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Wondering if I need to remove my self from my home

Hi I was wondering if any one had any advice for the last 2 or 3 weeks every time I open my mouth I shout weather it's the kids or hubby I don't know why I'm doing it but I am scared incase I start lashing out do u think it's best to remove my self from the house before anything like that happens I don't know if its my anxiety medication or cause I can't seem to get a break with my kids playing up but one thing I know is I don't like it sorry if it's not what ppl ask about just need a bit of advice as my doc appointment is 2 week away

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I am sorry to hear what you are going through at the moment and I know when my anxiety was really bad I would react this way , shouting a lot but never lashing out and when my children were young I think they played up even more because they got so used to me shouting that when they did need disciplining raising my voice was what they were used to so they never took any notice of me as they thought it was me been normal !

I never lashed out physically though and I can understand why you feel fearful but that could be a positive thing that you do feel that way because at least you are recognizing what is happening at the moment is not quiet right

Have you spoken to your OH about how you are feeling ?

Do you think your kids are in any danger from you been there ? if not then I would say you may either need a break because Mums sometimes need one but in the long run your anxiety issues need addressing as we cannot run away for ever

Are you getting any support ?

If you are you need to let them know exactly how you are feeling as there is so much support it could be more needs to be put in place

If you are not getting any support you need to speak with your Doctor and let them give you some :-)

Remember shouting is fear and fear is anxiety and I think that is what is happening with you so you need to get that help and I am sure with your hubbies support you can work through this :-)

Take Care x


My hubby helps me a lot he is so supportive I see a phycologist and she thinks I have to much in my bucket as we call it lol and I need to let some holes in to let it drip out she also thinks I am emotionally blocked no idea what that means lol I don't usually shout but since my anxiety my patience has gone the kids are just playing up so much atm they are young I have never ever lashed out as I hate all kinds of violence plus been at the reciving end in the past by an ex I don't think they are in danger well I hope nor hubby said there not and I won't lash out but I am terrified I may start lashing out n I really don't want that tbh my hubby said it's because the kids don't won't to give it a break with either of us we can't ever get a sitter or owt just to have a break I am not 100% sure that's why I'm shouting I hate it n feel awful once I have done it I REALLY don't want to start lashing out I may have read to much or watched to much wherr it can happen



The fact you are so fearful of lashing out says to me the chances are you won't , if ever you feel like you would just go in another room till you have calmed down , I would spent hours in the toilet as it was the only place no one seemed to follow me !

Kids can pick up on tension and believe me they play up more but once your anxiety improves and you are more in control this will to

I am not saying you are not a great parent as I know you will be but you could if you spoke with your Doctor get help in showing you how to deal with their tantrums , kids and tantrums when you don't have anxiety can be very hard to deal with and there is no shame needing some support with it none at all

Have you mentioned this fear to the psychologist ? if you have and she /he is not perturbed then try not to worry as the more you do the worse the fear , if you have not mentioned it then talk with them about how you feel

Glad your Husband is supportive , in an evening could he maybe give you an hour , two would be even better where he is in charge of the kids and makes sure they don't follow you and you either pop out somewhere on your own so you have no pressure or use that time to have a nice bath , some you time because sometimes just looking forward to some time for us can help so much :-) x

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He does take charge they play up for us both :( and I have an appointment with my phycologist on Tuesday so I am going to tell her then about it as I have mentioned this kind of thing before but totally different situation and she assured me it was normally of the way I was thinking but I wouldn't act on it and I haven't do I will see what she says this time thank u for your replies :) I think I just need a much better control of my anxiety as that's what we are working towards


That is what I would do , be open and honest with her :-)

Let us know what happens and when you feel like a rant come on here and talk with us :-) x

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Aww thanks :) and I am always honest with her as I go to her for help so I need to be honest


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