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Hiya does anyone else HATE & panic when they're left in the house themself? Every time my fiancé goes out with the children my mind just goes Ito overdrive & I start panicking about being myself as he is my safe zone. He's going out tomorrow which he'll be about 40mins away from home & the thought it already is making me want to cry knowing he won't be there 😭

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Hi Ldoc1993, that is a normal part of separation anxiety. We all hold on to someone to be our safety net. We feel the what if during the time they are gone. We don't trust that we are capable of being okay by ourselves. I went through that big time. I had neighbors next door actually on call for me should I need someone. Do you know that I never needed to call them, it was just the fact that I knew someone was there for me. I will agree it's a terrible feeling and I would cry when alone. With therapy you can learn to readjust your negative thoughts. Tomorrow we will all be here for the time he is away to support you. Remember we all understand and care. x


Thank you very much. I do tend to come on here when I feel anxious as I know I'm not the only person in the world that has anxiety although I do feel like it! My mother in law & father in law stay in the flat below us so if my fiancé is out then I know they are there but my mother in law is going with them tomorrow & my father in law is working. I'm so stressed about it! X


I understand Ldoc, although how nice and reassuring it must be to have family in the same building. Having them all leave is distressing for you but we will help you get through this. You are going to have to start some positive thoughts tonight and tomorrow and throw away any negative thoughts that may appear. If you can, find something physical to do while they are gone. Something that will keep both your mind and your hands busy. The worse thing would be to sit and watch the clock go slowly by. You'll be okay.... x


Yeah I usually do the housework to keep me busy & take my mind off things because when I watch tv my mind just wanders & goes crazy! I'm going to try and keep myself busy by taking a shower etc so I'm hoping I'll be ok X

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