Today I said goodbye to my brother after a long battle with alcoholism that he couldn't fight. Since my sister passed from the same reason years before. I feel grateful that I could try and help both of them. I am worrying about my mom and dealing with survivors guilt. I experience mild anxiety and was able to show up again for my family despite being overwhelmed. My goal is to keep showing up for life despite my sadness and just try to stay out of the overthinking anxiety trap. I want a good life, to be a good wife and be there for my mom. Praying I will get the strength


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  • Prayers to you ! Strength will come your way

  • Thank you

  • I'm just so terribly sorry for your loss. Alcoholism is a horrible disease, and it doesn't care who it takes with it. I know of this so very well...I've been sober now for 14 years. I'm so proud of you for showing up!! I know how difficult it is WITHOUT anxiety, much less with it. Help people with your story!! I think you could do a lot of good, and it will help you in the long run. God bless you...

  • Thank you so much

  • Sorry for your lost... I'm an alcoholic and is hard.

  • Thank you. I know from others it's hard. Thank you again

  • Praying for u and your family hugs to u💕

  • Sorry for your loss. I pray You get some sort of comfort during this difficult time.

  • Hopefortoday you seem such a lovely person. How you want to be there for your mum..I pray you reach all your goals..

    Is your mum and you getting some support? Losing someone is painful. And sometimes having someone in those moments can be a blessing.

    I pray for you both

  • Thank you so much !! I do go to Alanon it's a great help to me. My mom doesn't go but I try to share what I learned with her. I appreciate your response.

  • That's great! So glad it's helping you and it's so nice that you're sharing with your mum!hope it really helps her with the survivors guilt

    Many hugs

  • You will get the strength god is good just have to have faith

  • Having been a heavy social/Binge drinker then stopping all together I know how difficult it is was I an alcoholic? I really don't know. I didn'tallow drink to stop me working or interfere with my lifestyle and I stopped because I wanted to.But looking back I realise it Was a problem as it caused my break up with the love of my life. I am now best friends with her she was and is there for me as I am for her. I think it's sad you lost two members of your family to alcoholism but your words and your actions as well as your compassion have given me a bit of hope and strength for the future I believe your Family are very proud of you even if they don't tell you! I am sure your brother appreciates you being there for your Mum God Bless you

  • So sorry to hear of your loss. I too have lost 2 brothers to alcohol so know how you feel.

    It is good you are there fore your mum but don't forget yourself as you need to grieve too. Best of luck.

  • Sorry for your loss! Sending prayers your way.

  • May God give you and your mother strength.... Sorry for your loss

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