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Do I Have Anxiety?

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I just found out what has been the cause of my abdominal discomfort and shallow breathing. It took 4 months but now I my condition. My symptoms usually occur after I eat but sometimes for no reason. I have trouble breathing, sleeping, stomach tightness almost everyday.

I went to the ER last time for breathlessness and numbing of my hands. I was diagnosed with anxiety and given medication and felt better. I am 19 and healthy. I exercise, eat healthy, and I have been gluten-free for years.

I don't understand how I have this. I've never had a history of anxeity or panic attacks. I live generally a quiet fun happy life. I don't bother anyone and I find it unfair that I'm having trouble eating and breathing all of a sudden. I refuse to live like this, I haven't had any traumic events and all of this started this year. Panic disorder is what they diagnosed more specifically. Please anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Shingen. I think it is awesome you refuse to accept that it is "Just Anxiety". If u could keep a journal of everthing you eat and drink and your moods would be a very helpful tool in helping you get better. I m a strong believer in what you put on or in your body will affect you. So, obviously it is not gluten that is causing you problems because you're gluten free, but maybe something else you are ingesting. Sometimes you can have a reaction to a food hours or days later. There is a strong connection between the gut and brain. Also, Google "histamine intolerance". I am currently on a mostly vegetarian diet that is also gluten free, dairy and egg free. So far, so good. I had a lot of food intolerances that contributed to gastrointestinal distress and in turn caused my anxiety to be off the scale. May our heavenly Father bless you on your journey to good health and give you peace.

Im exactly the same pray for me my faith is very weak :(

Oh my gosh I'm ecxactly the same to you feel constantly Ill? As I do as soon as I eat palpatation and burps then feel very ill, I'm so fed up now :(

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Shingen in reply to Amanda77

Yes yes I get shortness of breath and burps and a tight abdomen. It is hard to lay down without moving around. Sometimes I get dizzy if I eat too much. This is truly suffering and I'm thinking about going into mental rehab at this point. I've never had anxiety or panic disorder and don't understand how this is happening to me.

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Amanda77 in reply to Shingen

Oh my in so sorry it's so hard, I'm going to see a endocrine specialist tomorrow hope they can help, my digestive system is very bad too burping all the time and palpatations.

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Shingen in reply to Amanda77

Yes thank you keep me updated about the treatment he gives and if it works

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Amanda77 in reply to Shingen

Yes sure I will :) hope you feel a bit better

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Shingen in reply to Amanda77

Thank you :)

Update: I have gotten rid of the stomach problems with digestive enzyme supplements but the breathing issue still persists. This tells me it is not an anxeity problem.

Shingen, I am so glad that you pursued the issue and found the read cause of your stomach problems. It's too easy to blame everything on anxiety. Other factors should be checked out. It may very well be that you developed some anxiety from your stomach issues but not that the anxiety necessarily caused them. I hope you get the breathing issue resolved as well. Wishing you well.

I have had a lot of these symptoms before and also went to the doctor and got tests done. My amazing doctor suggested I do this thing called the FODMAP diet because I continually felt a bloating in my stomach that felt like a balloon ready to burst in my chest. It would feel even worse laying down and would lay on my stomach on the floor which provided a small amount of comfort.

I did a trial run with the diet (which basically eliminates foods that make you gassy and whatnot) and I don't get that fullness anymore. I don't lay down anymore and feel an extreme, uncomfortable tightness. I couldn't believe it helped. So, I have maintained the diet as best as I can. It is a challenge, but it is worth it so I don't feel like that anymore. In the beginning, I cut out all alcohol, gluten and dairy and most processed foods and certain fruits and veggies (there is a list online). After my trial period was over and I felt better, I began incorporating some things back in but finding gluten free options like brown rice pasta or rice crackers, corn chips...etc. Also I find that everything in doses is incredibly beneficial to me.

Do this diet helps tremendously with my anxiety. I felt like my anxiety made it all 10 times worse. But eating better and doing yoga daily has helped me tremendously. I still splurge a little once in a while and usually I am fine. I just try not to overindulge, because that's when I get myself in trouble.

I hope this helped! When I first went to the doctor and they told me I had anxiety, I was shocked. I was like, wow I feel like I have a really good life and I'm very happy all the time. But, I found that there were worries about life that I would push away in my mind and suppress them, rather than actually figuring out what I really thought about them. I am still working on that through counseling and on my own.

Also with anxiety, you could be having a total normal day and out of nowhere, panic/anxiety attack. My mom would sometimes sit with me and rub my back and ask what brought it on and I would just say, I have absolutely no idea. Little worries over time can build up and form in the strangest of ways whether it be anxiety or problems in the gut or digestion. It can get better though, even if it feels like the end of the world. It can get better! It has for me. I still work on this every day, but it can get better.

Mann I know your pain bro that's exactly what I'm going threw just turned 18 on February

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