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Do I have anxiety??

Hi There, I was in a pretty bad car crash 3 and a half weeks ago,I was fine until about 1 week ago, I was sat at my desk in the office at work and then it hit me, I thought I was going to die, I suffer from tinnitus anyways from working in factory making double glazing and loud music, all of a sudden I thought I was going to Die I wanted to call an ambulance really bad, my heart was racing and thought I was going to pass out, the ringing in my ear has been louder and different since also I have felt un-steady on my feet since my panic attack, weak and like I am just going to drop off and die any minute - my docs has said I got post traumatic stress disorder and need to go back in a week.. is this all related to me feeling like I am dying? I am so worried I have not had a proper meal in a week, don't feel sick or anything just no appetite because I am not eating i feel weak and that's making me panic even more. keep thinking my brain is leaking blood.. so much I am pretty sure I creating the symptoms, has anyone here ever been in a constant state of anxiety - my boss is sending me to private counselling and stuff.. anyone else been like this?

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Hello. From what I have read a stressful event like that can bring on anxiety even if you were fine when it happened it can be triggered at any time. There are so many physical sympthoms that can manifest from anxiety and it sound like you have a few of them. Have you sought out therapy yet. CBT can be very helpful along with so many other things like meditation, yoga, exercise, changes in diet, etc.

I think you'll find that a lot of us here deal with anxiety on a daily basis. There is no "magic cure" you have to find what works for you, but I'm sure you'll find some useful advise here from people who know how you are feeling.


yes, i have gone through this, i suffer from anxiety & my heart use to always race really fast, i would also get week & feel like i was going to faint, i also don't eat properly because of not having an appetite, but if you eat until your full even if you feel like you cant take another bite you have to try because for me eating always helped even if i had to force myself to eat, & honestly this one time i suffered from migraines for about 2 years chronic migraines they were so bad i couldnt even stand because i felt like i was going to black out, i had ct scans, spinal taps, everything possible & their was nothing wrong with my brain, the reason i went like that was because i had a friend who died from brain problems & i had convinced myself i also the same thing in my brain, i convinced myself so much that i physically suffered from the symptoms for 2 years, my doctor had me on anxiety medication, i no longer go through this i got over it when i would just tell myself "im still alive" so i eventually learned to get over it, if you convince your self enough theres something wrong you can feel the physical symptoms from anxiety.


Hi Guys thanks for your replies anything helps thanks. maybe I had a mental break down, crash was not my fault, thinking about it If i went right and not left maybe he would have missed me who knows!! he was on a head on collision course with me in my lane!! Ehh. wish I reacted differently really, my Girlfriend loved that car, she was really sad it was gone too.. still i need to foot a bill of 1300 to finishing paying off the finance and 1500 off on a loan I took fro the deposit!. sorry I have gone off subject!.. yeah so all these problem on my mind and I just snapped I swear I felt it in my head too like a snap then I went into melt down, and have been since!!! thanks for the comments :-)

Regards Jamie


Hi there,

Check out the website Headspace .

It's a really good site, a few of us on here do this:)

Also look into mindfulness cbt, you can either ask your dr or look on line. Good luck x


Hi yummie il be sure to check it out thank you, been given 40mg propranolol 3 times a day is this a high dosage? X


Hi there.

It looks like you are suffering from stress related anxiety after the accident !.

Any kind of trauma of this kind can trigger anxiety.

I was involved in a major car accident november last year,,i too am suffering PTSD,

I unfortunately was badly injured.

Maybe your doctor can put you forward for some form of therapy?

think of things this way ! it doesn't sound like you were physically injured !

It also sounds like you have a boss that cares for his staff , which is very good ,,, my boss hasn't even phoned to see how I am,,, and ive been off work now 6 months.

All I can say is good luck,, hope you feel better soon.


Hi pete, sorry to hear u was Injured, all my air bags deployed door air bags, seat air bags the ones that drop down like curtians which in my opinion saved my life it was like hitting a matteress.. my poor brand new clio sport, otherwise I would have hit my head on the door metal.. loud noises and loud environment now trigger me as the airbags are so loud..I suffered from tinnitus as well and the explosion from the airbags has damaged my hearing futher, yeah my boss is brilliant. . How are you coping with your cras, what injuries did u sustaine if u dont mind ne asking..


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