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Health Anxiety I need someone to relate to me

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Hi all I am very new to this as this is my first post. I suffer with severe health anxiety to the point where I sit crying thinking I am going to die. I'm 31 and a mother of 4. I work all week which I think helps a little as it pre occupies my mind. I am constantly thinking I have a deadly disease mainly fixated on cancer thinking I have breast cancer if I have a pain bowel cancer if I have an upset stomach. it's ruining me I can't think of anything else I'm lost and completely fed up. I'm not on any medication and I know it's all in my mind I just don't know what to do anymore it's just suffocating me.

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That's me too I can't feel any little pain because I think something horrible is wrong

im just the same as you with my out of control thoughts. I try to go back to reading info I got from clinic. have you any support from gp or family thinking of you

I hear ya. Me too, badly. But we have to give ourselves more credit and have faith in ourselves and in God. It truly helps me. I feel your pain and I go through it, but I am learning to not freak out because i would literally just lay in bed crying and terrified, or sitting on the floor in a corner of my bedroom rocking and crying out of frustration and confusion as to how it got this bad for me. I force myself up now out of bed walking around and it keeps the panic down. Plus I am learning to trust God again, and that too is helping rid me of my fear. I am your age, no kids yet. Look there is a ton of hope, and we are all together in this. We have to believe in ourselves and believe it is going to pass. And good for you working, I am no longer able to from all the issues I have been having with all this. I am sad because I had an 11 year career I was great at, but my body said no more. Its ok my life has a new path and it will get much better real soon for all of us. 😊😚

Sorry to hear it destroyed your working life that must've been hard. do you do any hobbies to get out or reading?

I read. But don't get out.

Me too exactly the same , live in total panic everyday it's a nightmare , we're always here to listen and try to help xx

Thanks Sharon it is my idea of hell. I try to think positive but it just doesn't work

Hope you're having a better day today , it is a lot of trying so hard to be strong and push yourself to do normal things when most of the time you just feel like locking yourself away from everyone go over and over how your feeling your symptoms and what ifs !! and the good days are what keep you going even if it's just the odd day xx

Please see a doctor and have a complete thyroid panel, CBC, hormones testing, and vitamin/mineral testing. ALL of your symptoms are symptoms of either anxiety or a NON-LIFE THREATENING hiccup in your system. The above tests can find missing elements that your body needs to not suffer from anxiety. If all those tests are normal, your symptoms are anxiety to a T! Peace and love to you!

This is me it's the worst health anxiety I'm convinced I've got cancer and a brain timer I'm 27 a mum of 2 and fear I'll leave the with out a mum I can't go out not been out my house in 4 months I miss the old me happy confident and never cared now I'm a nervous wreck 😓 X

This is me.. I miss the old carefree me I don't know what's happened. I'm sorry to hear you're in the same position as me. have you tried medication?

With my health anxiety I struggle taking tablets but I no they have helped a lot of ppl but I'm not at that stage yet have you tried medication ?

I had post natal depression after my 4th child and had no choice but to go on medication. I wish I hadn't come off it now because the Dr prescribed me the same dosage and it sent me worse. he has now prescribed sertraline. how are you feeling today xx

Thank you all for replying I feel a bit better today. my doctor has prescribed me sertraline but I'm too scared to take into because of the side effects. I am sorry to hear you all suffer like I do but it's nice to know there are others who understand what I am going through. I've been for a 2 mile walk tonight with my son and have felt a bit of relief. I'll try and read a book too to take my mind off my thoughts. I wish there was a quick fix. has anyone else tried sertraline?

Ion I was just he Same trainee paramedic nothing bothered me at all now I'm totally not that person x

I'm sorry to hear that. do you work now?

No I'm still of work as my physical symptoms are that bad.

Hello. I can relate very much to how your feeling. I am 36 and a male but I went through exactly what your describing. I found myself looking for abnormal feelings or sensations that I could put down to heart attacks or cancer or brain tumours. Your mind is a very powerful tool and when your thinking about these diseases your body is reacting to actually going through them physically. It's like when you see a food advert on the telly and it makes your mouth water.. it's your mind imagining how it tastes and physically makes your mouth water.! Your mind got you into this and it's more than powerful enough to get you out of it because I am now fine! Keep strong and when you have a feeling of dread and that your going to die just tell yourself.. ITS JUST MY MIND AGAIN!!!

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Thank you for the positive feedback. did you get better yourself? I try and control my thoughts and think more positively and in honesty I am not having much joy.

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Your welcome. Yes I got nearly 100 percent better. It's funny because you feel you will never be normal again but it seems to happen overnight if you are doing everything you can like no caffeine eating well and finding the time for exercise. Please try to understand that it can be fixed and that it takes a bit of time for your mind to think a little bit differently. If you keep thinking why me and what's happening to me you are keeping the cycle of negative thoughts going round and round!

I do a lot of walking and recently stopped drinking coffee too. I just want to build a barrier in my brain so the negative thoughts can't seep In but I just feel like I'm failing. i used to be really out going and gain for a laugh but now If I'm going out I find I'm a nervous wreck before I've eben left the house. I also don't think the fact so many illnesses are plastered every where you look even on social media I read at least one RIP post per week. sorry to drone on.

