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I feel anxious all the time and have noone to talk to. my husband doesn't know what to do. Help?

7 months ago I discovered that my husband was having an online emotional affair. He denied everything for 5 months ago. Then 2 months I found out the complete truth. I was already very anxious, I am now unable to sleep or eat. I have lost 2-3 stone in that time. I am waiting to see a doctor. But cannot cope from day today with life and routine at home- kids etc. I cannot stop the fears and anxities and my husband doesnot understand how I feel. He becomes angry and frustrated which makes it worse. I really don't know wht to do.

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hello meee go and see your GP as soon as poss.. He may be able to prescribe you something in the short term to help.. You do not have to suffer like this .What doctor are you waiting to see? If not GP then I assume a pdoc.. Meanwhile try to take time out, deep breathing will help in extreme moments. Look online for advice and coping techniques too.. Once you are better and calmer then you will be able to cope with husband and decide what to do.. Good Luck meee but please see GP asap xx


Agree with previous comment, your G.P should be your first port of call. I was in your position re - relationship probs a couple of years ago. I became depressed and anxious. My G.P was fantastic and offered help in 2 ways - antidepressants and referred me to a councellor. Both of these treatments were very helpful. The antidepressant will give you a calmer place to be able to make good decisions for yourself and for those around you. My Husband and I wanted our Marriage to work, so we went for relationship councelling - not an easy process but it has put us back on the right track. Hope that helps in some way. Things will get better. x

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Thanks for your kind words. I feel very isolated and have tried all options without much success. I went to see my GP who gave me medication. All the medication made me sick and dizzy and I lost a further 7 pounds. I am waiting to see a counsellor- they have cancelled the initial interview twice. I have been waiting for 3 weeks. All I need is some hope that this will get better. Thank you once again.


I also had bad reactions to antidepressants, tried lots of different ones. Eventually found one I could tolerate. for me personally I'm glad I continued the search for the right one as the benefits were significant. Keep on to the Counceling service, once you start I'm sure it will be of help. x


Hi all. Please never ever let yourself get isolated from anyone, talk about your problems to your friends, your family and anyone that has suffered the same. I am a prime example of letting myself get isolated and i can assure you it is most definately not the right place to be, do it for yourself hun. Ask your GP is there anywhere they can refer you to so you are with others that feel the same. Hope this helps. x


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