Hello my name Yesenia I'm new to panic attacks I start having panic attacks back in June my first one I was really scared I didn't know what to do than after getting them I would over think I'm have seizure or stroke , heart attack so I decided to go to hospital to see what they can do they put me in a crazy room πŸ˜” Took blood I didn't know why they did that . . & gave me a pill which help afternoon that I was okay now I'm having bad panic where when I walk my head just spends I can't talk , when I'm sitting down I feel like I'm have a serzure cause I shake really bad. . I do not feel normal anymore I don't know what to do anymore I don't want live like this for rest of my life.


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  • Hey love, you've come to the right place, so let me start by saying WELCOME... Here, you are not alone at all sweetness.. We all know all of these feelings too well..'do you mind me asking what triggered your first panic attack? Or did it just happen out of nowhere? My first one was marijuana induced, so with that I can shed some light. We all would love to help in any way we can

  • Yes Mines HAPPEN after I smoke I had a really bad trip . . Like I was in a death stage I seen a lot of stuff I was black out my sister said I kept saying I was having a sezuire but she said I was ok it's like I was GOIN crazy. .

  • Yes that's exactly how mine was but I did not go into a seizure. But I did go into massive fear after that first panic attack and developed a panic disorder since then. But trust me you will get better. I have recovered so much, still recovering, it's really bad like the week going into my period πŸ™„

  • Omg you should most text me we can help each other.

  • Okay sure! That will be great! I'll message you really quick

  • It won't let me respond back to your message

  • My first panic attack was also triggered after smoking mary jane, and had a one month severe anxiety. Good thing i could solve it, i still have some sleepless nights, but thats all. What a good thing when you can accept and let a bad feeling "own" you.

  • Mines was to I

    Wasnyour weed laced ?

  • Naah, i have had been smoking that type of weed for a year and only triggered it after that, i think i just had too much, even more than what my super high tolerance could tolerate lol


  • Wym ?

  • WYM

  • I had a course of hypnotherapy which worked at the time but hasn't done so much in the longterm. I have had CBT now, and although i didn't think it was much good at the time, i have taken some useful tips.

    The NHS has given me a couple of websites. these give access to an online CBT course apparently and self help. I am going to post these on here in the hope the may help others too. - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full


  • Sorry, the KCL link was broken - its now


  • Do you want to talk about it cause i can send you my number sincerelynina

  • You can send me your number.

  • Ok my number is 7733318844

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