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The trick is to dismiss the thoughts as JUST thoughts, because we have anxiety we hold on to thoughts whereas the average person would let it go as just a fleeting thought. I know it sounds silly but colouring has helped me to concentrate on something else and it keeps my mind from working overtime negatively. Don't loose hope because there is light at the end of the tunnel😊

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Thank you. I enjoy colouring I do it with the kids sometimes but I'll do it more often. I take my hat off to you getting over it yourself it isnt an easy thing to overcome

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Thankyou for that, but honestly if I can do it anybody can, I was a soggy mess for the best part of 2 years and it's surprising what we can deal with. It must be really difficult for you with all the kids to look after aswell so give yourself a bit of credit

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And please don't think that you are putting anybody out by talking about it because talking about it is part of the recovery

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Thank you. it's just like a fog in the brain really. I feel mentally exhausted. to be honest the kids keep me going I don't know what I'd do without them and my Job I think I'd be a lot worse. talking does help especially when it's to people who can relate to the thoughts and feelings.

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I am always here to talk anytime you feel like your anxiety is taking over, talking really helped me and is still helping me as I feel stronger for being able to help anyway I can. It's the little things that eventually snap you out of it

Hi there, I know how you are feeling, I've had a bit of health anxiety, I was always online reading up on symptoms etc (not a good idea)!. All my anxieties started with post natal depression after my first child, I'm now 60 years old and I've suffered on and off all my life. I know three people that have taken sertraline and they all found it quite good. I myself had citalapram and I found it worked but it doesn't seem to help me now. Obviously I must need something different but I've been trying to manage without any meds although the way I feel lately I think I'll need to return to my GP. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking meds and the initial side effects soon pass. I'm just feeling really edgy at the moment and not sleeping at all well, I have a heart condition so I don't like getting anxious as it sends my heart racing.

I hope you feel better on the meds.

Best wishes


Thank you Kimmie. I had post natal depression and severe anxiety after my 4th child and it all stems from there. I'll give the sertraline a try and I know what to look out for if they don't do the trick. it's just horrible being like this but we all have fight In us to get better x

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That is exactly what happened to me. I'm 68 years old and after the birth of my second child I had post natal depression and developed severe anxieties which lasted until my late 40's. Now in my sixties it has reared its ugly head again. Since September I've had mrsa, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer and now colon cancer. Four years ago had a colonscopy and the found non cancer polyps. He suggested that I go back in three years. Time got Away with me and I realized it has been four years. My ibs started acting up so I went my primary three times and two gastrologist that did they did not seemed concerned. I did schedule my colonscopy which is next month. All I do is google and sometimes I get so nervous I have like a panic attack. Going to start lexapro to see if that helps. I do take xanax as needed and lately I need it every day. Can't take feeling like this anymore

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Hi Ricandmax

I feel for you having to deal with all those health problems, please try and stay as positive as you can, one day at a time.

Don't suffer with depression on top of everything else, please see your GP and get some meds, you would be quick enough to take meds for any physical problem so don't feel bad about needing help with any mental health issue.

I'm sure you would feel better eventually and in turn this will make you feel stronger and able to cope with your health issues and feel positive to get better.

I wish you all the very best Ricandmax, please keep in touch, it always helps to talk.

Bless you


It's a awful feeling like ur not yourself and thinking will I ever get better hate waking up feeling so ill and convinced I'm dying everyday one day iv got cancer the tumor then throat cancer and so on my mind won't switch of I wish it would go away 😕

That's exactly how I am. I turn adverts off relating to that. I convince myself all the time it's not a nice life to live at all I wish I could wake up and be the normal me again x

It's so strange how I came on here to see if anyone was going through the same thing! After searching online for hours trying to find out if i had a brain tumour or cancer due to pain in the side of my head, I'm glad I'm not alone.

I understand.

It's so exhausting constantly looking for reassurance on the NHS website.

You'll be okay though. Keep your head held high.

Also I've been on this site for a few weeks now and it's very comforting and trustworthy

Never be afraid to open up on this.

I wish you the best of luck!

- Chloe. :)

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Thank you Chloe. I avoid Google because it's never goof news when Google is concerned. good luck to you too xx

This is me almost everyday, today I have shortness of breath so I immediately start thinking will I take my last breath today. I feel every single ache & pain and I mean everything. I was fine most of the day & bam the shortness of breath started. I have chest pains almost daily arm pains legs pains you name it. A year of pure hell. It's like you want to just except you have anxiety but the what if's just keep going & going in our minds. I would rather just have a panick attack to be honest because I feel like I can calm my self down then sit here & worry because of the physical symptoms. Wish everyone some peace

This is exactly me. I'm truly sorry you're going thru this as well. Please know you have many people here that relate and completely understand. we are here for you. Stay strong my friend.

I javelin suffered with health anxiety for a while although am having a spell of no anxiety for quite a while at the minute. I read a book by Paul david called at last a life. it's really good and worth a read. once you understand what anxiety is it gets rid of some of the fears and helps understand more what you're going through. it's definately helped me

WOW reading what others say is just me all over. I am the same as you my fear this month has been Bowel C even seeing the doctors and all my bloods are fine. I do not watch normal TV no ads turn the radio down with the C Ads. When mates talk about the Big C I just want to tell them to shut the hell up. You would think having Health Anxiety would help you as you know in a way it is all in your head but it does not help at all . xoxo

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