios of her changing her mind and calling me telling me she wants to give things another go. I know this wont happen so why does my brain keep betraying me and thinking of these things.

Back to work today I could happily stay in bed an ignore the world, but I know I can't so I'm up at the crack of dawn. The mask will be back on today the mask of the guy that laughs and jokes and smiles along with everyone. Best not let them see how I'm really feeling they may think I'm a bit in the mental side.

Blogging on here helps maintain the false smile as it gives me an outlet for how I truly feel which is a good thing. Hopefully as time goes on things will get easier and I will be back to the guy that laughs and jokes and uses sarcasm way to much.

I did have a moment of actual laughter last night. While chatting on here on cookies blog. It started off about ironing and then somewhere along the line we ended talking about pants and mushrooms. I will be easier if you read it than me actually trying to explain.

Bit of a strange blog this morning, but I'm feeling strange and it's Monday which lets be honest no one likes. Here's to my mood hopefully improving through the week. Will be 30 in 8 days eek.

Hope everyone has a good week.


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Morning Will

Strange conversation last night on here ...where is that I have been looking trying to find it ..I do see the one about ironing , pants & so on ...heres the news ...that's normal for us when we start .:-D

Still thinking of the idea if you could get small hangers to hang pants on , myself :-D

Talking about Cookie ...YES we are talking about you ...she never said if she got the outfit ironed , infact she never even said if she worked out how to plug it in ..

I no how you are feeling , and its maybe going to be zero comfort at the moment , but this is part of the healing process when you break up , it sucks I no

See it as a wound that at the moment is wide open , but will slowly heal , because that is one way I always have thought it relates to , its raw & sore at the moment , but it will get better

You will come out the other end , & will be stronger for it

Wish I could say & do more , but you no we are willing you on





Maybe pants hangers could be a business venture. We could go on dragons den with the idea what do you think?

I'm just taking each day as I comes at the mo. Been getting the urge to text agian today. This isn't me I never thought I'd find it this hard to cut off contact.


There you go , yea great idea , for all OCD sufferers hangers for pants , sure no one has come up with that yet lol

Now keep your mind on this ...get a plan , could do with the money & no no texting , not a good idea

You will get the urge , just bite your fingers :-)



Not sure how our interview with the dragons would go. With all those cameras and people asking us questions about our 'Hang you pants' hangers. Just trying to think of a slogan now :-D


Well keep thinking about that , will keep your mind distracted :-D

Let me no when you have a slogan , then we need a design



Morning Will........

I think youre doing fantastic................ I took to my bed and couldnt even put the face on, so I think youre doing marvellous............. and look at me 5 weeks on, Ive been feeling miles better,,,,,,,,,,,

Well apart from his family putting a spanner in the works, but all that does for me is confirm that Ive made the right choice......... So although I was upset yesterday............. Im ok..........

And youre gona be fine Will............ You deserve someone to Love you and make life better, we all do, and you will find that!!

30's are great.................Your gona have a ball!!

Lots of love

Ker xx


I don't feel like I'm doing all that great I'm just on auto pilot at the mo.

Yeah maybe I will find it. Sadly I just want it to be with her :-/

Glad your doing good and you havnt let yesterday get you down.

Don't think it the turning 30 I'm worried about its just everything else that's going on at the moment that's affecting me.


Like that little face after the "her " how do we do that one

If you don't stop thinking about her we will have to start talking about your pants again & you don't really want that do you :-D

just trying to make you smile :-)



Normal face with a forward slash for the mouth.

Hey I don't mind I have some very nice pants if I do say so my self. Although if I loose anymore weight might need to invest in done new ones lol.

That did make me laugh last night how we suddenly went from ironing to pants and mushrooms.

We could start discussing you ironing pants and socks. What about tea towels to you iron those? ;-)



Willl you really don't want to hear about my washing & ironing

I have a method for it all , I would drive them crazy on here & they would never follow it , plus I no some will already think I am mad & that would just be the last bit of evidence they needed

But as you asked yes I do & they have to be folded a certain way




Yea did the face :-/


Just thought of you , I looked outside as I wanted to make sure my washing was still on the line & phew it is , but guess what , I have a cardigan drying out there & I dint want peg marks in it so ....its on a hanger on the line , yes a hanger outside on the line drying :-/



I'm intrigued now how do they have to be folded?


You really are making sure everyone knows I am loopy :-D

Well you fold in half then half again , making sure its edge to edge , then when you put them in the drawer , which every way your drawer is , make sure they are put in so when you get one out its ready just to open , its a bit hard to explain , they do look nice in the drawer though :-/



Nah I'm sure everyone doesn't think your loopy and little bit mental bit my loopy :-D

So you would know if someone went in said draw and rearranged things then? Sorry couldn't resist.

How you doing today anyway? Have you heard how cookie got on today?


I would no straight away if someone touched my drawers :-D

Left Cookie on the naughty step last night

Not heard from her yet , been thinking about her , I am sure she will be back on soon like a tornado :-D



Yeah its crap.......... but at least you are getting up and getting to work,,,,,,,,,,, and thats good!!

We all feel like that when we split up from someone............ I cant imagine being with someone else at the min and it scares me to death................ But im sure this time next year I wont feel like that!!

Everything happens for a reason..............

Youre gona have crap days but it will get better......... just dont bottle what youre feeling......

Love Ker xxx


That's the thing that's what I do I bottle things up. This blog has given me an outlet, but I still try to deal on my own its just how I've always been.

Just need to focus on getting to the weekend seeing some friends so that will distract me. Bit peed off I've got to work on Sunday though.


You dont have to deal with on your own now matey......... You have us lot!!!

:-) xx


Yeah I know and it's something I'm going to have to get used to the sharing thing lol.


hay will, crappy monday myself. hope your coping ok. x


Think all I can say I'd meh. How come your day was so crappy?


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