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So I started feeling better and became more accepting to my anxiety. I realized to just let things pass and let my body do what it needs to.. now lately I feel like I have hit rock bottom again. Back to the scary thoughts, back to the body pains, back to the breathing. Back to not sleeping good. I just don't know when all of this will end but I have truly had enough and don't know where to turn anymore. Now they are sending me somewhere new to get re-evaluated and to possibly switch meds. Ugh, when does it stop.

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Hi I just joined this thing. All I can say is that we're here for you and me personally I know everything you're talking about.

Bouncing between different doctors doesn't help you at all. Changing meds because you've changed doctors isn't good either. You need continuity of care and YOU know it, but we need the docs to know it, don't we? It seems simple enough, but I'm afraid they don't want what's best for you, they want what they want. It makes sense to them but not to us.

Maybe if you get hysterical when they try to change your meds once again? I know this is rather drastic, but what have we got to lose?

Ive just been though the same. I keep going down too. You're not on yr own.

I'm sorry you feel that way and I totally relate to it...I tried so many things and just nothing seemed to work. What helped me a lot was meditation and mindfulness but it all doesn't happen overnight - what you were doing was a really good thing - don't let a set back get you down and see it for what it is...just a set back and you will get better again. Just believe in that and then live your life to the fullest that you can; don't let the anxiety get in the way of your enjoyment...it's hard but you can do it. I used to have the most terrible anxiety..but it never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. I used alcohol a lot to get through things...I wouldn't recommend it and I'm thankful I don't use it in that way anymore but you know...it got me through some stuff...as I said..whatever helps you give it a go and if it doesn't move on to the next but don't let it get you down!!!

Hi, Im sorry to hear things are hard for you, I had Anxiety previously and it really effects you, it sounds like youve it the bottom, but you can only go up from here! Remember you are not alone, many many people suffer with the same issues as you, and there are different meds to try but also natural ways of dealing with them. I can relate to the sleeping, I have health issues related to my sleeping, and have been on a up and down journey for quite a few years, ops and treatment. Your gonna get through it, as you have before, you are strong! As you have dealt with it before, so you can face your issues now <3. Lots of love

God bless you


Sorry your feeling this way I am the same at the minute where I feel I can't breath I run up the stairs and can't control the breath and this sensation in my chest and heart ... I no this probably won't help but it's to let u no ur not alone

Thanks for all the kind words! It's very hard to get through my days it seems. But I have been here before, and I have faced this one on one. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am doing everything I possibly can to get through this. I hope everyone is doing well!

I hate to say this, but it stops with your thoughts. It's one of the hardest things to change. I've been experiencing anxiety for 10 years now and then turned into panic attacks. I've come to realize that people who get anxiety are dwelling on something negative, or numerous negative things. No positive thought has ever caused a panic attack/Anxiety. We end up "fearing" when we think negative which is the anxiety. Every time something negative comes to your mind, reject it. Keep thinking positive and I promise you'll never get anxiety. It's all about training your mind. It won't be easy, but it's a must. It is possible, and well worth it to rid yourself of anxiety for good.

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Hi, Have u always managed without medication for your anxiety?

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I have tried both ways. I mostly manage without medication because I have a lot of severe allergies to different medications. I've learned how to get through it, even panic attacks without meds. It's hard but once you keep your mind distracted with good thoughts you'll over come. Bad thoughts always try to creep in, but you don't let them take root. That's where anxiety comes from.

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