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Do your worst nightmares have the same theme?

I had a very unpleasant dream last night, I was at the dentist, & he told me that I needed to have all my top teeth taken out. There was someone at the surgery with me, an old boyfriend that I haven`t seen since 1990, & the dentist was none other than actor Sam Waterston, from the US tv series, law & order. He pulled the teeth, & my boyfriend was trying to console me, but I yelled that I hated them both, & ran out of the surgery, & into a cafe down the street. They came after me, & tried to convince me that I was ok without my teeth, but I was inconsolable. Suddenly I woke up in my bed, & was relived to find that it was just a dream. It had been so vivid that I checked to see if my teeth were still intact. Tooth loss seems to be a recurring theme in my nightmares, I wonder why this should be?

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Hi hairyfairy

Yes I used to have the same dreams over again & can still have them , it usually is a fear that is playing on my mind

Do you have a fear of loosing your teeth or have you known or watched something that maybe at the time you didnt think had an impact on you but it could have had

I had a couple of my teeth capped & after they had filed them down before they capped them , I needed the toilet , I was told not to look , so of course I did , well I instantly went in a panic & after they had capped them they were fine , but that thought what I had seen before they capped them must have stayed somewhere in my brain

For years I would dream they had all dropped out or they just crumpled & I had no teeth & always it was people from my past in these dreams or people I would never even have met , never someone in the present

Having said that Sam isnt to bad to have in one ;)

I even would wake up anxious feeling my teeth were still there :o

As my confidence grew that my teeth were going to be ok , the dreams stopped

I also have had others , but when I examine them I can find that there is a fear I have attached to them , which results in a jumbled up dream

Dont no if this makes any sense , but yes it has & still does from time to time happen to me




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Dreams of having teeth pulled out may come during times of significant transition. The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience is for you as you go through changes.

The changes in your life may be experienced as an aggression or be emotionally painful. Perhaps it’s like extracting yourself from your comfort zone, which often comes with facing loss, challenges and disturbing emotions.

Got this off a website hope it may have some explanation why your having these dream. Could be related to change.

Hope it makes sense.


Love Seyi xxx


O Seyi

I was reading that & thinking wow she is a clever lady & then got to the bottom & you burst my bubble with "got this of the website " :D

You should have kept quite , nearly started clapping you for that answer :-/



Laughing :)


I have a recurring dream about public toilets, wont go jnto detail its really not very nice I dread to think what a psychologist would make of it lol the most bizarre dream Ive had was about a demon who was going to kill me and the only way to destroy it was to sing the boney M song ra ra rasputin, so found myself woken up desperaty trying to sing it :D

Mimii :)


mimii , that made me laugh sorry & the boney M song , my ex hubby looked like the male singer in that group back in the day :-/

Well when I eventually get to see a psychologist , I will run that dream by him for you & see what he says :-/

Hope you are having a good day :)



Its ok makes me laugh too never even liked boney m lol hey could your ex dance like him too :D

Days gone quick so far though wasnt up till about 11, as was up late waiting for my girls to come home, picked one up at 3 30 this morning , and with a smile on my face lol!

Hows your day, ok I hope :)

Mimii xx


Yea he could & did as well as a bit of bump & grind ;)

Used to put that parting in his afro as well so he looked just like him :D

O I can relate there , son went out last night , I always worry , stopped up till 3 then I couldnt keep awake any longer , so went to bed & gave up , glad I did was 5 when he came in :o

Well I am waiting for Positive Friday , think its a trick this week , will be Saturday soon if we dont hurry up :D

Need to clean a bedroom & still have migraine from yesterday , so I am going to have to get a move on :-/



Not the same dream, but usually about rejection in some form - e.g. work


I used to have a reoccurring nightmare as a child. It involved a skeleton in my bedroom and a set of drawers that were in my bedroom. The skeleton chased me out of my bedroom and my mum, dad and grandma were downstairs I was screaming for them and they ignored me, the skeleton was standing at the top of the stairs with the set of drawers above his head ready to throw them at me. I used to wake up at that point.

I've no idea what it meant! I was a worrier as a child and used to make myself get a nervous tummy when I was worried about something! X


Winter what a terrifying nightmare , cant think what that would mean !

Mimii xx


Recurring dreams are usually situations where things are out of control - have one about falling ... and always wake up with a shock just before I hit the ground. Used to have one about crashing a car/van but don't think I've had that one since I did actually crash the car ... and survived.

So, usually for me it's times when I feel that my life is very much running me rather than the other way round.

One other dream I remember - which was short lived and I don't think it was recurrent but it was very vivid was being at work, cowering under the desk, whilst a dinosaur was sniffing around ... as soon as I woke up I knew the dinosaur was actually the finance system I was trying to extract data from to prepare management accounts ... really was out of the ark! Now wondering if Noah had any T-rex on the ark.

Must be getting late :)


I recently had to have a root canal, & have been worried that I`d lose a tooth, so I imagine that the dream is delayed reaction to that fear.



Mine did start after I had the caps done , never had the dream before but did after & it went on for a while & now I dont have the fear (even though it took a while before I let go of it ) I dont have the dream any more , so for me looking back , i no it was the worry that caused it , sounds like it could be the same for you , but it will pass :)



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