Leg swelling that Hurts, does anyone else has that?

I am not sure how to describe this. From the time I have anxiety, there's another thing that has been persisiting side by side. This happens only in my lower body, primarily in my legs. I get swelling, with a red patch, and it hurts. It sits there for sometime, and then goes away on its own. This keeps on happening. Please let me know if this happens to someone else as well.

Note: These swellings are really scary to look at. It feels like I have hurt my leg really bad. Like I have kicked a soccer ball made of iron. However it just goes away. I have been to a doctor regarding this, and he said, it's a reflex action. I was on some local meds, and as I said, It gowes on its own too, so I was not sure if the docs meds helped.


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  • Could it be blood pooling? Look up Pots syndrome many people with this get mis diagnosed with anxiety as the symptoms are similar and it causes anxiety. It's not life treating so don't get scared but have a look into it.

  • Well sure. Thanks for the input man. :)

  • Hello

    Have you noticed if you are sat on your leg funny when this happens

    I would have a word with your Doctor , let them check it out this will give you peace of mind , I think a positive is that it comes & goes though but once you have asked I am sure it will reassure you :-) x

  • sure i will. Thanks :)

  • Could be hives ? Some people that have anxiety get that out of no where . I hope you feel better.

  • Thanks for the input :) I am not sure what it is yet, I am visiting a doc today for it. This has been happening for almost 3 years now, it just doesn't stay, but for the time it does, it gives me some real pain time.

  • I was just reading about hives, and it does look like it. It is not as big and frequent, however it does look visually almost exact. Really thanks for bringing this to my notice. :)

  • No problem :)

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