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Anyone else suffer with agoraphobia ?


I have had this a long time & it follows a life long problem with anxiety & for 10 or 15 years depression, I often have suicidal thoughts but this is almost the norm....OK it is probably genes as my Mum was very anxious & like a bull in a china shop personality, she died 18 years ago. Dad has always been "strange" actually sorry to say I blame him for a lot, terrible rages when I was a child to practically ignoring me never making eye contact or taking any interest in me he is 92 now & in a community hospital 10 miles away I had no contact for the past 8 years after an incident with my sister who he turned up with out of the blue she is a shizophrenic & subject to short aggressive outbursts truth is she has attacked dad in the past but such is their bond he forgives her & she can do no wrong, she is very similar to dad mentally very strong, anyway that is my background I am unable to work but look like there is nothing wrong with me which does not help really - I have been married 38 years & she has poor health high blood pressure 2 strokes (1 shortly after incident caused by dad & sister) I admit I have not always appreciated my wife in my dismal past but there is really nothing to look forward to in life, no reason really to live the situation with dad has been playing on my mind as I feel such a loser not being able to visit him.....which I don't want to really but somehow it plays on my mind I feel such a mix of emotion, I have had probably every therapy & medicine going all to no avail but I just wondered if anyone else struggles with this lousy anxiety & agoraphobia?

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Hi, there are members here who suffer with agoraphobia including myself. I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for about 22 years, agoraphobia arrived last year after the death of my mum and nana. I think all my past emotions that I've held in are now coming back to get me!

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Thanks I do often feel it is only me with this problem ;-(

Rest assured Livinginthepast you are not alone. For many years I thought I had depression and panic attacks, only, until my Dr had to write a letter for me and for the first time put Agoraphobia. I thought why has he put that how stupid and for 4 years didn't even give it the time of day. And then I looked it up and it all fell into place. Quite frustrating when he hadn't even mentioned it directly to me. You have put that you have a 38 year marriage surely that needs some recognition and something to keep you going :o)


I know someone who was really bad, was sick every time he had to leave the house. But he is currently undertaking CBT for which he was fast-tracked because things were getting worse. There has been a HUGE improvement! He's not at the working stage yet but for the first time I actually believe that's a future he can have if he keeps on this track. It's amazing to see him go out on his own etc. It gives me hope that others can recover from agoraphobia. Have you had CBT? x

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