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I have eye floaters since 5 years ago, when I visit the dentist and looked into the laser light they used for teeth fillings. No one told me it's dangerous to look into the light until the assistant stopped me. But it was too late. I have about 9 of them, not as big as a coin though very annoying.

They are affecting my reading a lot. And I often try to avoid moving my eye too much in case I spot them floating in my vision again (Although I can't). But I try to do activities that don't need eye movements like watching tv. But I know that I can't continue life like this. It's affecting my work life and school life too.

I am afraid of what's to come. I'm afraid to google to find out more information. Or even see an eye doctor. Will it worsen? What could it be? Is there a cure for this? [preferably without surgery]?

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  • I Risaxz, you really need to see an eye doctor who can give you a thorough exam to see what can be done. I've had laser surgery at the dentist and they always gave me glasses to wear, now I know why. You can't go through life restricting yourself from moving your eye. It certainly won't get better as you get older when more floaters may appear. Please set up an appointment and keep us updated as to what they say.

  • I think you should see an Eye Dr. Perhaps you will only need To use eye drops. Don't play with your sight. Make an appointment asap. Good luck To you.

  • Hi Risaxz,

    It is a little weird the dentist didn't give you glasses to protect your eyes from the laser.

    When did the eye floaters start? Straight after the dentist appt? Did you see them before?

    I have a lot of eye floaters, most people do. Some see them more than others. If you are near sighted if affects us mostly. You do not have to fear them at all it's the most common eye issue and 90% of the population see these floaters. They can get annoying but if you try and ignore them you won't see them as much. Your eye doctor will say the exact same thing. I know this as I have had many eye checks.

    I know a lot about the floaters so if you have any questions for me please ask?

    Please don't fear them as it's wasted energy they are harmless!

  • I had 2 eye floaters for a fews years I thought it could have been an eyelash as my eyes were very itchy and tired but the eyes did not hurt. Eventually the floaters worked their way out of my system so now my sight is normal again. Get eyes checked or wait for them to disappear it is suppressing what we can pick up from dust on our specs or from our eyelashes when we rub our eyes with our finger or a face cloth.

  • Firstly:are you sure your dentist was using a laser. Very few dentists have one and they are used instead of a standard drill.

    Floaters are usually caused by debris within the gel of the eye and are of no significance.

    If you say 'I can't continue life like this' then you will have to see an eye surgeon as no one else can help.

  • Risaxz, the only way to stop worrying about this is to go see EYE DOCTOR. You need to do so before your condition perhaps gets worse. There are laser surgeries I believe to correct the floaters. It is painless . You should at least have your eyes checked, then you can decide if you want to have something done . It will be okay !

  • My mum had eye floaters and she took the amino acid taurine. It got rid of them. She read about it helping eye floaters in a health book.

  • Go see an eye doctor . That is your best bet . They probably can tell u what is going on and maybe fix it . Your eyes are important...

  • Risaxz, I know a bit about eyes and don't understand how a laser can cause floaters, I'm not convinced of the connection. I strongly suggest that you take the advice of the 8 other people who have replied and see an eye specialist for reassurance and also to discover your options for treatment. So go see your doctor and get a referrel to see an eye specialist, if by chance you live in London, England, you could save time by going to the A&E department of Moorfields Eye Hospital in Old Street, it's open 24/7 and although you could have a 2 or 3 hour wait you'll get an instant examination and explanation, there may be other eye hospitals with walk-in A&E (ER room) facilities in other areas.

    If you were an older person your floaters could be the result if posterior vitrious detachment which happens to everybody 60+ sooner or later, it's when the vitrious jelly in the eye comes away from the retina, it can cause floaters and flashes but the floaters usually clear after about 6 months.

    So do get a professional examination which will tell you what your floaters are and what has caused them and what your options for treatment are.

  • I have the blighters too and i swear they are more noticeable if ive been anxious so try not to be. If the floaters suddenly increase or you start getting flashes with them go to your doctor immediately.

  • Hello there. Dont stress about them. I have had eye floaters also for about 5 or 6 years now and i went to an Opthamologist and he told me there is nothing they can do about them and they are caused from the lining of the eye coming apart but usually only happens in old age. That is why i would like to know how old are you now.

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