Is this going to last forever or will I get better

I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel I just want to now that I will get better from my anxiety and depression that all the physical symptoms I feel will one day stop and I'll feel like this forever its been two and a half months and am on xanax and proxil and it dont seem like its work I'll have like one or two days that are good the boom that doom feel that tells me am going to die from this is yell in my head and I can't stop it....I know I keep posting a lot but am just look for hope ....


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22 Replies

  • I know exactly what you are going through. It does get better. I promise. Let go of the negative self talk. Give yourself time to heal. For today, just exsist.

  • Thank you soo much I feel like am going crazy I want to go to the doctors or er like every day but I know they will just send me home it feels good to hear some tell it all going to be OK...

  • Doctors don't understand panic unless they've been there. It's not something they can learn from a textbook. We can sympathize with each other because we know how it feels. It's horrible!! And it's real! are stronger than anxiety. It does go away and no you're not crazy. This may sound crazy but helping others is essential for healing. Think outside of yourself. We get too wrapped up in our own misery and forget how to live.

  • Kk I have notice that is most of my day just in my own world all jumbo scared out of my mind you are awesome I was praying for a sign that I will be ok and then you posted so thanks again...

  • Yep, we get caught in our own world. Thoughts like, why won't this go away....I just want to be normal....I'm broken.....I want to be my old self. These feed anxiety. Believe me, I know. I've fed it. Hang in there. Think of someone else. Call someone and check on them. Truly listen to them. Don't tell them how you are feeling. Glad to help. Just be. Just exsist. Float through your day. Let time pass. Healing is just around the corner.

  • Did you take medication?

  • Yea I was just asleep and woke up right now feel like am going to die

  • Yea like two hours ago and I just woke up with n full anxiety mood

  • I'm dealing with the same stuff man I hope we get better asap!!I'll have you in my prayers brotha!!this to shall pass

  • Make appt with your dr. If your meds are not working, maybe the dosage has to be adjusted or he can prescribe something. Not all meds work the same for everyone. You will feel better with adjustment of meds. Also it does take time for some meds to start working. That's why it's important to talk to your doctor to determine what needs to be done. I know how badly you feel so see your doctor asap. Good luck. Prayers being said for you.

  • Thank you

  • I remember that feeling very well. Its awful. Always seems like 2 steps forward and 10 back. U WILL get there. Its been over 12 months for me and i still get the odd day where i feel down. No where near to the scale i was 12 month ago. Let go of the fear of the anxiety (easier said than done i know) and it will let go of you.

    Also if you feel no better after 2.5 months u may need to see your doc about upping your meds or changing them.

  • I just stared my xanax a few weeks ago and my proxil like almost a week ago ....what meds help you or what step did you take that help you get better???

  • I keep putting my meds name wrong it call paxil

  • I am now on a pill called Setraline which has helped me a lot. I take 125mg. I also did CBT which was a great help.

  • I've had it for bout 6 months now and it's not getting better I don't sleep I panic all the time I can't go out to far I just won't it to go a way so I can do every think I use to do

  • Am the same way I was just asleep and woke up in feel anxiety mood

  • I wake up like that everyday do I know how you feel it's horrific to say the least

  • There IS light at the end of the tunnel! Sometimes the slightest thing can turn things around. There is a bigger force than the suffering which is mysterious yet potent and real. Whatever happens you are doing exactly the right thing no matter what the negative mind says. Faith can be tested and it takes real courage to hang in there. But grace also occurs and when you feel it, you will feel encouraged that life has a purpose.

  • You will get better. Look into Cognitive behavioural therapy. Also just think, us humans have the capacity to feel great emotional and spiritual pain just with our thoughts, just imagine the capacity for joy we can feel too. Keep fighting. xx

  • Hang in there. I understand what you're going through very well. I experience the same things but try positive thinking (it works on me helps me feel relaxed) and you can also resort natural remedies (like banana, kiwi, peach and walnut). When you think bad things, your life turns into a disaster and this situation causes a vicious cycle. Anxiety feeds on the things you're afraid of, face your fears and see you're not going to die. Do this constantly to make your brain understand that there's no real danger, believe me it really works and those scary symptoms go away on their own.

  • You aren't alone...I ask myself that everyday... The dizziness, lightheadedness feeling like I'm going to faint... I just want to feel normal again...its such a hard thing to fight because it feels like it controls you..I heard there's hope at the end of the tunnel.. I'm waiting myself... I have to take xanax 3 times a day...

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